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Mayor Daley: Taste of Chicago in D.C. Sales call for Chicago Olympics


Homesick Chicagoans who get invited--or who crash--the city's annual Taste of Chicago in Washington get a chance to refresh their accents and pack in some of the town's high-calorie treats.

Mayor Daley flies to Washington today for the Taste. The Illinois Delegation--headed by House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert and Senators Dick Durbin and Barack Obama are listed as hosts.

Thursday, Daley tries to get Midwest lawmakers on board for city Olympic bid.

Famous Obama can only manage a ``drop by'' the event.

Relations are frayed in the delegation....

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1. Durbin has a right to be steamed at Hastert. He was unfairly blistered by Hastert who is holding courtroom security legislation written in the wake of the Lefkow murders in Chicago as a bargaining chip for other legislative concessions.

2. Maybe mayoral contender Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.--will Taste with Daley tonight.

3. Dem House political boss Rahm Emanuel....still gets under Hasterts' skin...Only 40 something days till election.


click below on what? there's no link.

agh, nevermind thought your expanded entry was part of the preview post.

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