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Sweet blog extra: Carville wants Dean out as Democratic chairman


Howard Dean, watch your back. James Carville wants you out.

Democratic strategist James Carville, in his trademark scorching rhetoric, said Wednesday he wants to dump Dean as chief of the Democratic National Committee.

The reason: Carville said Dean left a $6 million credit line on the table and the Dems could have used the money to pick up even more seats in the mid-term elections as more opportunities opened up late in the game. The House and Senate political operations spent their borrowings.

Carville's candidate to replace Dean is Rep. Harold Ford (D-Tenn.) who lost a bid for a Senate seat in the Nov. 7 balloting--but Ford is not interested.

“We did win the Battle of Gettysburg,��? said Carville, but the Dems picking up some 30 House seats, 6 Senate seats, 6 governorships and 9 state legislative chambers is not enough. Carville said the favorable circumstances for Dems won’t come around again until 2038—though it’s not clear exactly how he came up with that exact year. But he made his point.

Karen Finney DNC spokesman said, "It's disappointing that in light of historic democratic victories all across the country, up and down the ballot James would praise the RNC, the outfit behind the racist ad that defeated Harold Ford on the one hand, and simply doesn't know the facts about what the DNC did in this election. The DNC happily did take out a loan because Governor Dean is committed to helping Democrats win. If James is truly interested in knowing more about the DNC's efforts all his has to do is call and ask."

Dean was at odds with House and Senate party political bosses Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) over his long term strategy to use money to grow Democratic organizations in 50 states rather than to focus on the mid-terms. In the end of a nasty public disagreement, Dean did allot $2.4 million to help House contests.

“I have no problem with the fifty state strategy, that’s fine,��? Carville said somewhat dismissively. “The play of a political party is not to hire people, it is to elect people.��?

Last week Dean, asked about the disagreements with Emanuel and Schumer said his job was to deal with long term growth and the lawmakers task was short term.

The Democrats mid-term win was decisive, but Carville takes Dean to task for missing opportunities that could have solidified Democratic control of Congress and pave the way for a Democrat in the White House in 2008. DNC money should have been sent to third tier races, Carville said.

"We should have chased their Army down," said Carville, still on the Gettysburg analogy.

Carville is not a member of the DNC—but his is a very loud and influential voice.

“Democrats’ suffer from timidity, and that does not serve us well,��? said Carville.
Looking ahead, “why not go in with everything you got…that’s not the case right now….
…What I am saying is you got to get money in these campaigns when you are coming down the stretch.��?

Carville appeared with Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg at a briefing hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

Democrats won new majorities in nine chambers:
Indiana House,
New Hampshire House and Senate,
Iowa House and Senate,
Minnesota House,
Michigan House,
Wisconsin Senate, and
Oregon House.


Hey folks, who is Carville best friends with? Who has he in the past worked for? Who has he done the leg-work, as they say, for? Who does he praise every chance he gets? The answer in each case is the CLINTON'S ! Think about it. Harold Ford tried to keep Pelosi from being the leader of the democrats in congress 2 years ago. She beat him for minority leader back then. Hillary wants a smooth road to the nomination. Howard Dean may be a speed bump. He may want open primaries with equal funds for all the democratic candidates. And no allegiance to any one person. Pelosi owes Dean. Because Dean's hardwork and dedication have won the democrats congress and Pelosi the Speaker' job. The Clinton's are having Carville try to stir things up and embarrass and remove Dean. ..Some dirty politics ahead. Should be fun. Stay tuned.


Why would anyone take Carville seriously?

Let's take a trip in the way back machine shall we?

First of all, let's remember how Carville undermined John Kerry's potential challenge to the result in Ohio in 2004:

Apparently, Kerry had decided not to concede. There were 250,000 outstanding ballots in Ohio.

So Kerry decides to fight. In fact, he considers going to Ohio to camp out with his voters until there is a recount. This is the last thing the White House needs, especially after Florida 2000.

So what happened?

James Carville gets on the phone with his wife, Mary Matalin, who is at the White House with Bush.

"Carville told her he had some inside news. The Kerry campaign was going to challenge the provisional ballots in Ohio -- perhaps up to 250,000 of them. 'I don't agree with it, Carville said. I'm just telling you that's what they're talking about.'

"Matalin went to Cheney to report...You better tell the President Cheney told her."

Matalin does, advising Bush that "somebody in authority needed to get in touch with J. Kenneth Blackwell, the Republican Secretary of State in Ohio who would be in charge of any challenge to the provisional votes." An SOS goes out to Blackwell.

And then there's this Carville gem from 2000:

"By choosing former Georgia governor Zell Miller as his running mate, Al Gore could add intellectual brainpower, rhetorical firepower, and lots of plain old populist piss-and-vinegar to this staid election.


"Zell Miller is also a world-class campaigner and orator. His keynote address to the 1992 Democratic convention ranks with Barbara Jordan's and Mario Cuomo's as one of the finest examples of powerful rhetoric and partisan passion.

"At a time when politics seems moribund, Zell would bring energy. When people are looking for heroes, Zell's the real thing. And when Democrats need someone who's not afraid to open up a can of whupass on the radical right [on behalf, I think you mean--ed.], they need look no further than Zell Miller."

So again, I ask why anyone would take Carville seriously? What has he done since 1992?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say, Dick Morris knows more about politics than JIm in Chicago.

Hey Terry, care to explain away this:

Victory In the States
by Chris Bowers, Wed Nov 15, 2006 at 02:02:21 PM EST

Our gains outside of Washington, D.C. were at least equal to, if not greater than, our gains within Washington, D.C. Using the information found on, here is what we accomplished....

FYI -- The DNC Chairman is elected by delegates from the State parties, NOT James Carville, Dick Morris, and their ilk.

Also want to throw in this observation about Chuck Schumer vs. Rahm Emanuel:

"Chuck Schumer hasn't run around to every traditional media outlet to pat himself on the back and hog all the credit for this victory, when our victories in the Senate were incredible. We all knew we'd take the House, but how many really thought we could swing six Senate seats? Schumer's leadership in this achievement was critical, but he graciously acknowledges all contributions to the effort."

Quoted from: Is Carville Emanuel's Sockpuppet?

Money wasn't the reason that Dems didn't win more races -- it was the anti-anti-war center right Democratic candidates that Rahm Emanuel recruited. Rahm's determination that the war not be an issue put his candidates on the wrong side of the Iraq issue. A strong majority of Americans are sick and tired of the bloodshed and dollars lost in the Iraq folly, but Emanuel's candidates dared not speak such things.

And if you still think that more cash -- and not issues -- could have won more races, just look at all the money spent on the Dem loss in Rahm's back yard.

Money was not the problem in the 6th District.

Jim I dont want to read articles by your communist quarterly magazine, this was an average year. 28 house seats, thats average in the mid terms of a GOP pres 2nd term. The candidates that won were NOT liberals or commies they were conservative and moderate, since 1994 this country has proven it DOES NOT WANT Ted Lamonts. Only in Cook County can morons still win county wide and Mass. (I.E. Ted Kennedy). There will be no major changes , if Nancy Pelousi gets too liberal and wacky she will lose 25 seats off the bat. 10 will automatically go GOP next time and were lost due scandal. Hastert wasnt interested in anything but enriching himself, another reason they lost. 28 seats is average, now 1994 that was a huge thumpin!

The Democrats need to keep the most polarizing figures they have in positions of power. It can only help the conservatives to regain the majority next time around. Pelosi, Murtha, Schumer, Dean, etc.

The American people already have buyer's remorse two weeks after the election.

Right Terry. Anyone who disagrees with the way the Repubicans have run the government is a communist.

Oh, and the Republicans didn't do any gerrymandering since 1994 to avoid a large swing of House seats in a subsequent midterm election....

More evidence of Howard Dean's "failure" here:

50 state strategy "destroyed" Delaware GOP

Again Jim in Chicago I have no need for your communist manefesto reading. Delaware is an east coast liberal state and has been, New Hampshire and Maine are the only moderate east coast states. Any state that re-elects an idiot like Joe Biden who brags that Delaware was a slave state(then again we have Dick Turbin and Baraky Obazko) is not a moderate state. And the Dems didnt gerrymander in the 60 years they controlled the house before 94' If it wasnt for the conservative dems, and moderate republicans dems never would have won. Explain Liberman's win then knucklehead. But in your eyes Cuba is a Mecca. Frank "Abscam" Murtha proves that the Dems are no different than the GOP, After 2 years of Nutsy Pelosi you'll see a GOP president and congress.

If Pelosi, Murtha, Schumer, Dean are the so called leaders of the Democratic party, it shows that the Demos still don't get it and never will.


Don't worry about the trolls. They have no idea that their nasty personal attacks contributed to their trouncing, and that's probably a good thing.

I'd like to know where Jimmy Boy was in 1994, when my home state, Wisconsin, swept a lot of new Republicans into office. This coupled with a lack of positive messages from Democrats. It seems that the only way that the Democratic Party can succeed is to demonize. Get a positive agenda and mainstream America will possibly take you seriously.

It's funny to see the pinko democrats fighting amongst themselves. Their majority in the Congress is a temporary, two year deal. BTW, start learning how to say President Romney.

James Carville is a cancer.

Jim in Chicago did a good job laying out the indictment on Carville's credibility.

He is no friend to the Democratic party, not anymore.

Considering that the 50-state strategy is a long term project, it paid great dividends in the short term already, allowing Democrats on the local level to capitalize on the anti-republican state of the union. The total take on legislative chambers is now 10 (a recount put a Democrat in, putting them over the top - I forget which state).

According to the Tribune, Carville was trying to convince Rahm to play nice and strike a "conciliatory" tone in the final round of campaign ads. I mean, what the hell? Dems were on the attack, and Dems were winning.

Carville's brand of politics helped get Clinton elected, but led to 12 years of losses in the Congress. He has undermined the Democrats repeatedly, and he's trying to do so again.

Its time for James Carville and his ilk to go AWAY.

Oh, and Dick Morris has ZERO credibility on anything Democratic. He jumped ship to the republicans years ago.

He's nothing but a shill for the far right now. And its becoming clear that Carville is becoming the same.

The nation spoke, moderate and conservative Democrats were elected. Not liberals obviously or Frank Abscam, I mean Murtha would have won.

I can only hope that all Republicans are as deluded as Terry. Dick Morris as an authority on anything? Excuse me while I giggle uncontrollably for 10 minutes.

Dick Morris saved Clinton in 1994, and if it wasnt for him as unbelievable as it sounds there would have been a President Dole. Lynn what do you think? Who has more political credibility Chicago Jason or Dick Morris?

Carville and Immanual are hillary's handmaidens. If you want to have hillary win the nomination and run for pres., while losing the congress, again, just buy in to their tactical approach to politics. Its about them winning, they don't care about the party, or the people. Hillary is just another Evita wannabe anyway.

Let's be real here shall we? Hilary Clinton CANNOT win the Presidency. I'd rather Bill run. She will not win. Someone not Clinton is the only hope Dems have against McCain. I liked Mark Warner who is out. Bob Graham for VP. Dick Morris is all his first name implies. He is - no pun intended - a whore. Well all PUNS intended. And Carville? He sure is close to this white house isn't he?

Dick Morris is a w... which is why he was so good for Bill Clinton. They were perfect for each other. Fact he saved Bill Clinton from Hillary and himself.

Beny there is this thing called the constitution that limits 2 terms in office for the president, also I dont think Bill could win either, the country gets tired of presidents after 6 years in office. FDR won 4 terms due to WW2.

I think Carville should go after the real failure here, Rham Emannuel, he blew it, they had a chance for a knockout and he dropped the ball. Only 28 seats is average in the 2nd term.

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