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Sen. Joe Lieberman: Should he run as an Independent?


Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Ct.) lost his Democratic primary on Tuesday...

The former vice presidential candidate--Al Gore's runningmate in 2000--vowed to stay in the race....and get on the November ballot as an Independent.

Daily Kos I see is calling for Lieberman to be stripped of his party committee assignments if he pushes on. The anti-Iraq war networks helped defeat Lieberman.



It depends on whether Joe Lieberman sees himself as a true Democrat or about only Joe Lieberman. If he truly cares about the Democratic Party, he'll drop the Independent campaign and help defeat the Republican US reps in CT. It would be the redemptive (last?) act of his career. But I suspect that the race has always been about the personal and the 'clubby' atmosphere of D.C. Joe L. might drop his bid if the new polls show his numbers dropping, but I'm sure you probably won't see him campaigning against Shays, et al, as that's just 'not done'. If it were about the 'issues' and not the 'personal' JL wouldn't have filed the petitions this morning.

The Gang problem in the suburbs has been magnified by the shooting of an 11 year old girl in North Chicago, and the police shooting of a 14 year old boy near Cabrini. This is a manifestation of the fact that today's children stem from parents who provide NO supervision and complain that they are victims, when in fact they are THE PROBLEM. Grow up, watch your kids, and quit letting them DIE because of your ignorance!!

Yes he should so a Republican can win like Periaca will in Niv!

Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

Flaky Sen. Joe Lieberman got a well deserved defeat. He should act like a man, accept his defeat and support the Democratic nominee. He and his advisers were "ill advised" to stupidly continue to back the Administration's war machine. Now maybe this will light a fire under the national Democrats and moderate Republicans to became more adamant against this Iraqi occupation. No sensible person would blame any Member of Congress who initially voted to send troops to Iraq. The mood of the nation absolutely called for it at the time due to the deliberate misinformation provided by the Bush White House. But now that everyone sees that it was all based on lies, it is sad that all these lives and billions upon billions of dollars are being wasted. And to think they said healthcare for everyone is not affordable.

Ms Sweet
Now that Karl Rove has called Joe Lieberman to tell Joe that Karl and "the Boss" want to do everything they can to help, will we stop hearing your brethren and sistren in the Establishment Media desribe Lieberman as a "centrist Democrat".

It's a free country. If Lieberman wants to run and he meets the requirements, then he can run as an independent. Let the voters have their say. After all Oberweis keeps on losing in primaries and no one of any note is saying he ought to hang it up.

Nice to see you have this blog now Lynn. Wish I'd found it sooner.

If Lieberman loses as an Independant I wouldn't be too surprised to see him absorbed into the Bush administration in some fashion.


Joe appeared so gung-ho about invading Iraq, and ridiculed those who warned that the case for war was weak and that the invasion’s aftermath could easily turn ugly. Worse yet, Joe appears to remain in denial long after it all went wrong, disparaging critics as defeatists. Now denial is no longer an option;Joe's and the neocon fantasy has turned into a nightmare of fire and blood.

YES he should ! Because since when does a democrat have to have certain views on every issue? Whatever happened to the 'Big Tent' philosophy? Since when does everybody have to believe what Howard Dean or George Soros says OR ELSE? Don't we live in a democracy? I'd like to hear other views on this. And your view Ms. Sweet.

He will succeed only in expending the rest of his diminished political stock in losing effort. Former admirers like me now see him as a whining loser. He should get out.

Again I'll say it. Democrats (I'm one) need to practice that 'Big Tent' philosophy which we preach. If Joe walks to a different drum beat so be it. Where were all your folks when Hilary, Biden, Kerry, and Edwards voted FOR the Iraq war? Why are they immune from criticism?

I can't figure out what Joe Lieberman thinks he can accomplish by winning as an independant.
The Republicans would have no more use for him,unless their trying to pass a flagburning bill,or somthing that promotes the crooked republican agenda.
The Democrats would always view him as a Benidict Arnold type figure,and they also would want nothing to do with Joementum.

"Again I'll say it. Democrats (I'm one) need to practice that 'Big Tent' philosophy which we preach. If Joe walks to a different drum beat so be it. Where were all your folks when Hilary, Biden, Kerry, and Edwards voted FOR the Iraq war? Why are they immune from criticism?"

They aren't immune from criticism, but they have changed their positions as the facts on the ground have changed and as the Bush administration's incompetence and dishonesty have been revealed. Lieberman is sui generis, as he uses Rovian talking points to smear members of his own party, and uses September 11 to justify the Iraq War, a sin which should not be forgiven by any voter, and one which no political tent, Democrat or Republican, ought to be big enough for.

You liberal cowards havent mentioned a few points. 1) We havent been attacked in america since the war in Iraq was engaged, we ARE fighting the terrorist there instead of here,duh! 2) Thats the price Lieberman pays for the extremely liberal anti-american/anti -christian democratic party. Joe become a republican. 3) November is a LONG way away after we preempted other islamo fascist attempts to blow up planes of innocent women and children again, the NY Times will expose another intelligence program, because the NY Times like the Liberal Democrats want the terroists to win, because then we can become FRANCE!

Its true, we haven't had an attack since 9-11.The terrorist are during it in Iraq. Each day its two or three soldiers killed. If republicans are the best party to fight terrorist, why are we having a difficult time defeating in Iraq?

Curtis, would you rather fight them here? I am sure a brave young man like you wouldnt hide under his bed when your out clubbing and a homocide bomber blows himself and half your posse up! As far as 2/3 soldiers a day you lying. We are kicking the crap out of Al Queda in Iraq. Thats war junior I served people died. These Islamofacists attacked us Iraq was a pre-emtive attack and guess what it worked we havent had any major attacks here. nobody likes war, but it beats seeing dead babies and women lying in the rubble of the World Tade Center again.

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