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Rice: In Rome, working to broker a ceasefire in Lebanon.


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is leaving cease-fire....shelling in Lebanon and Israel continue....

``I think that it goes without saying that this extraordinary gathering of the international community shows our deep concern about the situation in Lebanon, in northern Israel, in the region,'' Rice said.
In the quote below, the word sustainable is key--the U.S. is not calling for an immediate cease-fire because it wants to give Israel time to root out Hezbollah fighters and their artillery.

Rice said, ``It is also the case that we talked about how to move forward, and not just to talk about it, but indeed, to take action to move forward. We are all agreed that we want most urgently to end the violence on a basis that this time will be sustainable, because unfortunately, this is a region that has had too many broken cease-fires, too many spasms of violence, followed then by other spasms of violence. ''


Go Condi fix the mess Madelene Nosobright left there.

How do you broker a cease-fire or a peace agreement when so many of Israel's opponents will accept nothing less than its extinction?

Ralph again you put your political beliefs before history. Since 1947 every President and their parties have tried to broker a peace.Every American President has failed to do so. If you think what Rice is doing now will change anything your right as seen this Government in charge has made a mess of the whole world.It will take years to prove to the world America can be trusted again.When you lie and keep lying you will loss the trust of the people of the world.

Dale once again you are proven to be a typical liberal. You are so negative about anything unwilling to give Condi a chance. Radical Islam is the problem here buddy and just like how we beat the Soviet Union we will prevail here,unless a Jimmy Carter worshipping liberal like you has his way we will surrender and become an islamic republic!

Dale, you are obsessed with Denny Hastert ,you said he was selling in drugs in Turkey in another post! Can you prove it? I've read Ralphs posts by and large he is a very humorous,but true. I've read yours, and yours are not funny and by and large not true to my belief. You show only the liberal point of view, and accuse him of being that way thats pretty hypocritical of you. Me and you had it out ,you DO NOT speak for the majority of vetrans. This block is about freedom of speech and if you want to keep being liberal fine, and anyone wants to be a conservative fine, but don't bully people into your backwards thinking process, because it doesn't work. Are you really a Jimmy Carter worshipper? LOL

Ralph again you asume I am Republican modrate not a right wing Bush worshipper. I believe in true Republican values not sell out the Country cut veterans like me who bled for you to call me names.You sir do not represent me or true Republicans

Condi is not going to be able to broker anything other than a temporary cease fire. My opinion, let the Iraelis go in and clean out the entire nest of vipers in the middle east. There will never be peace with islamic fanatics in charge of middle eastern countries. If, the Jews are ever exterminated in that part of the world, (which is typically the stated reason for violence) the nuts will continue on to Europe and then our shores. It won't be a violent takeover. It will be due to a slow and systematic assimilation of their ideals into our societies. Liberals better pull their heads out of their collective backsides and recognize it for what it is. Already, we have Muslims petitioning to have separate facilities for women, a pass on removing veils for driver's ID's, etc. This is the United States, not Tehran or Riyadh.

Here that Dale wake up! You are NO Republican, your a RINO! Your position weaken the military and endanger our troops , thats low! Your foodstamps vs. our troops!

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