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Jesse Jackson Jr.: Circulating petitions to run for Chicago mayor.


Here's the latest from Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), taking another step towards a mayoral run......

from Rep. Jackson.................

This week marks the beginning of the political season in Chicago –
Tuesday was the first day that candidates for Mayor, City Clerk,
City Treasurer, and Alderman could circulate petitions to get on the
ballot for the February election. In the coming weeks, hundreds of
candidates for these offices will be asking the citizens of Chicago
to help them get on the ballot.

As you may know, I have been contemplating running for Mayor of
Chicago. I have formed an exploratory committee to examine the
prospects of pursuing such a candidacy. I have also embarked
on a listening tour around Chicago to hear from residents about
the issues that affect them. Those efforts are ongoing.

Furthermore, as part of my exploratory effort, I am circulating
petitions for Mayor. While I am still considering whether or not
to run, if I do not collect the necessary number of petitions,
there will be no decision to make. I need your help to get
petitions from as many registered voters in Chicago as possible.
Please contact my office at 773-731-4306 if you would like to
help out.


Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.
Member of Congress


I hope he runs and perhaps becomes Chicago's mayor. I live in his congressional district and this will be a way to get somebody else who 'plays a good game' instead of just talking one. Dan Rostenkowski he's not! He couldn't bring 'the bacon home as they say', whether it was for the 3rd airport, an unneeded casino, industry, businesses, you name it. Becoming mayor will free him from answering to the constituents on why he couldn't deliver on his promises.

Do you remember I asked if you would run for Mayor for the city of Chicago? I interviewed you at WUPC-Channel 10 in University Park.

Wow, you certainly have the depth to run.

Jesse Jr. can circulate all the petitions he wants to..he has no chance of beating the Daley. Daley has done more for the City of Chicago than Jesse Jr. or his dad could do in 2 life times.

You need to stay in the position you are in.Dorothy is a spoiler. Your intrance would be more divisive.

Jesse has absolutley no chance and he will be beaten 65-35 in a 1 on 1 in with Daley,not because he isnt better but your average Austin voter couldnt spell cat if you spotted them the C & T!

Junior is an extension to Mayor Daley. He is in a political position and know that the employment rate for African Americans has dropped considerably, from 33% to 7%, he knows that Daley has trashed our educational system, police misconduct is out of control, corruption permeates City Hall, but yet he says NOTHING nor has he championed any of these issues, which are the peoples issues. He did not attend the budget hearings that the Mayor held...why, because he has no interest to hear the community concerns or to address the Mayor on his corrupt issues. Therefore, if he is not running for the people, why should the people run and vote for him!

I remember a guy who was an engineer looking for employment, sought a letter of recommendation from Jr. and Jr.'s response was and I quote "I don't know you, so why should I write you a letter of recommendation" and the guys response was "I don't know you, so why should I vote for you".

Moreover, what is all this "secret squirrel" mission of his about. My God does not do things in secret or in the dark....and everything done in the dark will come to light. If everything is on the up and up, why all the secrecy.

PEOPLE and I mean all people, this is not about a popularity contest or who our friend is...we have wickedness as the helm of our city and our country. Please do not think that we are untouchables....just as God utterly destroyed nations, don't think it can't happen in TODAY's time. It's happening right before our eyes...there's a new world order and it's dimenishing America's power. At this election we HAVE to vote the MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE....and it is not Jr., or Dorothy Brown, both of these owe allegiance to Daley and they both are running interference for the Mayor.

There was a Democratic Reform Committee that was formed, similar to the one Lou Palmer form during the time of the late Honorable Mayor Washington. The individuals that were invited were considered as viable Mayoral Candidates: Carol Moseley-Braun, William Dock Walls, Luis Guitierez, Jesse Jr. and Dorothy Brown. They were all sent a questionnaire and invited to speak before an audience at Olive Harvey College. There was only one questionnaire completed and returned to the committee. There was only one to have the courage to show up to the packed to capcity filled room and the one person who came, is actually the most qualified candidate and that is William Dock Walls!!!!

It's time for all of us to strip ourselves titles and become the righteous people we are and select the candidate who will serve the total people, black, brown, yellow, red and white and, physically challenged!!!!!

I read the press release from the Mayor regarding building the Conference Center in Washington Park to host the Olympics....this idea came from Mayoral Candidate William Dock Walls as he addressed the Mayor during the Mayor's Budget hearing. Do let this be known this idea originated from BILL DOCK WALLS!!!!!

Yes, the media is trying to suppress Dock Walls, simply because they too know he is thee most qualified candidate, he is not an extension the the Mayor, nor can anyone pull his chain, because he is not in anyones pocket and owes no one any favors. He is not perfect, but he is the Man of the People and For the People!

But what he does owe is to honor his word to the People of Chicago when he becomes Mayor of Chicago!

to K.C : I Know you are speaking the truth because a friend of mine whose involved in Veteran's Affairs posed a question to JJ, Jr. at a meeting in South Holland. And who, like myself, lives in Jackson's district. He asked Jackson, Jr., "Sir, Senator Obama has promised us he will do all he can to assist vets. Veterans in Illinois need folks in Washington to help them. We need all the help we can get." Jackson's reply was, "well, if Obama is helping you, then I don't really need to do anything." Like I said, if Chicago votes him in for Mayor, maybe we'll finally get a real congressman in this district.

Run Jesse, run! we want to see you get the drubbing you deserve, and humiliate your big mouth arrogant father.

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