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Sweet blog special: Obama to make first trip to New Hampshire Dec. 10.


Sen. Barack Obama steps up his pre-exploratory 2008 presidential campaign, making his first trip to New Hampshire on Dec. 10.

The Illinois Democrat will be the guest at a party hosted by the New Hampshire Democratic Party in Manchester. Obama has been to Iowa, the home to the first presidential caucus, several times. New Hampshire, now that's a different story; this will be Obama's inaugural presidential mode visit.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton--the other top tier 2008 possibility, coming off her re-election in New York, has not made recent stops in Iowa or New Hampshire. But she knows the territory from her husbands' presidential campaigns.

Obama has told me if he gets in the 2008 primary for president, he fully expected to be part of the traditional process of running in the early Iowa and New Hampshire contests.

this from Obama and New Hampshire Democrats......


CONCORD, NH – The New Hampshire Democratic Party will host a 2006 Election Celebration with special guest United States Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and recently elected New Hampshire Democrats in Manchester on Sunday, December 10, 2006 to honor the historic victory that turned a red New Hampshire to solid blue for the first time since 1874.

“We are honored that Senator Obama has accepted our invitation to celebrate the historic, tidal wave victory New Hampshire’s Democrats experienced this November,��? said State Party Chair Kathy Sullivan. “There is much to celebrate. This year’s election not only means Democrats took control, it resulted in the complete flip of the last Republican strong hold in the Northeast.��?

WHAT: 2006 Election Celebration

WHO: U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and New Hampshire Democrats

WHEN: Sunday, December 10, 2006

EVENT TIME: 3:30 p.m.

Center of New Hampshire Ballroom
Radisson Hotel
700 Elm Street, Manchester



Go IMPLODE! OBAMA (D-REZKO)...Go get em! Show everyone what a farce you are!

I am happy Senator Obama is doing good works. But I wish he and his office would remember that he is still the senator from Illinois and has constituents of his own. I have been waiting since August 16,for a clarification of his amendment to the Bacon-Davis Act. I have sent two emails and left a message in his Washington office for his person in charge of labor issues to just send me this clarification. His office told me the senator has been busy with the elections and, hopefully, things will return to normal. Obviously they are not going to return to normal because he is all over the United States. After less than two years in his position as senator from Illinois he appears to be running for higher office. However, there is nothing to stop his office staff from doing their jobs.

Maybe between his campaigning and book promotional tours he can ask his staff to help a constituent. Remember the one from Illinois!

Ahmadinejad repeated his calls for the United States to withdraw its forces from Iraq.

"I advise you to leave Iraq," he said, addressing the Americans. "Based on a timetable, transfer the responsibilities to Iraqi government. This will agree to your interests, too."

He urged countries to stop backing militants in Iraq, saying, "supporting terrorists is the ugliest act that they can do." He did not specify which countries he was referring to.

Ahmadinejad said "extremists should be dismissed (from the Iraqi government) no matter to which group and ethnicity they belong to. This is the only way to salvation."

Lets talk to Iran, and let Iran control our foriegn policy, according to Barack Obama....can anyone say Jimmy Carter.

When Obama hit New York tell him to ask for a feaderal investigation into the cover-up by Mayor Daley and States Atty. Devine, of the torture of 100+ African-American Men ,by Jon Burge and other Chicago Police Officers. He do not need to be President of America if he defends the cover-up of this torture, by being quiet about it.

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