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8:45 p.m. at the Duckworth camp. She's "a wreck."


From Sun-Times reporter Dan Rozek:

8:45 p.m. Democratic congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth anxiously described herself as "a wreck" Tuesday evening as she watched election returns with her husband at her Drury Lane Oakbrook headquarters.

Her husband, Bryan Bowlsbey, had a slightly different take--particularly after the life-threatening wounds, multiple surgeries and lengthy rehabilitation his wife has endured since her helicopter was shot down over Iraq nearly two years ago. "She's not being operated on. She can't die," he said as he held her hand. "In some ways, it's a walk in the park."


I can't believe these people will accept such mediocrity that they choose a truth-challenged, trial lawyer over a person of such substance and service that they nearly gave their life for this country. When will people wake up to the lies and slander that are put out there and realize what the real issues are in this country. In a time when this country could use true leaders like Tammy Duckworth, the 6th district sends a follower. When we need someone with moral courage like Duckworth, they send someone who easily turns on his supporters when the going gets tough. This is really a disgusting result for all Americans.

As writer Brian Moore once noted, "The world's made up of individuals who don't want to be heroes." The 6th disctict certainly found their man.

What we in the 6th WON'T accept is a Roseanne look-alike carpetbagger shoved on us by the national dems. I would have voted for Christine Cegelis (sp?) over Roskam. I agree he's weak, though truth-challenged is a bit harsh and stretching it. I do think that if the ILLINOIS dems (not the Pelosi-Socialist national wing) put up a moderate to conservative democrat that more closely reflects the district, that person will win by 7-10% easily.

Duckworth needs to run in her HOME district (wherever that is, since it isn't the 6th). I suspect she's strong enough she would win handily there.

and your a clown, she is a hack a partisian hack, thats why she lost. If Mcsweeney wasnt such a right wing wacko he would have won too.

With no personal disrespect intended sir (referring of course to a one Mr. "Mcain voter"), I have to bring about the point that a trial lawyer my have substantial advantage when being placed in the situation of being a law-maker. Running the country varies greatly from fighting for it, even though history seems to frequently melt them together. Also, for the record Ducksworth conceded; the people didn't fail to elect her, she gave up.

So you and others in the 6th district didn't go for Duckworth because of her hair style and the fact she's put on weight since she can't run and do PT any more? Nice to know you have such a sound decision frame. And like you'd really vote for a liberal like Cegelis.

And a partisan hack? Who? You mean the guy who ran for the House in the 13th district in '98, and likely would have run in another district if Hyde didn't resign? (Mr. Carpetbagger?) The guy so backed by the party establishment that he runs un-opposed in the primary? Oh, you're right, doesn't sound like a partisan at all....

Sheesh. Some people are obviously too far gone. Just be happy you're stuck with Mr. Mediocrity.

Okay, Mr. Rotton. I'll concede you a point. Roskam's areas of legal specialty are obviously very central to the areas that most concern Americans. Here they are, in his own words:

Personal Injury Law
Auto Accidents
Slip and Fall
Defective Products
Dog Bites
Medical Malpractice
Wrongful Death

So, I'm sure we'll expect to see him right out of the gate with some important dog bite legislation. It's no wonder all the major area papers endorsed him (Oh, wait. That's right, they all endorsed Duckworth).

So some people would justify their vote based on how the candidates look? Must be complete retards! If only they were the only ones affected by their own stupid decisions.

And you, Mr. Gaffney, are a "hack" of the English language. Next time you write in, please note the proper use of "your" and "you're."

The Illinois VFW should be ashamed. If a double-amputee woman veteran who fought honorably as an Iraq War helicopter pilot defending our freedom didn't meet the criteria for someone who merits their endorsement, who in God's name does? Well, now we know... someone who never fought in a war, never wore a uniform, whose badge of honor was being a Republican lawyer. You treated the combat veterans of my generation the same way when they returned from Vietnam, like they were second-class citizens and didn't measure up to your estimate of what "real" war veterans were. I assure you that as a retired Navy nurse I will be urging all Iraq War veterans to join the American Legion rather than the VFW from now on.

Question for McCain vote and Susan Andrews:... You's are angry because voters voted for Roskim and not for the disabled war vet. You feel thats wrong. Therefore, let me ask you this: Did you vote in '96 for the disabled war vet, Bob Dole, or for Bill Clinton? Did you vote in '92 for the former pilot who was shot down by the Japanese, George H.W. Bush or for Bill Clinton? My gut feeling is you guys feel only democrat disabled war vets are hero's that you have to vote for....By the way, I'm a VietNam vet myself (11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (Blackhorse), 1967-68). And guess what, it was your know-it-all liberal politicians of today who treated me terribly back then.

She's a wreck, youd be a wreck too if Rham got you in a race you couldnt win!

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