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Tutu: Touts Obama for president


Former Archbishop Desmond Tutu just met with Sen. Barack Obama at his office in a drab office mall outside of Cape Town.

He volunteered that Obama would make a good president.

Obama's camp has given up dousing talk of a White House run.

Tutu bringing up Obama's future was extremely off message.

"You are going to be a very credible presidential candidate," the impish Tutu cackled.

Obama flinched. "Oh no, don't do that."
"Fortunately, because he has my complexion, we can't see that he is blushing," Tutu said.

As the two headed to a private meeting, Tutu was asked why he was high on Obama's prospects.

"People are looking for leaders of whom they could be proud."


Yessirree! It looks like Obama is black this week. His recent attempts at courting the religious right was done to distance himself from the wing nut left of the Dem. party. The only thing fruitful that is likely to come out of this trip is positive press coverage that he knows he needs. If he wants to woo voters like me, he needs to stand up and go on record about the decades of Christians and other tribes in Africa being slaughtered at the hands of Muslims.

Is Obama going to ask Tutu why crime and poverty have skyrocketed in South Africa since the end of apartheid?

I don't mean to sound like Ebenezer Scrooge but is it really necessary for Obama and his sizeable entourage to use my tax dollars so that he can rediscover his roots again. Hey, what about rediscovering his mom's side of the family or is that not fashionable?

I agree with John. Even in his book he ignored his mother and grandmother who raised him and lamented about the father that abandoned him. Maybe he has a psychological burdon over this.

He connnects with his white side of the family every time he enters the senate chambers. Nothing but whites and people from his mothers home country the US.

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