Election Day. Dirty tricks. Robo calls to supress vote?

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Lots of concerns about the robo calls flooding some areas. Democrats fear robo calls bordering on harrassment may cut voter turnout among independents and swing voters for Tammy Duckworth in the sixth c.d. race.... In other developments....the Justice Department is sending a record number of observers to monitor todays midterm polling.....including in Chicago and Cook County.

from the Justice Department...





WASHINGTON - The Justice Department today announced that it is deploying an unprecedented number of federal personnel to monitor tomorrow's midterm election, sending more that 500 federal observers and more than 350 Justice Department personnel to 69 jurisdictions in 22 states - more than double the total sent on election day in 2002, which was the previous record for a midterm election.

Since the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Justice Department has regularly sent observers and monitors around the country to protect election-related civil rights. This summer, President Bush signed the reauthorized Voting Rights Act, which protects the rights of Americans to participate in the electoral process without discrimination. Under the law, the Department of Justice is authorized to ask the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to send federal observers to areas that have been certified for coverage by a federal court, or the Attorney General, pursuant to the Act.

Federal OPM observers and/or Justice Department personnel will monitor polling place activities in 69 jurisdictions in 22 states throughout the country:

* Chambers County, Ala.
* Lee County, Ala.
* Tuscaloosa County, Ala.
* Apache County, Ariz.
* Cochise County, Ariz.
* Maricopa County, Ariz.
* Navajo County, Ariz.
* Pima County, Ariz.
* Pulaski County, Ark.
* Alameda County, Calif.
* Orange County, Calif.
* San Benito County, Calif.
* San Diego County, Calif.
* San Francisco, Calif.
* San Mateo County, Calif.
* Santa Clara County, Calif.
* Ventura County, Calif.
* Adams County, Colo.
* Arapahoe County, Colo.
* Denver County, Colo.
* Broward County, Fla.
* Duval County, Fla.
* Hillsborough County, Fla.
* Osceola County, Fla.
* Palm Beach County, Fla.
* Cook County, Ill.
* Chicago, Ill.
* Ford County, Kan.
* Concordia Parish, La.
* New Orleans, La.
* St. Landry Parish, La.
* Boston, Mass.
* Springfield, Mass.
* Hamtramck, Mich.
* Noxubee County, Miss.
* Rosebud County, Mont.
* Colfax County, Neb.
* Bergen County, N.J.
* Essex County, N.J.
* Hudson County, N.J.
* Middlesex County, N.J.
* Salem County, N.J.
* Cibola County, N.M.
* Sandoval County, N.M.
* Kings County, N.Y.
* Queens County, N.Y.
* Richmond County, N.Y.
* Westchester County, N.Y.
* Cuyahoga County, Ohio
* Berks County, Pa.
* Bennett County, S.D.
* Buffalo County, S.D.
* Charles Mix County, S.D.
* Dewey County, S.D.
* Mellette County, S.D.
* Shannon County, S.D.
* Todd County, S.D.
* Ziebach County, S.D.
* Brazos County, Texas
* Ector County, Texas
* Fort Bend County, Texas
* Galveston County, Texas
* Hale County, Texas
* Medina County, Texas
* Travis County, Texas
* Williamson County, Texas
* Wilson County, Texas
* King County, Wash.
* Pierce County, Wash.

The observers and monitors will watch and record activities during voting hours at select polling locations in the aforementioned cities and counties. Civil Rights Division personnel will coordinate the federal activities and maintain contact with local election officials. In addition, the Department has deployed observers and monitors who speak Spanish, as well as Arabic, and a variety of Asian and Native American languages.

The OPM observers and Department personnel will monitor whether certain counties and localities are complying with federal voting laws by, for example, determining whether any voters are challenged improperly on the basis of their race, color, or membership in a language minority group; complying with the language minority provisions of the Voting Rights Act; permitting voters who are blind, have disabilities, or unable to read or write assistance by a person of their choice; and permitting all eligible voters to cast a ballot, or at least a provisional ballot.

Voters will be able to file complaints online on the Voting Section home page at http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/voting/index.htm. Civil Rights Division personnel will be available at a specially staffed toll free number, 1-800-253-3931, to receive complaints, and on a dedicated TTY line for the hearing impaired, 1-888-305-3228.

More information about the Voting Rights Act and other federal voting laws is available on the Department of Justice's Web site at http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/voting.



regarding the absence of any exterior signage for Glencoe's Precinct 5 at
Central School, 620 Greenwood Avenue. My wife told me that she had attempted
to vote at 7 AM, but seeing no signage, went on to work.

When I arrived at 8:10 AM to vote, there was still no signage. I complained
to the persons manning Precinct 5 and signage was put in place. However, the
first sign was written in pencil and was impossible to see from a distance.
I complained again and a printed sign with red letters was put in place.

I registered my complaint with Virginia Martinez at the Cook County Clerk's

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