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Viewers disagree with my GOP/GOTV analysis on channel 11's "Week-in-Review''


It could be called "political junkie.'' It was good to be back in a guest chair on this weeks edition of channel 11's "Week-in-Review.'' I was covering an event that Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) was appearing at in Zion on Saturday and right away when I walked in people came up to me to continue a conversation started on the show.

I talked about the GOP's get-out-the vote operation in the 6th and 8th cd's...A viewer e-mailed to disagree...PLUS some other comments.

Saw you on the week in review tonight.

The swamp vapors from D.C. must be getting to you. Heard you say regarding Illinois that the GOP had a better GOTV program than the Dems at the Party level. As a staunch Republican - I can tell you that couldn't be more wrong.

There may be SOME energy in those districts for McSweeney and Roskam. But Lynn, the IL GOP is dead as a doornail.

The State GOP has already collapsed. Some will just remain in denial until the latest proof comes in on Tuesday. I can almost guarantee that Repubs will lose ALL the statewide races. Some of the statewides will probably come in with %'ages less then the 27% Keyes received in '04.

Roskam should win - but that has more to do with the hard-R gerrymander of that district. It's only because of a collapsed GOP that those 2 Districts are even in play. Neither should be. But looks like McSweeney will probably lose. Really tragic. I like him a lot.

There is ZERO volunteer energy out there among Republicans. Most of our good people are too disgusted by all the sleaze and the lightweightness of most of our candidates and "leadership." And when people see guys like Bob Kjellander doing nothing but just getting rich on their titles - even dedicated Republicans start feeling like chumps for volunteering.

So yeah, with all the money and attention being thrown in - there is some GOTV energy in the Roskam and McSweeney races. But that's an isolated case. The State organization as a whole is weaker now than it's ever been - probably since Watergate.

Every serious Republican knows we need a total housecleaning after Tuesday. Hopefully Topinka's loss will clear out some of the deadwood and make that easier.

From another viewer.....your hair looked absolutely fabulous.


Hi Lynn,

I've thought about dropping you a line a gazzillion times but never quite got around to it...until now. What prompted me was seeing you last night on the panel with Joel Weisman on Channel 11.

In some ways I envy your line of work as being close to the wheels of the machinery of government. On the other hand after reading and watching the antics of so many of these national, state and local slimeballs over the years I don't know if I could stand it for as long as you have. (Incidentally, I apologize to slimeballs everywhere for including politicians in their group.)

I've always appreciated your column in 'The Bright One' because, in addition to your straight-on, no nonsense reporting, to my mind, you are very good at hiding your personal political leaning.

Finally, somewhere in the deep, dark recesses in what's left of my memory I vaguely recall a column that you discussed owning and driving a classic Mustang. Is that correct?

I bring that up because my 'toy' car is a low mileage '99 Miata, which I have just, (sniffle, sob) put into semi-hibernation for the winter.


Larry....thanks for the note. I wrote a column in 2004 about renting a cool Mustang and driving it around Los Angeles...and to some studios around Burbank and getting a lot of attention. No one gives me a glance when in I drive around Washington in my 1994 Nissan Maxima.


Hard R gerrymander in CD ?
The Democrats drew the map in 2000! Remember?

===The Democrats drew the map in 2000! Remember?

No, they did not. In 2000 the map was drawn by the incumbents of both parties to protect all of the incumbents other than Phelps-who lost to Shimkus.

The flip of the coin was only used to determine the state districts. The federal districts passed without going to the commission.

To amplify
the 2000 Illinois map for Congress was masterminded by Bill Lipinski and Denny Hastert et al

It's also not a hard R gerrymander in IL-6. It only has a 53-47 advantage in Presidential elections. The Republican Districts around Chicago had to be diluted to provide majorities for all of the incumbents. IL-8 was the most Republican of the upstate Districts, though it has been surpassed by IL-19 and probably 18.

Good points.

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