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Sweet blog reprise: Desmond Tutu Touts Obama for President


I wrote this blog item on Aug. 21, after Sen. Barack Obama, in South Africa, flinched when former Archbishop Desmond Tutu talked him up for president of the United States.
Obama, now open to a 2008 White House run, is not flinching anymore.
--Lynn Sweet

original headline Tutu: Touts Obama for president
Former Archbishop Desmond Tutu just met with Sen. Barack Obama at his office in a drab office mall outside of Cape Town.

He volunteered that Obama would make a good president.

Obama's camp has given up dousing talk of a White House run.

Tutu bringing up Obama's future was extremely off message.

"You are going to be a very credible presidential candidate," the impish Tutu cackled.

Obama flinched. "Oh no, don't do that."
"Fortunately, because he has my complexion, we can't see that he is blushing," Tutu said.

As the two headed to a private meeting, Tutu was asked why he was high on Obama's prospects.

"People are looking for leaders of whom they could be proud."

Posted by admin on August 21, 2006 04:31 PM


Oh well, if Desmond Tutu(whoever that is?)says vote for Obama, then I guess I will.

I can't believe anyone on the planet doesn't know who the esteemed Bishop Desmond Tutu is, the guy who saved Africa from itself more than once.

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