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Obama arrives in Nairobi to royal welcome


NAIROBI, Kenya-A 12-car motorcade sped Barack Obama from the airport here to his hotel as streets were closed down to give a head of state welcome to the U.S. Senator considered a native son.

Hundreds of people greeted Obama at the airport, where he arrived from Johannesburg, South Africa aboard Army military aircraft. Obama stepped into a Land Cruiser amidst visible local security and a heavy local media presence.

Obama's wife Michelle, their two daughters, some relatives and friends arrived a short time later, departing from Chicago and arriving at the hotel about 1:20 p.m. Chicago.

Signifying the importance of the trip to the Kenyan government, Obama starts his almost week-long visit here meeting with Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki


Being a kenyan in the US, i have the same feelings towards Sen. Obama welcoming by my people. He deserves it coz he is not only proud of his ancestral roots but he is showing African young people that they can make it no matter the circumstances they are being brought up in.

Obama is being true to what he is, he finds himself killing two birds with one stone first scoring high on American streets and much much higher on kenyan soil, He is a lucky folk,for it to happen to the vast successful Afro Americans with african ties will be a lottery

I would love Obama to bone up on some foreign policy issues for a run at the White House in 2008. I believe this country is ready for a strong, uniting leader like Barack.

NBC News is currently using the segment title Whose America? So, is America a white country like its founders or a mess of different people? It is funny how non-whites when they gain office in American run home, to their real home, to show off. When Andrew Young was elected mayor of Atlanta he went to Africa to show off. When Antonio Gonzalez was appointed Attorney General he went to Mexico to show off, and now Obama shows off.

I look forward to a time when prosperity is universal and all the non-whites stay home and leave us whites alone.

Sen. Obama is a lunatic!!! Doesn't he know there's a State Department warning about travel to Kenya? It's been there since May 2003. He is just endangering his life.

Shut up Noel!!!!

Everybody in the world should know the roots of both parents. As a Kenyan living in US, l find Obama's visit to Kenya very encouraging and those who think that senator shouldn't visit kenya should know that you cannot run away from reality. Reality is that Obama has Kenya roots and he is man enough to respect that. l say go Obama! you are the man

It would be nice if the american indians also told the 'whites' to go back home.

Um, Inclusive Workforce....the Attorney General's name is ALBERTO GONZALES not ANTONIO GONZALEZ....but I guess all those brown folks look alike anyway.

What a joke.


Its toime to test American resolve, we will be watching in everyy move

BIlly Mijungu

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