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Robo Calls: You getting any?


The polls are done. The money is raised. The ads are cut. Turnout is what is left. It's time for political big names to flood the phone lines with get-out-the-vote messages. Who's calling? Please let me know.



This robo-call thing is a huge deal all over the country, including, it appears, in IL-6 and IL-8.

Throughout the country the RNCC is recording calls that sound at first (i.e., up to the point where people hang up) like they come from the DEMOCRATIC candidate. This is ILLEGAL -- federal law states such calls must identify their source at the outset -- and an incredibly sleezy attempt to steal close elections. PLEASE report on it. This Daily Kos story has more:

Please note this comment:

Also please note this diary:

You have my email address. I will be happy to supply you with my caller ID list from the last week or so.

Will do.

I got a call asking me about Iraq from that coward Rham, he is a sleazeball.

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