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Gutierrez, Jackson: Not running for mayor.


Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) will announce Thursday that he is not going to run for mayor in 2007.
Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) is also holding a news conference about his mayoral intentions.

Both lawmakers will hold newly powerful positions in Congress, now that the Democrats have won control.

Gutierrez had been mulling a City Hall bid for months--as has Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.)

Jackson is also poised to drop a City Hall campaign--unless the situation changes oernight and he is able to put together a ticket with blue chip names running for city clerk and treasurer.

In any case---the Democratic takeover of the House may make their current jobs seem more attrative.

Gutierrez is in line to become a subcommittee chair in the Financial Services Committee--overseeing domestic and international monetary policy the trade and technology.
Also, Gutierrez has been the Democratic lead on the broad based bi-partisan House immigration bill--the one backed by President Bush. The Senate version is authored by McCain and Kennedy. The GOP leaders in the Hastert led House refused to consider any comprehensive bill.

The question left--with the Dem takeover make Gutierrez want to reconsider and NOT make this his last term.

Jackson, on the Aprropriations Committee, is in line to be the number two on the Foreign Operations subcommittee and fourth on the panel dealing with labor, health and education spending.


There not running for an obvious reason. Mayor Daley would beat either one and they know it.

That is great news that neither one of those clowns will be mayor of Chicago. But it is scary that they may have important jobs in the U.S. Congress. People who work in Sears Tower, the Hancock building or the Aon building should start looking for new jobs because like I said on here yesterday, with terrorist sympathizing and American hating democrats now in power in the congress & Senate, it's only a matter of time before those buildings are coming down.

Those buildings came down with the house and the President being a Republican stronghold.It's a shame that people actually think our President being who he is is an actual deterrent for terrorist attacks.How come we haven't had any yellow conditions since he was elected?He won in office on fear.

Bush was in office ONLY 7 months when the 9-11 attacks happened. Bin Laden and his boys grew in power in the 1990's, when the appeaser Bill Clinton was in office. You must know about the several golden opportunities Clinton had to kill Bin Laden, but he passed on it because he was afraid other terrorists would get killed in the process. Fact, it has been over 5 years since 9-11 and we haven't been attacked since. On Sept.12, 2001 if the American people were told it would be 5 years and counting without another attack, most people would not have believed it. Bush has done a great job on national security, but made a terrible decision on Iraq.

Jackson and Gutierrez are opening a law firm called coward & loser ,llp. Harold Washington would have taken Daley on the issues and won! These two want gaurentees on winning like their districts.


Mayoral candidate William Dock Walls said, “As Mayor, among my highest priorities will be to end corruption in Chicago city government, once and for all. My plan for Reform goes beyond the establishment of simple practices, which include discretionary oversight that may be thwarted according to the will of the mayor.��?

Walls recommends sweeping structural changes to Chicago city government, unprecedented reforms designed to provide honest answers through open processes. William Dock Walls said “To guarantee checks and balances we must give the Chicago City Council greater oversight and authority.��?

Furthermore Walls said��? My goal is to ensure accountability and end unfettered corruption in Chicago city government, once and for all. Because, Chicagoans have a high tolerance for politically rooted corruption we cannot rely upon the public to keep politicians and their appointees honest. We must have ordinances and measures in place to protect the public’s interest.��?

Walls argues, “Anti corruption proposals that leave enforcement to the discretion of the Mayor, or any other individual, are insufficient and toothless. Therefore, I am proposing Term limits, Subpoena Power, and Censure of city officials and city contractors.��?

There needs to be competition and a lot of money to get Daley out. Big business will back him because he will sell out the people of Chicago in a hot minute for under the table money and power.

Privatization of city jobs and giving out contracts to outsiders who seek cheap/slave labor is now and always has been his agenda.

If William Dock Walls has what it takes, he better get started proving he's worth the vote by speaking out and creating support from powerful people in government and the average people of this city.

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