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2008 race for the White House: CNN poll Clinton 37% Obama 15%. The Gore factor.


The latest CNN 2008 White House poll gives Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) twice the support of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). But the close third place of a non-candidate--former Vice President Al Gore-- shows that Obama as alternative to Clinton theory could be blown away if Gore got in the race.

At present Gore's biggest campaign is to win an Oscar for "An inconvenient truth." But he opened the door to a 2008 run a tiny bit in a recent interview. Obama's game plan can handle Clinton in the race; Gore is something else.


Interviews with 1,207 adult Americans conducted by telephone by Opinion Research Corporation on December 5-7, 2006. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points.



14. Please tell me which of the following people you would be most likely to support for the Republican nomination for President in the year 2008. Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Arizona Senator John McCain, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, New York Governor George Pataki, or California Congressman Duncan Hunter? (RANDOMIZED)

Registered Republicans

Dec. Nov. Oct. Aug. 30-

5-7 17-19 27-29 Sept. 2

Giuliani 29% 33% 29% 32%

McCain 24% 30% 27% 21%

Gingrich 13% 9% 12% 12%

Romney 6% 9% 7% 6%

Brownback 2% 2% 1% 1%

Pataki 2% 1% 5% 3%

Thompson* 2% 3% N/A N/A

Hunter* 1% 2% N/A N/A

No opinion 23% 8% 13% 3%

* Thompson and Hunter not included on the list prior to the November 17-19 poll.


15. Please tell me which of the following people you would be most likely to support for the Democratic nomination for President in the year 2008. New York Senator Hillary Clinton, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, former Vice President Al Gore, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, Delaware Senator Joe Biden, Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson or retired General Wesley Clark? (RANDOMIZED)

Registered Democrats

Dec. Nov. Oct. Aug. 30-

5-7 17-19 27-29 Sept. 2

Clinton 37% 33% 28% 38%

Obama* 15% 15% 17% N/A

Gore 14% 14% 13% 19%

Edwards 9% 14% 13% 12%

Kerry 7% 7% 12% 9%

Biden 2% 3% 2% 3%

Richardson 2% 3% 2% 3%

Clark** 2% 4% N/A N/A

Bayh 1% 2% 2% 2%

Vilsack 1% 1% 1% *

No opinion 10% 4% 8% 8%

*Obama not included in list prior to the October 27-29 poll.

** Clark not included in list prior to the November 17-19 poll.


what's up with Biden? Not getting anywhare in the polls.

The democrats are idiots. Are they really going to nominate Hillary Clinton? Say hello to 4 more years of Republican rule. Will someone please take control of the party?

Biden? LMAO

Biden is going nowhere because he is not appealing. at all! why would you even ask such a dumb question?

barak is the only dem who has a chance to beat guliani or mccain.

With Hillary at only 37% in her own party given all her bucks and exposure and experience, she's got to be worried about Obama.

Biden is going nowhere because Biden is to much of a self centered liberal. His ego is bigger than Deleware. I frankly am surprised he even got 2% in the poll. I also would have thought that Bayh, a more moderate Democrat, given the results of the 2006 election (unless the Republicans and Independants put the moderate acting Democrats in office) would have scored higher than 1%.

Edwards would be their strongest candidate in a general election, but for some reason the most liberal candidate always seems to win the Democratic primary, all other things being equal.

Biden is appealing to those who think and actually care about policy more than personality. He will speak the truth to the issues of economic competitiveness, energy and global warming, the health care system, entitlement reform and fiscal policy - the serious threats jeopardizing this country's future. He will speak directly and plainly about the country's needs. Finally, he has been the most thoughtful critic of the war in Iraq.........

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