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Obama: Will not "dilly dally" on White House decision. Obama, former Sen. John Edwards pressure Wal-Mart. Big Iraq speech Monday.


I ran into Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) outside the Senate chamber this afternoon, and got this update on his presidential decision timetable. He is not going to “dilly dally,��? he told me. Meanwhile, he will deliver a major speech on Iraq Monday and will talk to Wal-Mart critics as will 2008 potential White House rival former Sen. John Edwards. All this, plus new Obama committee assignments just a click away.


Iraq speech: Monday, in Chicago before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Wal-Mart: A union pressuring Wal-Mart, the United Food and Commercial Workers, has organized an anti-Wal-Mart drive called

Obama and Edwards host two separate conference calls pressuring the anti-union Wal-Mart. This from the union: will also announce the start of its 6-week 2006 Holiday Campaign, entitled “Hope for the Holidays,��? The goal of this year’s holiday campaign is to build community pressure on Wal-Mart to put families first and end its anti-family business practices and policies which hurt its 1.39 million workers, their families, and America.

New senate committees: Tea leaf readers, get to work on this in the context of an Obama 2008 bid

Obama, is dropping his seat on the Environment and Public Works Committee. He is adding the Homeland Security Committee and the HELP Committee, an acronym for what is oversees---health, education, labor and pension policy.

Obama will remain on the Foreign Relations Committee and the Veterans Affairs panel.



While I understand it's only educated guesswork, I'd be very curious if you think the odds of Obama running are better than 50/50 or not..

I heard if Obmazko runs , Tony Rezmo is his fiance chief. He wont get the softballs the Chicago media throws him, Barack is afraid Hillary will tear him in half, he will never run.Hillary will ruin him if he runs, he is too much of a coward to challenge her.

Can anyone tell me where Obama stands on the major issues of the day? Is him being pumped up for President just a case of guilty white liberals trying to cleanse that guilt out of their system?

I hope Obama runs. He is a rare commodity in national politics....intelligent, articulate, inspirational, and a natural leader. Please, please run!

I loved that hypocrite Edwards calling wal mart for a playstation 3 for his kid, and they told him get in line with everyone else. Obama having Rezko buy his yard, sound like a couple of hypocrits to me!

So again, tell me why these guys are going after Wal-Mart, but not Target, Sears, and KMart, or Macy's. Where is there union? Jesse Jackson screams and yells about Wal-Mart. What no franchise for his sons. Are his employees at Operation PUSH in a union? Hey, Ms. Sweet, any chance of printing this? Or asking why the employees of the vineyard and hotel that Nancy Pelosi and her husband own aren't in a union? Fair questions.

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