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Sometime after midnight: Watching Peraica spectacle. Was he robbed?


The view from inside the Sun-Times city room.

Sometime aftert midnight: A row of reporters are lined in a row in front of the four television monitors in the city room, tuned to the local news channels. They are watching the jaw dropping spectacle of GOP Cook County Board President candidate Tony Peraica not only declining to concede to Democrat Todd Stroger--but claiming the election was stolen and marching to the place where the ballots were being collected.

Reporters, photographers and editors scrambled to stuff this unexpected turn of events into the paper. It's 2:14 a.m. and the team is still reporting and updating.

Peraica marched from his election night hotel at 505 N. Michigan nearly a mile to where the county ballots were being collected at 69 W. Washington.

Cook County Clerk David Orr looked on television--grim.

"The process is slow but the integrity is there. We just have to give these people an opportunity to count," Orr said.


Michael Kasper, the election attorney that knocks people off the ballot, IS THE LOBBYIST FOR SEQUIA--the Venezuelan company that gives us these bad machines and process.
Kasper is also an associate of MICHAEL NOONAN--the campaign manager for Stroger. Both proteges of Madigan. NOONAN is the lobbying partner of Co-schemer A in the Sorich/Slattery agreement KASPER is the ATTORNEY for HDO and Reyes.

Kasper was working the election with Burt Odelson for STROGER and watching the counting EVEN THOUGH HE IS A LOBBYIST FOR SEQUIA

It is called a conflict of interest.

DUMP SEQUIA and bring back the punch card system

Knowing that the supporters of Todd Stroger knew that if they didn't steal the election, many South Side and West Side employee,s would lose their jobs in January. It wouldn't surprise me if the election were stolen from Tony Peraica. And people realize this already.

Here we go again!

The Stroger machine stuffed ballot boxes and fiddled with results in the primary to steal that election from Claypool. Little did we know that was just a warm-up for the general election against Peraica. Then again, this is Chicago, where you can vote early and often, and the dead rise every two years to support the dems.

Mr. Orr can show all the righteous indignation he wants, but he's part of the machine.

Peraica is just another whining Republican that can't face the fact the people didn't want him.

Voter intimidation is rife in Chicago. How can people vote their true choice with Democratic election judges collecting their ballot and putting it through the reader? The entire voting process is a joke. The integrity of voting privacy was lost when the voting booth and curtain disappeared from the scene. Besides, if voting could actually change anything it would be illegal to vote!

This is the first time in the history of MY voting that I have voted for the Republican. I absolutely detest people who think they are owed something. We have already seen the disastrous results of "like father, like son" (Bush) and I don't understand why anyone would vote for a man simply because his daddy is in office.Todd Stroger JUNIOR (let's not forget that suffix) has no qualifications for this position and surpassed every other political position he was supposed to have held before this one. BOOOO Stroger. Peraica WAS robbed.

Poor Republican always crying fraud when defeated. Shame on him and his people storming the County Clerk's office.
David Orr is an honorable
man and deserves an apology as do his employees.
Diana R. McCoy
Alsip, Il.

Peraica was not robbed. Yes, the process was slow and inefficient, but his people were watching this thing the entire way. He knew the results before he marched down to 69 W. Washington. He created the controversy.

Peraica is losing a chance to advance the cause of reform @ the County by drunk grandstanding. David Orr is not going to steal an election for Todd Stroger.

This is why Tony Peraica should not be president of the County Board. He is hot headed and purely anal. He deserves to lose with an attitude like that. Todd Stroger had the best idea of the night, go home get some sleep and check under the tree in the morning. He would either have a lump of Coal or a pretty wrapped gift.
I resent "Commissioner" Peraica inferring that the election was stolen and leading a MOB to ATTACK the County Building in the middle of the night. My co-workers and I work too hard to ensure that no one is disenfranchised, that all voting is done fairly and that we get accurate and timely results. Timely depends on your definition but Chicago is spoiled in being used to getting results by midnight. But there were over 20 years to get the bugs out of the previous system. Now you expect a miracle in less than 12 months.. Even the military takes over a year to shake down a new vessel, even one that has been built by the dozens. If Mr. Peraica intimates that I and my co-workers are theives again, I will take it personally, why because he is supposed to be a leader not an inciter or rabble rouser. You call me a thief and a liar, then there are consequences to pay. The excuse that "it is just politics" doesn't wash with me. I take my job very seriously and give 150% all the time that I can. Tony Peraica should be careful that his mouth doesn't write a check that bounces. "Worker Bees" can file suits the same as Anally Retentive "Commissioners".

Pls withhold my name since "Mr." Peraica is in a position to cause me harm.

Thanks for the forum to express my humble opinion.

The voters of Cook County get what they deserve. Their political overlords have told the sheep to vote Democratic for the last 40 years and election is no different. The machine shoved a candidate down the voters collective mouths and they swallowed it without a complaint. They are about to elect the most corrupt, inept, pathethic politican to run the County we've ever seen.

Let our citizens wait in line for hours and hours to fill a perscription at a county hospital. Let the Stroger family steal millions of tax payer dollars with nepotism. Let the forest preserves fall into disrepair because there's no money left to put toilet paper in the bathrooms. The great citizens our of County deserve no better.

In fact, I get pleasure by witnessing their misfortunes. This time, there is no one to blame for their problems but themselves.

Tony Peraica, Stop your blustering!!!
Everyone can't count rapid speed and shouldn't when so much (elections votes) is at stake. To assure error free tallies of votes, counting should commence at a pace where mistakes are less likely to be made.

(I have to write this a 2nd time, which is a PAIN) - I don't understand how the Republicans could have lost the Treasurer's office after decades of holding. I didn't know about Carolyn Rogodno but I voted for her, because I felt the opponent was too young - 30 yrs old! and too inexperienced in government matters. The Republicans just didn't back that office and she didn't campaign hard enough.

As for the county, I would have liked to see Bobbie Steele or Claypool as president, therefore, I didn't vote for the candidates.

Normally I vote 99% Democratic, and I'm ashamed that there isn't a strong opposition party go against the Democrats. If scandal & investigation doesn't do it, what will?

The Stroger goon squads were out in full force in the south suburbs, removing Republican candidate signs, hawking literature close to the doors of polling sites and simply bringing Chicago style machine politics to the suburbs. It's really a shame if this is a portent of how the Cook County government will be run.

Tony Peraica ran a clean and honest campaign and win or lose, should be remembered for bringing some class and dignity to this imperfect process known as Cook County elections.

I feel that Peraica was not robbed at all. I am a junior in high school and I love politics. I feel that since Stroger is black, "of course" he is going to say that he was robbed. This country is full of people who don't want a democratic society. But if there is a democratic society to change the world then so be it. Personally I feel that Peraica is a blood thirtsy moron who wants something for nothing. If he can see this then, yes I did say this and get over it!

There is something weird going on. Cook County is so corrupt, how could anyone want another Stroger in there?

Tony Peraica please go away already.

Todd Stroger should not have been on the ballot. Forrest Claypool should have won the primary, especially since the people in John Strogers camp knew that John Stroger would not ever be fit to hold seat. This county will not have a Republican as president. The whole election (for this seat) has been a joke...FROM DAY ONE! Todd Stroger will not even make it through the primary in the next election if elected for this term. Claypool should have run as an Independent. Todd Stroger - enjoy it while you can.

I believe that he was. I am so sick of the status quo with these politicians. I and alot of people I know voted for him in suburban cook county and I want to wait this out.

Tony reminds me of a rat. He starts off leaving little turds. Then makes noises when you're trying to sleep. And before you know it, he rears his ugly head.

Mr. Peraica!

Thank you For Running and truly trying to make a difference in this very corrupted and dark clouded Cook County Government, Thank You Thank You!!

I'm not saying that I support Tony Peraica, or his tactic of storming the building with supports, but I think some serious answers need to come regarding the county's failure to improve the process in light of $60M of additional funding. To see civilians on television unloading boxes of voting media without any law enforcement or election officials present, certainly reeks of possible tampering, no matter the outcome.

Being a resident of Chicago for all of my years, do i think the election was stolen.
of course!!!!
Do I think the liars got elected?? of course!!
will anything change??
Of course not!!!

Did anyone notice that Peraica couldn't find the County Building last night?

Just another election i Cook County. It has to be the most corrupt county in the country

I think Mr. Peraica behavior was horrible. He showed no class at all.

With Cook County under the Democrat Party bosses, the question is never "was" but by "how much". Is the race close enough to steal? If so, of course they are going to do it, becasue as Alderman Beavers reminds us, "we have the votes, we do what we want."

Peraica look like a psycho last night. He lost, now take it like a man.

I'm just glad that someone, after two mismatched presidential elections and a curiously inaccurate house/senate vote (in 2002), has decided (finally) that enough is enough. There is a possibility that Peraica won last night. There is a possibility that Gore won in 2000. With how sound and fool-proof our current ballot system is, there is a possibility that "Howard the Duck" won our last presidential election. The point is, until a candidate challenges the system (as Peraica has) and sticks to it, pushing for voting reform, each future election will continue to have these "possibilities" without producing any real results.

The sight of a drunken Tony Peraica storming the County Building was priceless. He has no class.

I wonder if Mr. Peraica would be shouting that the system is s corrupt if the votes had went his way. And nepotism has always been alive and well in Chicago- where was this outroar when Lisa Madigan was elected. Isn't her daddy an elected official also? Once again there's a double-standard when it comes to African-Americans.

i didn't care who was the republican or the democrat in this race - my vote was for regime change. 38+ years is too long for any politican to hold any office.

To Lynn Sweet: Please follow up on this story. What happened?

Todd Stroger should not be in office.

That said, lets get ONE point straight.
Republicans and democrats both alike always cry when the election is lost. And once they cry, does anything change? No.
So, to recap, everybody whines and everybody crys "poor me"

Sounds like Peraica is a sore losser.

Funny how the same democrats who whined about Ohio 2 years ago, create misleading documentaries about rigged voting machines and constantly complain how they are cheated when they lose.. find the time to call other people whiney when the shoe is on the other foot. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Stroger = Unqualified puppet. Who do you think is really running the show? Fools

when i read all of these articles and comments it's makes me so very proud to be a NON-VOTING CITIZEN OF COOK COUNTY. Democrats and Republicans alike are all a joke. and to see people on this blog whine about a bunch of politicians who could care less about the everyday common man is so LAME. *LOL*

I just did not like the way we had NO PRIVACY when voting.. The guy working at the polling place put my paper in the reader,, he could see everything I wrote! And there was no curtain. Lucky no one was behind me. There was also one guy sleeping that had a polling place name tag on him. this was in the 48th ward in the early morning. At least i got to vote though. some people could not like my co-worker because the electronic voting machine was not working and she had no other alternative.. That is bad.

For many years, Men have prepared their sons to assume their position. The Bush family, the Daly's, the Kennedy's, and so on. However, as soon as a black man can do the same for his son it's WRONG. It would be different is Todd was not qualified. President Stroger knew that this society would not allow his son to go this far if he did not have the qualifications. President Stroger did not do anything illegal. He did what any good father would do for their child. Whites have been doing this for years. Mr.Peraica son is a county employee, and you cannot make me believe that he wouldn't help his son.

For all those blasting Peraica for "Storming" the county building. You are quick to leave out that Stroger's people were already there and Peraica himself wasn't let up to the offices for nearly 20 minutes while Stroger's people were in the offices. Read the whole story. Also if it wasn't stolen..why was it only the suburban precints, were Peraica was way ahead, that had to be delivered to the county offices. If that doesn't smell of Chicago corruption I don't know what does. For all the Dems like Sally that voted on party lines or for no one just because they couldn't vote for a Rep, you deserve the horrible government we get. Way to keep corruption and the Chicago Machine in power. Stroger now owes everyone who set him up. He is the puppet of all puppets now.

Peraica's behavior was not horrible. He was standing up for what's right. The voting process was corrupted and anyone who doesn't see it should remove the blinders off of there eyes. What a bunch of apathetic idiots! Did it really surprise you all that something just came up during the vote count? Patronage babies would have lost their jobs if Peraica got in office. The meek-minded sheep just go along as if it is just okay so as not to disrupt the status quo. Chicago hasn't changed from the days of Capone and anyone who voted for Stroger will get what they deserve in that no mind puppet.

Why is it that we continue to rely on voting technology that can not handle transmitting or counting votes in a timely fashion. If the technology was correctly designed it would be able to handle the peak load of all the the precincts reporting at 7:00pm. They all close at the same time and report shortly thereafter. So the equipment should be specified to handle that load. Votes don't trickle in, they flood in at the close of the day. If the technology worked Orr would not have been driving the votes into be counted. The county board should take a hard look at their vendor performance and make positive changes to correct the issues.

I voted for Peraica for a change but I am abhorred at his behavior last night. Thank God he didn't win.

I stayed up to watch the whole thing. I love elections you get to see people outside of their shell sometimes. I sat in front of my TV with popcorn in hand and watched as Mr. Peraica stormed out of the hotel with his mob chanting count the votes!! count the votes!!

This is must see TV!!

Kind of reminds me of the late night when the city councle voted for a new mayor.

Now on to the lawyers fighting over who the winners are in the senate races.

It just goes to show. If at first you don't succeed hire a lawyer and sue em!

Sean King
Aurora IL

What is Peraica thinking when you lose you lose and Todd have a great point go too sleep and see what it do in the mourning well he is not going to get much respect from people by accusing them of stealing so calm down peracia and congradulation Todd!

Mr. Peraica's behavior was sad to say the least. He even said he did not have any proof that anything was going on, but believed that the boxes were being tampered with. Mr. Peraica should not have been let into the county offices. He should have sent representatives. Mr. Stroger was not there and someone on the ballot should not have been allowed inside the room where the ballots are being counted.

Of course the election was stolen from Peraica. That's what democrats do in this state. But most of the voters shouldn't complain because we in this state have a lot of love and affection for crooked politians. Look at how easily the future convict Rod Blago won the race for Governor. So I say to all the dimwitted democrats in this county and state, you people are the stupidest S.O.B.S in the country. BTW, enjoy Sears Tower and the Hancock building while you can because with democrats taking over in Washington it's only a matter of time before the terrorists take those buildings down.

Is it official? Have they officially announced who won the race between tweedle-dummy and tweedle-dummer?

Peraica is a hero for taking on a corrupt system. Unlike Stroger, Peraica does NOT take the electoral process for granted and fights for honest government.

I have a political science degree from Depaul. Mayor Daley and John Stroger are two of the best politicians we ever had. Send Peraica and Segvich back to Croatia, a country that does not want them. They are ignorant troublemakers that do not have a kind word for anyone. They deserved to lose. Now they should be run out of town.

Speaking of stolen votes... Shall we not forget how junior Bush was put into office (twice).

"For many years, Men have prepared their sons to assume their position. The Bush family, the Daly's, the Kennedy's, and so on. However, as soon as a black man can do the same for his son it's WRONG."

You know I keep hearing this nonsense repeated over and over.

What is missing from this is the reality that the other people may have been groomed for office, but they weren't actually placed ON A BALLOT IN THE PLACE OF THEIR PARENT, WHO ACTUALLY GOT VOTED IN!

If people don't understand this difference, they need to go back to Civics class.

To Mike Smajo, you sound like a typical brainwashed, moronic Chicago democrat.

Tony and Todd are two booty boyz who want to have fun!

Tony and Todd are two booty boyz who want to have fun!

As I watched the news last night and actually paid attention to everything that was being said by Orr. I would say that no one was slighted or cheated. Everything is on cartridge that is how you know that is to ensure that no one can double up on votes. Paraica and his people acted like a street gang last night. A bunch of ridiculous street thugs. I would also like to know why it is okay for other polital families to stay strong and be left alone but when a family of color wants to stay strong and keep the seat in the family they are now apart of some political machine?! I would also like to know why everyone thinks Mr. Stroger is not capable. He is going to shock the HELL out of you all! He is wise....he sits back and watches you act foolish, makes a proper decision then he slides right in and he has exactly what he needs for his cause while you are distracted by your own foolishness!

I don't think he was robbed but the people of Cook County have been. The poor and uneducated are the people that would benefit the most from a better run county. It's ironic that they are the ones who are perpetuating a corrupt government.

I didn't vote. What happened between Stroger and Peraica is a perfect example of why I have lost faith in our political system long ago. I mean, if the truth be told I'm still dealing with the Bush/Gore thing.


to Peter Mead and Diana: Now let me get this right. The republicans are whiners and crybabies because they think they were cheated. That there always like this. Does that mean the democrats are whiners and crybabies also because they felt they were cheated in 2000 and 2004?

oh please, the election wasn't fixed? it was fixed the minute 'they' covered up the severity of stroger srs. stroke... isn't it fishy that the ballot results came into the clerks office in boxes (with tampered seals) and no sheriffs escort?
are you people for real?
how about 'toddler' anouncing at 11:30 that he was 'going to bed like on christmas eve, to wake up in the morning for his present'? seems he KNEW the gift he was gonna get.... the election was over when the 'machine' decided 7 months ago to pander to the black dem base.

I've moved to Lake county in the past year and a half,and I'm so glad to escape the usual crap.I will never miss the sights I've seen especially of a sore loser.Did Tony the tiger really think he could bull his way into an office that the county ear-marked for one of their own.It's good to have a Republican see what we've felt about elections for some time.He did prove that he would've brought the same THUG factor to the office that we've always accused Dems of being.As a black man I'm not shocked that someone hated to concede defeat,after all how often does that happen.

We saw "Council Wars" when Harold Washington was elected Mayor of Chicago back in 1983 --

Was Cook County ready for "Board Wars" if Tony Peraica was elected President of the Cook County Board in 2006 ?


I thought better of Mr. Peraica. I am quite sure that he may have changed some of the issues, but to provide a spectacle as he did the other night only makes for his political demise. Politics has many unwritten rules, and one of them is not being a spoil sport. Too bad for Tony.

Alderman Beavers must have a LOT of corruption to hide. This is why he was so adamant about "installing" an unqualified individual for this Cook County Board President. For those of you who voted for Stroger, you will get what you deserve. I can't wait until Peter Fitzgerald totally disassembles this Daley machine, one component at a time.

At least the people in Tennessee and Maryland were smart enough to not vote Harold Ford and Michael Steele into the U.S. Senate. Take that, CP and William R. Donald.

Both parties, at least in Chicagoland and Cook County, are the same. Stroll through Chicago and Cook County, neighborhood by neighborhood (especially on the west and south sides) and see what both parties think of Chicagoland.

Even though I din't approve of Stroger, he was better than the alternate choice. Peraica the Piranha. Cool heads always win usually. Piranha knew that there was no way he could win. I just hope Stroger does a god job because the proof is in the pudding!

"At least the people in Tennessee and Maryland were smart enough to not vote Harold Ford and Michael Steele into the U.S. Senate". Michael Steele is a conservative Republican and Harold Ford is a Democrat. So what is the common thread between the two that would make Jerry say "take that"? Oh, they're both black. Well, unfortunately, moronic posts like his do occasionally slip through..

I am not sure if the election was stolen or if there were just a lot of coincidences that led to Stroger's victory. My only comment is now we are stuck with more years of corruption in county government. One of the largest governments in Illinois is being led by someone who knows absolutely anything about it. Don't blame me, I voted for Tony. You should have too! Just wait, you'll see. The people who are to blame are the narrow-minded people who can't make their own minds up and vote for the best candidate, instead they vote for who their mostly uneducated precinct captains tell them too. All you Dems who think you have to vote for the Dem candidate or your garbage won't be picked up or you will lose your job, are too stupid to vote anyways.

Excuse me Jerry?Are you glad they weren't voted in because of their race or because they were Democrats?Methinks racism is an ugly head especially reared by an ugly racist.

Also my dear friend Jerry,why am I the only one you attacked on this blog?I guess because I'm the only one who mentioned that I was black and you seem to have a problem with that more than what I said.

It remains to be seen if Todd will turn out to be any kind of reformer.

But we know one thing right now. Peraica is a buffoon who lacks the temperament for public office.

The Chicago media really has egg on their face on this one. Didn't anyone notice? Peraica was THROWN out of Maltese's mobbed-up operation in Cicero. He didn't go willingly. You have to have some serious issues for that to happen.

Go away Peraica! Thanks for setting the Republican Party back in Cook for another 30 years.

To Terry Williams, the reason I said "take that" to those two guys is because they brought up race. And yes, I am glad the two black candidates from Maryland and Tennessee lost because for the same reason blacks voted for Stroger(read Mary Mitchell's column on Wednesday), and for the same reason blacks in New Orleans voted for Ray Nagin a few months ago, I prefer to see my own people in charge of the government.

to Jerry: Jerry, why do you have to bow down to such a low-standard. Did African-Americans vote for Stroger because of his race--YES ! Even though he isn't qualified, with corruption as their everyday menu. And we taxpayers get way overcharged on our properties. As do businesses, which is why many move out. Yes, thats racist on their part to vote for him simply because of his pigmentation....But why do you have to bow down to their standards? Also, do you really know much about Michael Steele and Harold Ford, Jr.? Steele is a republican and conservative. Ford is whats known as a 'blue-dog' democrat. Matter of fact, in congress, he challenged Nancy Pelosi for the minority leader position. He was a leader among southern democrats. Not your typical ranting leftwing Black Caucas member who barks alot but accomplishes nothing. Harold is what I would term MODERATE. A brilliant young man. And I say that as a moderate-conservative. He was the ONLY Black Caucas member who spoke out v. the genocide in Rwanda, when it was happening. While the others said and did nothing because a democrat was in the White House. He was the ONLY Black Caucas member who spoke out v. Chattel Slavery of African Blacks in Sudan by the Arabs in the late 90's while the others said and did nothing because a democrat was in the White House. We are ALL worse off because Harold Ford will not be serving in Washington. And I say that as a guy who votes GOP more than democrat. And don't kid yourself, it was a negative ad showing him with a white girl (something to do with the Playboy Mansion) that had alot to do with him losing in Tennessee. Ford was actually the only democrat who I had wanted to see win his senate race. He would have been his own man and do what he thinks is best for the country. Whereas the others will be party hacks who fall in line with what there told to do.

Let me first say that I am African-American 27 year old father of two that missed out on his opportunity to vote because I recently changed residencies and didn't have the opportunity to register. That said, I might not have a right to quibble about who won the seat and who didn't but let me be an unbiased voice of reason here: No supposed leader causes a controversy or a ruckus that has the potential to shake the county's peoples' faith in the system (feeble though it may be). And on the other side of the coin, why should we have any reason to believe that Mr. Stroger, Jr. will be the catalyst for positive change in a notoriously corrupt county goverment seat whose reins were last held by his father? If his father could not get it done or had no interest in the welfair of misguided youths at your local juvenile detention center -we are talking about CHILDREN that might have a shot at reform folks- how can junior right the ship?

Mr. Peraica and his people should be thoroughly embarrassed about the display that was exhibited that night. At that point, concession of defeat would have been the more noble thing to do. If you have a beef with the voting process, sure voice your displeasure using the media as a forum but don't put on a show that has the potential to mar your integrity and make you look disingenuous. The entire spectacle was laughable at best.

The interview by a reporter of Todd Stroger, Jr. on election night should have stood as testament that he might not be the man for the job when he inferred that he got his experience during the "80's and 90's". The statement just didn't sit well with me, as well intentioned and innocent as it may have been. If we are going to stop the perpetual cycle of our youths becoming harden murders and criminals, the situation at the juvenile detention center must change for the better. What kind of rehabilitation can occur under those conditions? Sorry for the endless rabble, but thanks for the forum. The people that these politicians supposedly represent do have a voice afterall.

As a former Chicago resident (now living in Michigan) I try to follow the political scene there as much as possible. Having watched as John Stroger ran the CCB as his own personal fiefdom for decades, I must admit the hair on the back of my neck stood up when I read that Todd was being "positioned" to assume his dad's seat. If ANY city in the nation is set up to flat-out steal an election, it's Chicago. Was it stolen for Todd? I wouldn't doubt it for a second.

Just for the record, I'm a Democratic voter but wrote in "NO ONE" for the County Board President's race (I had a paper ballot of the kind that should become the national standard --with ease, I wrote in "NO ONE" for several races, including those uncontested and the Governor's race; more black pens next time, please).

With that said, Tony Peraica is a complete and total spazz (and a Machine Democrat by breeding), and his fellow Republicans can't stand him; open Google and let your fingers do the walkin'.

He was an accidental candidate, the Bernie Epton of 2006, and he would've lost 3-to-1 had John Stroger's health allowed him to remain on the ballot.

In a just world, his thug "supporters" would be spending the next four weekends in County Jail. He's an embarrassment, and anyone watching TV as Tuesday became Wednesday ought to have no doubts. Let's hope it ended his future as a countywide candidate.

John, I know what you're saying about bowing down to their level, but I can't help it. I guess I'm an eye for an eye kind of guy. As for Ford, I know he tries to portray himself as a moderate, and maybe he is, but I believe that you have to fight fire with fire so if others vote for their own then so will I. Also, I saw that ad about Ford and I agree that helped his opponent. But I say bravo because democrats always play the race card in their ads and campaigns. Look what they did to George Allen in Virginia. So republicans should do more of that if it helps them win. And I don't feel any worse if Ford is out of politics. The country and the great state of Tennessee will do just fine without him.

It was late and I think the honorable Mr. Peraica just had a few too many Crown Royals, that's all.

Peraica is lucky he's still even on the board at all. While he was smirking on tv for the last month his local board seat was almost taken from underneath him. Face it Tony you were beaten by a better, more organized group. IT HAPPENS. Next time spend a little more $ on the people around you and a little less time declaring victory on Nov. 1st. You assumed victory and underestimated the competion and those are 2 HUGE mistakes in politcs.

P.S. have someone pick up the 5000 signs you put on vacant lots and expressway off ramps. They're getting old like your conspiracy theory.


Old Man Stroger was Old Man Daley's homie - 'Nuff Said.

"And yes, I am glad the two black candidates from Maryland and Tennessee lost because for the same reason blacks voted for Stroger(read Mary Mitchell's column on Wednesday), and for the same reason blacks in New Orleans voted for Ray Nagin a few months ago, I prefer to see my own people in charge of the government". Jerry, blacks have been one of the Democratic Party' smost consistent voting blocs. It is an erroneous presumption to correlate voting patterns with race for blacks, a mistake that Mary Mitchell mad in her column. If so, you'd see a lot more black Republicans holding office, and you do not. Thus, your presumption that Michael Steele garnered black votes may also be incorrect - he probably got more votes from conservatives who wanted to see him win.
By the way, I'm assuming that "your own people" in the last sentence of your post meant those with single-digit IQ's.

I stayed up and watched that Madness!!!

I have alot of respect for Todd Stroger. He REFUSED to get in the GUTTER with Periaca. For this reason, I'm liking him more.

to Jerry: My brother lives in the booming and growing city of San Antonio. Toyota, Microsoft, Southwest, and others, are locating plants and/or headquarter buildings there. Home building is so much that the construction is going on with 3 shifts. Its fascinating to watch the bricklayers, carpenters, etc. work after dark with flood lights pointed where there working. There city maintenance is everybit as good as Chicago & Cook County and cheaper. You can set your clock, as they say, by what time the garbage is picked up. I find the roads, lighting, and what have you to be far superior. I realize weather does play a part. Jerry, here is the part that should wake folks up. Its woke me up which is why I'm rehabbing my home to get it ready for sale. I have a small older frame home (1050 sq.ft.) while my brother has a new 2300 sq.ft. home in a beautiful neighborhood in San Antone. I'll come to the point. He pays $800 less a year in property taxes then I do. Or my neighbors. Which is why I want out of Crook County. Which is why alot of business has left. So the people who want the Strogers of the world, they got them. Its there pockets being picked if only they realized it. Myself, I plan to go where its better. BTW, San Antonio is equally white, black, and hispanic. And both parties play a part. Not a one-party system like here. Matter of fact, Mexican-Americans really control much, if not most, of the power. So it has nothing to do with race. It does have to do with honesty and quality good government. Which Crook (Cook) County is totally lacking.

2 huge mistakes in politics, think that black people could have any brains and vote for anyone besides a democrat, and 2 trust any of these GOP politicians in Illinois when they want to be Richie Daleys buddy too much. Sheep BAAAA BAAAA

Two even bigger mistakes, think that a party who uses race-baited ads such as Jesse Helms (and more recently, Harold Ford's opponent in TN) will ever get the black vote as long as these are the tactics they use, and to assume that blacks voting for Dems lack brains. Besides, when Gaffney says anyone besides Dems, one can only assume he means the GOP.

Todd Stroger looked like ..during the debate!!
It's not a party issue, its picking the most qualified, and I would'nt say a word if he were.its like handing a kid a loaded gun!
there are billions of dollars at stake. the whole thing bears watching.

John, I am not surprised San Antonio is run much more efficiently than Cook county. Too bad the people in this county are so klannish that they vote for their own regrdless of who it is. To Terry Williams, if I have a single digit IQ, than your hero Mary Mitchell does as well.

Jerry, no need to get into name-calling spats with Terry Williams or anybody else. Hey, unfortunately, the county gets what it deserves. People in Crook County are so conditioned to scandals, party machine, and patronage politics, that they don't care. They don't care that there losing in the pocket-books because of these crooks. I just grin and laugh about it. I figure I'll be gone within a year and a half. What makes me shake my head is that it was John Stroger (along with William Henry and William Beavers) who made a deal with the Vrdolyaks and Burkes to double-cross Tim Evans (Harold Washington's hand-picked successor) when Mayor Washington died. And double-crossed Wilson Frost. Oh how these people forget. Hey, look how scandalous that county jail is. Just rough up and beat up young black guys. But vote for Stroger anyway. A joke. BTW, in closing, Jerry did you see Todd Stroger on channel 11 tonight (Monday, 11/13,Chicago Tonight)? Oh my gosh, that guy hasn't got a clue. He's even dumber then you might think.

There is a reason that there has not been a Republican Cook County Board Preident in fifty years. It is called organization and excellence. The Cook County Democratic Party is the best in the country because of hard work by people like myself. I am a Democratic precinct captain for over twenty years and proud of it.

I see that you are very subjective in the comments that you allow on this site, and this gives a very bias prespective on how the readers really feel about the subject. The day after the election, I made sent a comment (Pro -Stroger), and it wasn't posted. Why even take the time-out to comment.

The election is over already... Tony quit your whinning you acted while the cameras were watching... all politians are crooked that's the nature of the business... Tony supporters blame yourself for his lost why didn't you put more money in his campaign and encouage more of your friends to vote for him... so be quiet and let the new commisioner do his job... time will tell and his legacy will be determined...

Ever notice how its a conspriracy if a black candidate loses ,but when he wins the machines worked fine? Why do you think thats the case? just curious.

Smajo, if you are serious about cook county being the most well run county in the country, then you must be getting some cash under the table.

Ever notice how the really stupid people talk about grammar and spelling here,LOL.

Democrats aint so excellent. Parts of Chicago and suburban Cook County are slummy because of Democrats!

Why was it that we got to find out who won the governor race with 102 counties and not know who won the county board election with one county? It's on the same ballot.
Another thing when George Bush won the Electoral vote in 2000 and the Electoral vote and the Popular vote in 2004 Democrats and other Libs cry like babies. And thats okay. But when Peraica says the votes are taken away that not okay. But when Democrats and other libs say Bush cheated it's okay and understandable.

I am urging every student in the city of Chicago to votefor Gery Chico. He is the education candidate.He will make education a top priority. Education is the hallmark of all of his work experience. All of you in Chicago colleges are there for a quality education. sHOW YOUR PARENTS THAT YOUR EDUCATION IS WORKING ALREADY FOR YOU AS YOU VOTE IN THE NEXT MAYOR OF cHICAGO. yOU WILL THEN PROVE HOW SMART YOU ARE TO ALL OF YOUR COMMUNITIES WITH THIS CHOICE. pLEASE TAKE TIME TO LOOK AT HIS CREDENTIALS WHEN YOU GET A BREAK FROM YOUR BUSY STUDIES. eVERY COLLEGED STUDENT'S VOTE IS VALUED IN cHICAGO gET INVOLVED WITH THE cHICO CAMPAIGN. yOU DID ONCE FOR oBAMA. nOW DO IT AGAIN FOR cHICO. hE WILL MAKE YOU ALL PROUD.


I am urging every student in the city of Chicago to votefor Gery Chico. He is the education candidate.He will make education a top priority. Education is the hallmark of all of his work experience. All of you in Chicago colleges are there for a quality education. sHOW YOUR PARENTS THAT YOUR EDUCATION IS WORKING ALREADY FOR YOU AS YOU VOTE IN THE NEXT MAYOR OF cHICAGO. yOU WILL THEN PROVE HOW SMART YOU ARE TO ALL OF YOUR COMMUNITIES WITH THIS CHOICE. pLEASE TAKE TIME TO LOOK AT HIS CREDENTIALS WHEN YOU GET A BREAK FROM YOUR BUSY STUDIES. eVERY COLLEGED STUDENT'S VOTE IS VALUED IN cHICAGO gET INVOLVED WITH THE cHICO CAMPAIGN. yOU DID ONCE FOR oBAMA. nOW DO IT AGAIN FOR cHICO. hE WILL MAKE YOU ALL PROUD.

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