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Hillary Rodham Clinton picks Patti Solis Doyle--sister of Chicago alderman--as campaign manager.


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton --taking steps to put together a 2008 presidential campaign--tapped longtime top aide Patti Solis Doyle to be her campaign manager, according to the Wednesday Washington Post. Doyle, who has been with the New York Democrat since the first Bill Clinton campaign for president, is the sister of Chicago Ald. Danny Solis (25th) and was raised in Pilsen.

Patti Solis Doyle is a charter member of the senator's inner circle. After the 1992 campaign, she moved to the Office of the First Lady. At present she runs Clinton's political operations. The senator has been calling Democrats the past few days to discuss a possible presidential run. I talked to two people who Clinton was calling.

Meanwhile, Sen. Barack Obama is heading to New Hampshire on Sunday--his first visit ever in his life to the Granite State--and I'm told some 100 reporters may be in tow.

This from the Washington Post ......
"The latest move is the choice of longtime adviser Patti Solis Doyle as campaign manager. That follows the recent recruitment of three seasoned political operatives who, if she runs, would play key roles on what is now a rapidly expanding Clinton campaign organization."



Do you know of a way to contact Ms. Solis Doyle?

How do I contact Patti Solis Doyle

Can you give me an email for Patti?

I should have added I own Capitol Catering and I did Patti and Jim's wedding. Not to mention several other functions with her. I want to get in touch with her to tell her I am "on board" for anything Hillary needs.

I am a international entertainer and I have a great campaign song for the hilliary campaign, called I have a dream, and I would like to offer entertainment for the trip to the white House, can you give me a contact number or e-mail address
Movin Melvin Brown

I do find it . . . interesting that Hillary and Bill have managed to get so wealthy through "public service." They used to brag that he made no more than $35,000 per year as governor. As president, he made no more than $400,000 per year. So how did Hillary accumulate $10 to $50 million?

Can you give me an email for Patti?

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