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NAIROBI, Kenya—The African journeys of Sen. Barack Obama are paid for by U.S. taxpayers who foot the bills for hotels, food, ground transportation, commercial plane rides, military aircraft put at his disposal and Navy escorts who accompany him wherever he goes.

The unusual amount of publicity surrounding Obama’s trip to South Africa, Kenya, Djibouti and Chad (the Congo leg was dropped) has raised a number of questions from readers about how all this travel is financed.

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I am a Kenyan, US (citizen) taxpayer, and voter. It really does not matter who paid for Obama's trip to Africa. This trip was long over due and the messages he carried around, were very vital, and had to be delivered (especially Kenyan) to African Governments. They (the goverment)need to clean their clutter before seeking International Assistance. Some US Government officials take redundant International trips, but taxpayers cover the bills. Obama's trip to Africa is very valuable, and is a History that will never (especially Kenyans) be forgetten.

Thanks you,
Senator Obama's Supporter


The Sen. Obama's visits to Africa (especially kenya)are very much valuable. The message he's giving out to this continent is very much needed to give Africans hope and above all to let them realize that they have what it takes to initiate efficient and effective utilization of the available resources. This in return would help the continent (Africa)to alleviate the ever escalating poverty. We (Africans have) have enough resources to capacitate us to initite world wide felt developments and to ever remain self sustained.

Keep it Up Senator.


Obamas Supporter.

i to am a kenyan/us tax payer and i have to agree with my fellow kenyan american.Sen Obama's trip was a waste of tax payers money. the message he carried to africa was not new to africans.having rubbed african leaders the wrong way obama still has alot to learn about diplomacy. and talk of missed oprotunities.instead of using his trip to lobby the kenyan government that has influence over sudan, to have the chicago tribune writer released ,he instead go involved in local politics reducing himeslf to a village politician instead of a us senetor seating in the foreign relation committee. shame on you sen obama

The irony of senator obama’s visit makes his whole trip a sham of the highest order .while many in Chicago live in poverty senator Obama was in Africa lecturing Africans about poverty. A day after an ABC special highlighting the HIV crisis in the African American community Sen. obama was in Kenya (a country that has made vast strides in HIV prevention and management )Talking down on Kenyans on the need to get tested , while African Americans died in there silent millions here in America. What a complete waste of time, money and resources .And while he chooses to lecture on corruption his own democratic party House of Representatives member is facing corruption charges linked to Nigeria. What a waste of tax payer’s money. Talk of calling out the speck in your brother’s eye and forgetting the log in your own eye.

He should visit Africa that is his home. He should also run for office in his home country over there and not in the U.S.A .

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