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En route: Obama Amsterdam stop


Blogger Sweet here--filing short on Blackberry from airport in Amsterdam. I'm with Sen. Barack Obama's traveling party en route to Cape Town, South Africa for the first leg of his African visit.

Wearing a White Sox cap, Obama said he went to the meditation room at the airport ...killing time while we changed planes. (II wandered to a bookstore and purchased Martin Meredith's book, "The State of Africa.)

We boarded at Dulles in Washington. In line waiting to board, I met the crews from two--yes two- documentary teams doing pieces on Obama., one based in New York and another in Chicago.

So long from Amsterdam.
Next blog from South Africa.


Bon voyage! I hear the wine in South Africa is great. Two documentary teams, eh? Interesting...

Ms. Sweet, when a senator takes an entourage with him (such as yourself) who foots the bill, as they say? Is it the individuals themselves, or us taxpayers?

I was in South Africa 4 years ago. I certainly hope that the Senator finds time to visit the Townships of Langa and Soweto so that the world can see the abject poverty in the area that overwhelmed me in order to bring further attention to the plight of the poor Africans there! Senator - thanks for deeming Africa important enough to make an official visit.
Savoya Epps
Hyde Park, Illinois

Our hard earned tax money at work!!! What a joke...

Be careful, Lynn and have a fruitful trip.

That's propaganda do your research before making certain is your answer!!

Q. How will your family's trip be paid for? (Wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha will join him for the family visit portion of the trip in Kenya.)

A. That's all paid for by me, personally.

just when will chicago wake up and see this phoney for who he really is . he changed his name from barry to barack because it diddn't sound black enough. now we have to put up with more of his self serving tripe . his supposed " journey " gag, give me a break

While the taxpayer is certainly footing the bill for the Senator and his staff, I am certain that media outlets are paying their own way for the reporters on the trip. Methinks certain blog commenters don't have a firm grasp of how Washington works.

Is this the only Senator traveling overseas? If not where is their media entourage? And why is the media making this a Presidential visit for a 1st term Senator?

It wasn't very long ago that Obama lost decisively when he challenged Bobby Rush for his congressional (yes to Rush of all people). Remember, many Black leaders in the area said he wasn't black enough. Now all of sudden he's the 'second coming', the savior of a people and nation. Oh how everybody has tunnel-vision.

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