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Political money hunt: Bush in Ohio; Cheney in Wisconsin, Michigan.

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President Bush and Vice President Cheney are out raising campaign money today on Midwest swings.

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Bush heads to Connecticut for a lunch to benefit the Connecticut Republican Party 2006 coordinated campaign committee and then heads Ohio for a fundraiser to collect checks for Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) and Ohio Republicans November election operation at a private home.

Cheney is in Milwaukee for to headline a lunch for to raise money for Wisconsin Republican November vote drive and then heads to East Grand Rapids, Mich. to keynote funders at an undisclosed home for GOP senate candidate Michael Bouchard and the Michigan Republican party.

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So why is that news? Talk about nit-picking. Politicians are always out campaigning and trying to gather up money for there party. BOTH sides do it.

what's with the attitude? exactly where and who pols go to for fundraising is worth covering....each event has its own set of donors and circumstances..
......and .....i amply cover democratic fundraising events, if that's your point.

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