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Emanuel's DCCC: Bought $4.65 million in Chicago TV time for Duckworth, Bean


Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), the boss of the House Democratic political operation, has scooped up tv ad time in 32 of the top tier congressional district races--including the two biggies in Illinois.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reserved $2.33 million in air time for Dem Tammy Duckworth, running against Peter Roskam in the west suburban 6th CD and $2.32 million for Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) who is being challenged by David McSweeney in the north suburban eighth CD.

These numbers come from The Hill, a newspaper covering Capitol Hill.

The Hill article said the House Republicans have not yet bought time, quoting a spokesman for the GOP House political comittee. Emanuel needs to pickup 15 seats for the Dems to take control of the House.

If you live in the 6th or 8th district....will ads make a difference? Are you a decided voter?


Sixth district. I'm very much decided. I've been mis-represented by Henry Hyde my entire life, and I'm not about to let Hyde's mini-me get elected.

You know this one gets me angry. J Dennis Hastert is now very beatable in the 14th but the DCCC . Give no money to John Laesch. I want to rid congress of people who rip off the people. Hastert has been caught with his hands in our pockets. We Veterans caught him in lies to the papers in his letters. It Shows the Democrats just don't get it.

I am glad to see Mr. Emmoronuel pouring resources into unwinnable races. Bean won ala Flannagin where we just wanted to throw the Crane out, and Duckworth has no shot. Hyde wore is welcome out 12 years ago and still won by 10%. Please Rhom spend more there, more!!!LOL.

I haven't learned anything about either Bean or McSweeney, but I had planned on doing my own research prior to the elections in November. I try not to let ads sway my vote, but I'll certainly listen with an open mind. I just hope they're informative, not attack ads.


I love attack ads because they are so truthful. I can't wait for the truth to come out about Roskam. Beats the fluff he says about himself any day.

It's refreshing to see opponents of the Democratic efforts to bring integrity and reason back to national policy honing such nuanced opinions about the 6th and 8th CD candidates. "Emoronuel," "CLINTON APOLOGIST," "LOSER." There must be a an opening on the Fox News payroll for such profound analysis.

Roskem will be hit hard by ads not from Duckworth but from the Veterans he voted against. Roskem's record on veterans issues is fair game and he will feel the veterans anger

I am a vet that lives in the district and will vote for roskam, Dale what dream world do you live in?You think you speak for all vets, I havent seen one on here support you, they all rip on you.

I am a vet that lives in the district and will vote for Roskam, Dale what dream world do you live in?You think you speak for all vets, I havent seen one on here support you, they all rip on you.

I'm no vet, but I've seen Roskam stand up for, protect, and serve the vets in his district. I can't imagine our soldiers having a stronger friend or ally in Congress than Roskam.

While not a huge fan of Tammy, Roskam is so far to the right on all the issues that I could never support him. His election would be Henry Hyde all over again.

lets make it 3 vets, none of us agree with Dale

Phil, Dale lives in an imaginary world where Denny Hastert deals drugs in Turkey and Howard Dean &co. are better for Vets and current soldiers than everyone else, all this guy cares about is his own foodstamp program.

And this BOZO says he is a Republican, I think he is a sham!

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