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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai: "Imagine if everyone in the world planted a tree."


NAIROBI, Kenya—At the first of two tree plantings on the Monday schedule of Sen. Barack Obama, he appeared with a Kenyan hero, Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai.

The planting on this overcast day was in Uhuru Park, “special ground,’’ Maathai said before Obama’s motorcade pulled up, because critical fights in the Kenyan democratization movement were fought here.

Obama, with the help of his daughters and wife Michelle planted an African olive tree and a warbugia ugan densis.

A world renown environmentalist who founded the Greenbelt movement, Maathai talked about the “linkage between the sustainable management of resources…and peace.’’’
It’s okay to start small she said as Obama looked on.

“Imagine if everyone in the world planted a tree.��?


it is beutifu to see senator ombama still caring for kenyan environment and great challage to us kenyans who do not care for our environment. see how many people are dirtifying our environment even cutting of the trees

I am happy to see my tax dollars pay for a trip for a U.S. Senator who is being treated as a hero, rather than being ignored or stoned. The fact that Obama is paying for his family is even a stretch considering this government's emphasis on family values.

This is a great trip for our country. I can't wait for him to go Jakarta.

What a waste of money and my TAX DOLLARS. This is nothing more than a family trip and an extended photo opportunity. Where do I sign up for a “feel good��? trip with my family in a private government jet? The freshman senator should focus his attention on the issues here at home. Had a white republican taken his family on a similar trip he or she would be crucified by the media. Double standard?

Sen. Obama had to go to Kenya to find corruption in goverment??? What about his own backyard? Politics in Chicago have been a farse for generations. When are people going to stand up for themselves and make a change? I thought democracy was for the people? City and County politicians are a self serving bunch elected by an equally incapable bunch of followers that can't make their own way in life. Wake up Cook County!! It's time for a change! Clean house this November!

"Imagine if everyone in the world flushed their toilets at the same time."

"Imagine if everyone in the world flushed their toilet."
Gerald Montegue -
Nobel Peace Prize Aspirant

stop this evil,hate,racist campaigns against Ombama,do not try to level him what he is not.Judge not lets you be judged.Give him space to dream and bring the dreams he has for a better America,the blacks and whites living in respect fo each other in serving the God of our Lord Jesus in this great country of America.
God bless Ombama and bless America too.

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