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Draft Obama 2008 Movement Launched. Illinois State Comptroller Dan Hynes urges Sen. Barack Obama to run for president in 2008.


Illinois State Comptroller Dan Hynes is urging Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to run for president in 2008.

He told me he called Obama this morning with his message--timed to Obama's Sunday keynote to Iowa Democrats--and underscored it at a press conference in Chicago. Hynes said Obama did not know in advance what he was up to and said he sounded ``stunned'' when he reached him on his cell phone.

In a letter to Obama Hynes wrote, ``I have decided to publicly announce that I intend to openly support you for President of the United States in 2008 should you run, and in fact urge you to seek the Presidency. There are other excellent potential candidates in the Democratic Party who each have something unique to offer. But you and you alone can best put together the broadest possible coalition with the charisma and excitement, as well as the substance, to win the election in November, 2008.''

Hynes said when we talked he hoped his actions serve as a catalyst for spurring Obama to consider a White House run and to know that there are people like him out there who will support him. Obama beat Hynes and six others in the 2004 Illinois Senate primary.

click here for Hynes letter to Obama

September 14, 2006

Hon. Barack Obama
United States Senator
713 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Barack.

Welcome back from a most successful trip to Africa. I was very impressed with your willingness to speak out on so many important issues that not only impact the continent of Africa but the world as a whole. It was great to see the overwhelming positive and exuberant welcome you received. As an American citizen it felt good to see that response.

I know we are in the midst of making arrangements to have lunch, but I thought I should proceed with what I am doing prior to that time, because I want people to know that this decision is indeed mine and mine alone, and not the result of some mutual politically strategic thinking.

I would be less than honest if I didn’t tell you that in my heart of hearts I would like to be presently serving in the U.S. Senate and supporting you for re-election to the Illinois Senate. However, as each day passes I feel more comfortable with the results of 2004, and to be equally honest, if indeed I were in the U.S. Senate, I doubt that I would have been invited, let alone make such a rousing and memorable Keynote Address at the 2004 Democratic Convention, nor would I be returning triumphantly from Africa having demonstrated a “decent respect for the opinions of mankind.��?

In fact, over the past few months I have come to the conclusion that the Democrat who can best unify our party, and more importantly our nation, and who can provide the leadership that can keep us both a land of freedom and liberty as well as safe and secure is you.

While I have no doubt that you have seriously entertained seeking high national office at some point in the future, you never in 2004 contemplated that that time would be now. Indeed, for you to jump into the race as a freshman senator might have been considered an act of hubris. But not now.

I have decided to publicly announce that I intend to openly support you for President of the United States in 2008 should you run, and in fact urge you to seek the Presidency. There are other excellent potential candidates in the Democratic Party who each have something unique to offer. But you and you alone can best put together the broadest possible coalition with the charisma and excitement, as well as the substance, to win the election in November, 2008.

To anyone who says you’re too young, I say that if elected you will be the 4th youngest president (Teddy Roosevelt, Jack Kennedy and Bill Clinton were all younger than you when they became President). You are already older at this moment than John Kennedy was when he was inaugurated. So age is not a legitimate issue.

Indeed, with a world whose population has a great majority under the age of 30, you provide a symbol of leadership to which young people can more readily relate. What some may consider a weakness or political vulnerability I believe it to be an incredible strength.

To those who say you don’t have enough experience I would say that you have the same amount of elected experience that Abraham Lincoln had when he ran for President in 1860 and by 2008 will have two more years. (Lincoln served four two-year terms in the Illinois House, and one two year term in the U.S. House).

It has been said that no one is ever sufficiently prepared for the Presidency. Indeed. As important as the number of years of experience in elected office, is the character and innate leadership skills of the person seeking the highest office in our land.

I have watched you stick to your principles without engaging in personalities. I’ve seen you develop alliances, issue by issue, with senators with whom you disagree.

I truly believe that you are the person for these times. Having spent a lot of time with you on the campaign trail in 2003 and 2004 I got to know you as few people have or will have, and I can attest that you are indeed a person of great substance and principle, kind and compassionate, firm, fair and tough, visionary and simultaneously focused.

I am sure that you are receiving a lot of supportive mail from individual citizens who have heard you speak across the nation, where you have become the single most popular Democratic invitee. There may be other elected officials who have openly endorsed you, but whether I am the first or not is irrelevant. What is relevant, to me, is that I lend my voice and name to the growing chorus of Americans who are calling on you to seize this moment in history and help lead us into a new era of American politics.

The well respected historian, Robert McElvaine, Professor at Millsaps College in Mississippi (and Mario Cuomo’s biographer) has written an article supporting your candidacy as a 200th birthday gift for Lincoln, to bind the nation’s wounds. What a fitting tribute your candidacy would make to the legacy of Lincoln and to all those who have labored to keep faith with his message of freedom and prosperity for all.

And I will tell you that I have deliberately timed my announcement with the fact that you will be speaking at Sen. Tom Harkin’s annual steak fry in Iowa on September 17. While it is not my goal to bring additional pressure into your life, it is my goal to elevate the national discussion about your potential candidacy and to further impress upon you the breadth of support you have throughout this country.

On Election night in 2004, during my concession speech to you I talked about the promise of America that brought my grandparents here from Ireland. About the undying hope in each one of us and how that hope connects us.

I still believe in that promise, and that hope is alive in each of us. And with the birth of my first child, and two more soon on the way, I believe in it now with more conviction than ever. I believe that you have the unique ability to help restore people’s faith in their government, restore civility to Washington and restore the good name of our country throughout the world.

I want you to know that I will be happy to do anything to assist you in making this dream a reality.

By the way, I hope we can still find time to have lunch, though I realize what I am doing will possibly cause more disruptions to your already hectic schedule.

There are those who will say that my support of you is self serving. And while that is a rather cynical view, it is also accurate. I think your election as President is best for our country and my children, and to the extent that this is self serving so be it.

There is nothing in the Constitution that says the President has to take his oath of office on the steps of the Capitol. I would hope I will have the privilege of seeing you take the oath of office as President of the United States on January 20, 2009 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, less than a month before the 200th birthday of the Great Emancipator.

With all best wishes,

Your friend,

Daniel W. Hynes
Illinois State Comptroller


Wow! How beautiful, sincere and eloquent.
Senator Obama would certainly have my vote.

Run Obama Run

Mr Hynes,
I thoroughly support your idea. Let's just wait 1 more cycle so Senator will have a little more experience. Should he decide to run thhis time, I will put my entire effort inot his candidacy.

Finally, someone has taken the step to encourage him. What a beautiful and well written letter. Thank you and it speaks for many of us.


I could not agree with you more...Sen. Obama is our future and I urge him to run and lead this country to heal itself and to again become a leader in this world community....

Honorable Dan Hynes,
I whole heartedly second the motion to endorse Senator Barack Obama to run for the office of President of the United Staes.What this country desparately needs in this climate of choas, turmoil, and corruption is a person with the moral character,decency, and strength and honesty that Senator Barack Obama pocessess. I can think of no other person in congress or anywhere else that has the ability to lead and motivate a broad coalition of citizens of all political affiliations,ethnicities, and broad range of gender and age groups. I pray that Senator Obama will indeed run for President of the United States.
I am a 65 year old ,Mexican American, veteran, taxpayer, and registered voter.

Sorry, I can't support this idea. No. 1, Obama is too inexperienced and hasn't "paid his dues." Furthermore, in my opinion, he is too fuzzy about the lines between separation of church and state. Also, he makes public statements on issues before he is fully informed, demonstrating his lack of experience. I think he possibly has potential for future higher office, but he's definitely not there yet.

very intesnse, beautiful. i hope it is sincere!

Yeah, what he said.

I join Dan Hynes in hoping that Sen. Obama decides to seek the presidency. Our country is desperate for someone of his intelligence, decency and common sense. I witnessed the phenomenal connection he has to a crowd at a town hall meeting in my mostly consevative area. The charisma is real and engaging and all were on their feet cheering.

The Truth, eloquently presented, is an amazing thing indeed.

Well said, Mr. Hynes.

Dear DAN,

What a beautiful sentiment you have expressed and I'm sure that the same sentiment is no doubt shared by millions more of our fellow Americans.

The great state of Illinoise has produced America's greatest president so far in Abraham Lincoln and now we may have to call on another man from that great state to help save America again.

The time has come for Sen. Obama to fufill his destiny and take his place besides Lincoln as a true uniter - not a divider.

I wish he had more experience and a record of actual achievements in his political career up to now. Since we all can talk a good game. And not just some media folks falling over him..But then again, we did survive Jimmy Carter (barely).

An Obama Inauguration Oath and Speech at the Lincoln Memorial is
a wonderful idea.

If Obama runs, he will have my financial and volunteer support!

Deep in the heart of hearts of each and every American is the hope that from amidst the turmoil, division and dispair which has fallen over America, there will emerge a truly great leader. All of America aches for such a person to step forward and mend the torn quilt of America and restore it once again upon the path of destiny as a beacon upon which the entire world can set its eyes and hang its hopes that all people may live together in peace and work toward equality. Obama is gifted with the ability to stir the deepest of convictions by illustrating the need for a paradigm shift of attitudes held by partisan America. One which stresses the importance of the commonalities shared by each of us and restoring a sense of National Unity. Anyone who hears this man speak cannot come away without sensing the charismatic gift he has been endowed with. The time is right for such a man as a leader in America.

People who cite experience and actual achievements must have other reservations in mind. These are empty trigger words for a man who is truly qualified to lead us. Let us not forget Bush had plenty of experience and achievements and look what that brought us. And Bush isn't the only one with plenty of experience and achievements to let us down. Seems like the attack ads will focus on his experience and turn it into another flip flop frenzy. There's merit to needing experience and Barack Obama has it. But the call for "more" experience is a distraction.

Having a President who has the power to move a crowd and to express his thoughtful observations and suggestions for solutions of huge problems would certainly be refreshing.
At least he wouldn't need a group of pundits to re-say his comments, as does your sitting President, to make what he says sound like they were said by an educated and articulate person.
Obama, should he run, and should he win, would certainly be taking on an existing massive mess made by his predessessor.
If he accepts the challenge, I say, good luck to him.
Having not been on record as being a supporter of the disastrous run to war in Iraq doesn't hurt him either.
He doesn't have to back-peddle, as almost all the Dems who are possibilities do.

The only way Hynes can win an election is if its rigged like how they did it for Toddler Stroger! He wants Obama to run lose (like he did to Bobby Rush) and he thinks he will run for Senate.

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Hynes letter. Senator Obama could heal this country, and I pray that he decides to do so.

I must confess that I got goosebumps reading the last paragraph of the letter (about President Obama taking the oath of office on the steps of the Lincoln memorial). In one gesture we could turn the past 6 (8) years on their head.

Illinois to the rescue (once again)!

This letter kicks ass. Mr. Hynes, thank you for getting the ball rolling.


Let's be honest - there's no way there will be a President Obama in 2008. All it takes is one prejudiced racist with a rifle to put an end to that dream really fast. Our country is still not ready or mature enough to accept a black man or woman as President.

Come on, David P. Graf, don't piss on this very powerful and moving moment that Hynes's letter created. Yes, psychos with guns could harm a Black candidate, but they've also killed White presidents too. Nevertheless, let's think positively about the future of our country and about the kind of strong, determined, visionary leadership we need. Obama would certainly provide it, and the canards about experience are just that; Bush had experience of a sort in business (failed) and government (inept), and look at the disasters he's wrought. We need a complete housecleaning, and Senator Obama should move into the White House once that's done.

Obama not yet ready...however, I would suggest he be a VP candidate in 2008, running with Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota. Brilliant combination, and for you doubters out there, read Dorgan's book, Take This Job and Ship It.

Not yet the time for a black president? Or a woman? Or a Catholic? Oh, we had a Catholic but he was murdered! So, let's just keep on electing white Protestant men. They are all so competent and keep us so safe and secure, don't they? When will it be time for a black man, a black, white or Asian woman, a Jew or a Muslim, or (God forbid) an atheist? When indeed! Go, Obama, go!

If Obama runs, he's got my absolute, unreserved support. We need a man who is still in touch with "We The People", unlike the corporate whores currently in office.

A president cannot afford to be idealistic, because in order to get there they have to make many compromises. Once there, a president must continue to make compromises.

I would rather see Mr. Obama get out of politics for awhile and establish himself in the media. He will be more effective in the immediate future as a media darling than a [compromised by necessity] president.

Imagine him having a talk show and perhaps even some acting roles...a reversal of the trend of actors becoming politicians. By the year 2016 or 2020, he could be a formidable candidate, barring any equally charismatic opponents.

Obama's popularity has nothing to do with his role as a senator.

Please think about this before ripping my point of view to shreds. I am not putting the man down.

U ma'u ke e'a o ka 'aina i ka pono, Senator. The life of the land is perpetuated by righteousness. Or, perhaps less eloquently, "Just Do It!"

look Colin Powell mistakenly thought that would happen and the country lost out on a great president. I hope obama runs to expose the real fraud he is. He got lucky when Alan Keyes ran against him the guy is crazy, when he had to run against Bobby Rush he got wholloped! he had to run on issues and wasnt hand feeding the media yet.

As a fellow afro-american, as well as citizen of Illinois, I support Sen Obama. However, I have a couple of issues with the call for him to run for president. First, various groups would have expectations that would be impossible for him to meet. Women groups, ani-poverty groups, minority groups, equal rights groups (gay, lesbian,etc), as well as others, would all expect him to champion their cause. Secondly, his lack of experience in running anything. So far, its all charm, no substance. He hasn't done anything other than win the election, an give a good speech. While he has great potential, I would like to see more results first. A better candiate, one who meets all the requirements, would be Colin Powell.

We need someone to remind us that we have control over our government. We do not have to wait for the Democrats and Republicans to choose tenured polititians with a modicum of charisma. I add my voice calling out for a President to unite us. Please run, Mr. Obama.

George Bush had the experience of an addict until he was 40 -failed in business-became a member of the board of the Texas Rangers because his dad was President and was governor of the state of Texas-one of the few states where the governor does no heavy lifting-the legislature does most of the work-he cut a lot of ribbons- What Obama may lack in experience he more than makes up for with intelligence, charisma and character. Obama could run with a seasoned cabinet (including Colin Powell-let Powell do a "make good" for the mistakes he made under Bush-cabinet could include Al Gore as Secretary of Interior-Wes Clark etc. etc.) We need an inspirational leader who can bring us out of our ego centric world and onto a higher plain-Together as one America- The world needs Obama as much as we do-

Im pushing for Obama but can we get a mexican or a person of spanish heritage to be his running partner for vice president.. This would only ensure that the radicals would not assinate him and the country can see what the man can accomplish in four years... Hey we've been in the !!BUSHES!! for 8 years its time to come out into the sun for some light and take this country back to what it is was and make us proud to be Americans again.

I'm a retired, Caucasian woman in the state of Washington. I've been paying attention to Obama since his convention speech and think that he has it all--everything he needs to be a great president. He will undoubtedly think a bit about moderating his words when he is a guest, after his recent visit to his ancestral village, but I'd rather have a president who is principled than one who is too afraid to speak truth. I will support Obama financially and as a volunteer if he decides to run.

He's not my choice. He has some nice qualities, but he does not impress me compared to many other leaders.

I could imagine he'd be 'good' in many areas, and very good in a few, but I think others would do more good.

Of course, compared to the current terrible leaders, he'd be a huge improvement in many ways.

However, I hope we look harder and find a real leader. We could have elected an ordinary democrat following Hoover - instead we elected a great one who moved the country a long way in a good direction. Let's do that again after Bush, rather than an 'ok' democrat.

I don't know enough about Obama to know if he's the right person for the job--I've been impressed with what I see, but I haven't looked closely yet. But I can tell you that I'd be more inclined to consider supporting him than several of the other leading Democratic candidates. I will not vote for anyone who continues to support the war and the Patriot Act (are you listening, Hillary?) and nor would I vote for either of the past two candidates who lacked the guts to make a fuss about the stolen elections of 00 and 04.

I am an elected member of my town Democratic Committee and the founder of the Business Ethics Pledge at

I am a 54 yr old white female and a registered democrat in KY. Obama caught my eye a couple of years ago and I have been keeping up with him. I also read his autobiography. I honestly believe he would be the best thing to ever happen to this country. GO Barack!

Per Obama, us "Dems are confused". Guess we are so bad we couldn't even find "D" on the ballot and would end up confusing him with a Republican and vote against him. Obama is obviously a Lieberman clone. Please, you keep him in Chicago cause the rest of the country doesn't want him.

I got lucky and was able to capture Barack Obama on video. His speach was very inspiring.Feel free to use it in any manner you see fit. The video is on my blog.
The Hillbilly

Just watched your video....thanks..nice....

blog readers....Obama writes in his new book Democrats are ``confused'' and the party of reaction (see Friday post)

But listen to him articulate what Democrats are about on this tape from Louisville (take note of the ``i've had enough'' refrain ) and tell me if Obama is not reminding the audience of exactly what Democrats stand for and why it makes a difference to elect Democrats.

By the way.....Obama's public schedule for the day of the Louisville trip, issued by his Senate office, did not include this Louisville event.

.....Jim, a technical question, since i am also shooting video for sun-times webcasts...what kind of camera did you use....where did your sound come from.....a plug in or the mic in the camera.

Several of the comments above mentioned Obama's lack of experience... I would agree that experience in Washington would be preferable, except that anyone with a voting record can't get elected.

Better to run now, before the opposition research people can compile a long list of stuff to smear him with.

Barak Obama articulates what the Democratic party is all about better than anyone I've seen... except maybe Bill Clinton.

I used a sony vx2100. They had xlr out puts for sound. I don't have a xlr adaptor for my vx2100, so I put a wireless mike at the speakers.

Where do I signup to support him? Bush had no experience. Had never been out of the country. Knew 'nutin about foreign policy and was proud of it. We elected him based on who we would like to have a beer with. Now let's vote for president who can avoid taking us to the brink of disaster. We don't need 8 more years of someone with a huge payback list. Let's get a fresh start. The man has brains and integrity. He appears to not be crazy. I will work for his election out here in Indiana.

It is illeagal for Richard Daily to be Mayor and be part owner in stock or family business Daily's Juce.

to Jim Vaglia: How is it illegal for Daley to be Mayor just because he has stock in some juice? John Kerry's wife owned Heinz's so was he illegal? Since Wal-Mart is a hot topic, Hillary Clinton sat on the board of Wal-Mart when Bill was Governor of Arkansas, so is he illegal? Nancy Pelosi and her husband own 2 small winery's in Northern California and NO union employees, so is she illegal? Bill Frist's family own some medical firms so is he illegal? And we can go on and on, so why the nit-picking only at Daley?

There is an excellent black candidate for President someday from the Democratic party. His name is Harold Ford Jr., congressman from Tennessee. Oh, I forget that he is not liberal enough for you Dems.

Rham Emannuel owns alot of Wal Mart stock! Non Union company, Hot Rod Blagovich had Non union workers in his house doing work! So whats the point on Daley?

Obama for president?

I don't think so...

Barack Obama is not the conscience of the Democratic party.

You have to have a conscience to BE a conscience...

If he had a conscience, he wouldn't be doing the things he does...

Do we want or need -- can we even SURVIVE -- another President who SUPPORTS the wars in Iraq and the Middle East?

I don't think so...

Another President who thinks that Israel is just another state in the United States?

I don't think so...

Another President beholden to inside the beltway politicos, fundraisers, special interests, PACS, and corporate money?

I don't think so...

Obama went to Washington, and he sold out, fast.

Just look at how he has ABABANDONED his Arab-American and African-American constituents in Illinois, in favor of catering to the Washington money held under his nose by the big pro-Israel lobby.

Just look at how, of ALL the people available, he adopted WAR-MONGER Joe Lieberman as his "mentor."

I don't think so...

Obama quickly moved from someone of hope and promise, to another same old same old money-corrupted politician, looking out for his own huge ego, and hoping for gratification of that huge ego.

Obama for President?

I don't think so...

I agree re: Obama. I heard him speak on NPR on something unrelated long before the DNC and was blown away by this "guy with the unusual name." I was worried he would get to Washington and get sucked into the slime. He seems to be doing a good job keeping his moral center and continually trying to unite and focus on the positive. (I know that is the bane to some of you who wrote against him, but frankly, this country could use some uniting). I think he is the right man at the right time (yes, I too wish women had a larger voice) but he seems almost destined for the Presidency and I am not one to look at life in that sort of way, so I am surprised by my own feeling on this. I believe he will be best for the country. GO OBAMA! I'll vote for him and work on his campaign, as will my SEVENTY YEAR OLD MOTHER and my VERY REPUBLICAN WWII era father....!

I sincerely hope that Mr. Obama decides to take this seriously. Although I wasn't expecting it until 2012, I have told my 9 year old daughters to pay attention to this man, he's a future president of the United States. We need more people like Mr. Obama in Congress and it would be absolutely wonderful if we had him and more like him in the White House.

I don't know why people keep saying Barack doesn't have enough experience. It seems that the ones WITH experience are all corupt. Why not elect an honest president before Washington can corrupt him. Barrack also has such a great skill when speaking with people, perhaps he would be able to actually sit down and talk with members from other countries instead of immediately dropping bombs on them and then wondering why the country they bombed are angry. If he does not run for President, I at least hope someone picks him for VP. Here's a thought to the guy above who thought Barack would be shot. Why not make Hillary the VP since NOBODY seems to want her to be president. If anyone could hear him speak as I did when he was in Louisville, they would know that he has the charisma to lead a country and mend fences with countries who now look down upon the United States.

Mr. Obama is the John Kennedy or Bobby Kennedy of our day. He has the charisma, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and the ability to excite Americans with powerful speech, and my greatest dream for our country would be his candidacy for President of the United States in 2008. We should not have to wait for other years and later elections for the man who can save our country now.

senator obama u need to run for presidency we need more of a diversere president some1 with a lot of boom ommph in ur words tht r in ur speech please run for presidents i know there will be many on ur side

I am a republican. Born and raised... But if Obama Runs for President, I would vote for him in a heartbeat.. His genuin straightshooting presence is a refreshing wind from the North. If he can come up with a actual plan to deal with National Security and the Middle East that even remotely resembles an actual thought out plan. He wont need my vote, because he will sweep the nation. Good Luck Sen. Obama

Just tell where to sign up as a campaign volunteer!

My entire family is going to hear Senator Obama at a rally tomorrow in Bellevue, WA. We're very enthuisiastic about the possibility of a President Obama in 2008. This country needs his common sense solutions - instead of partisan "idiotology". His speeches are soooooooo refreshing! Go Obama Go!

This is the rising of the light, the time for action has come and I hope upon all hopes that Mr. Obama will accept the calling of the people in this land and in this world to change the path that we tread.

Its time. Time to stand up. Time to speak clearly. Time to show resolve and not allow our party to be misrepresented or our country to be misled.

I dont know much yet about this man but can see he is a breath of fresh air and that he is living in the world of now rather then the world of then.

For too long the democrats have allowed themselves to be cast by their opponents as stereotypes of a time long gone.

A complicated and fragemented media world with new technology and communications leveling the economic landscape and altering the world power structure requires a new kind of leader of vision, collaboration and excitement.

Maybe this is the guy the times have demanded and produced.

I am an over 50 Viet Nam veteran and I am very disturbed by what I see in the direction this, the greatest of all countries is being led.

I first took notice of Mr. Obama in 2004 when he gave his speech to the convention. He is, without exception, the most impressive political figure of the day.

If he decides to run for President, I would look at it as my duty, as well as my honor to vote for him.

I read or heard somewhere that Obama, if elected, wanted to take the oath of office using the Kahran, NOT THE BIBLE. How true is this? I am just a little leery of Obama. I feel more experiance is necessary I also feel if he did say he wanted to take oath of office on the Kahran, he should not Run at all.

Sen. Obama is a Christian, so why would he ask to be sworn in using anything but the bible. This just goes to show how ignorant our voting public is. Maybe if you read up on some facts, rather than spreading ridiculous "hear say" we would elect someone who cares about more than party affiliation.

Here's why Barack Obama is the RIGHT person in MY opinion:

1. The guy is first generation Kenyan.
2. Mother's white from Kansas.
3. Born in Hawaii.
4. Grew up in Hawaii and Indonisia.
5. Graduated at Yale at the top.
6. Began his public service at the VERY GRASSROOTS LEVEL.

You wonder why his getting all this public attention? He was not born into a rich family like the BUSH FAMILY! He was an ordinary imigrant kid, who by the help of scholarships was able to achive his highest potential in school.

When he talks about issues we americans face today, he know exactly what his talking about! He lived through it and he had helped others live through some of this very issues his talking about while serving public.

The guy will not only help the american working class or change american politics.....He could possibly transform the world and RECLAIMING THE RESPECT FOR AMERICA AROUND THE WORLD! He understands it better than anyone. He have SEEN AMERICA BOTH FROM WITHIN AND FROM ABROAD! THIS GUY IS IT! SENATOR FROM THE LAND OF LICOLN!

May God Guide your decision,

I was very excited when Obama decided to run but have since changed my mind. He has already started to alienate our friends such as Australia. I am afraid he will align with his Muslim brothers and cause great harm to the great nation. Beware!! TJ Hall

What an awesome and heart-rendering tribute to Mr. Obama!! Thank you Mr. Hynes! Barack Obama 2008!!!

I would like to support Mr. Obama but I certainly will take a wait and see perspective. I believe foreign policy experience is his weakness. So far he has been given a free pass on this aspect.

I Have a deep concern with Obama. 1- His lack of experiance. I think he's been "groomed" for the job by persons who will trade experience for personality. 2- Though he may pledge his allegiancy to our country, his now former religious advisors are so dividing. 3- Foreign policy is a huge concern. I fear his lack of formality in this area could open our country to an ingression of opportunism. Those of with could cripple an already fragile global respect.

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