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8:35 p.m. at the Blagojevich/Quinn fest.


Sun-Times crime writer Frank Main is reporting tonight from the North Side soon to be victory party for Gov. Blagojevich.

8:35 p.m. -- Gov Blagojevich running mate, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, sounded optimistic that the numbers would hold up and his boss would become the first Democratic governor re-elected in Illinois since Otto Kerner in 1964.

"This is a historic achievement," Quinn told reporters at their election party at A. Finkl & Sons steel company on the North Side. Quinn added that he hoped the Kane County problems can be resolved. "I hope we can get those ironed out," Quinn said. "I think everybody's vote should count."


If you voted for that slimeball Peter Roskam,the ambulance chasing,Tom Delay protege,you are going to get what you voted for.

A rubberstamp for the W.dictatorship in the Whitehouse.

You wingnuts should be proud.

There's something very fitting in assigning a crime reporter to Blago's victory party. Any bets on whether Blago will also follow in Kerner's later footsteps- indictment, trial, conviction, etc?

Lynn your a partisan hack and a sham.

Bob...this isn't so bad! In my lifetime, 4 of 7 governors have done time. However, never has a sitting governor gotten nailed. In Blago's upcoming term, he can be indicted, tried, convicted, and begin serving that's making Illinois history!

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