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Obama: To Iowa in September. Trip will trigger more '08 White House speculation.


Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) travels to Iowa, the first presidential caucus state, on Sept. 17 to raise money for two Iowa Democrats. The trip comes in the context of growing speculation about the freshman Obama's White House ambitions.

Obama will head to an annual steak fry hosted by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Ia.), who invited Obama on the Senate floor. The fish fry, in Indianola, is a must stop for any Democrat even mulling a White House run.

On the same swing, Obama will stop in the Quad Cities (they straddle the Illinois-Iowa border) to raise money for a House candidate.

Obama is keeping up a steady pace raising money--and collecting chits--for other Democratic candidates and causes. On Tuesday, at a steak house in Washington, Obama was the keynote at a funder for the House Democratic politican operation--headed by pal Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) to raise money for Emanuel's ``Red to Blue'' program--targeting GOP districts Dems have the best chance to grab in November.

And as long as we are going there....Obama has no New Hampshire travel on his schedule.

The Iowa trip comes 12 days after a scheduled tour of Africa and a few weeks before a media blitz associated with the publication of his second book.


I think at the very least he's trying to position himself for VP.

No doubt this trip will stir up excitement in Iowa. Senator Obama's fresh message of pushing bi-partisan problem-solving in the red & blue states is resonating.

Obama is what the Democrats are looking for!

Obama may be what the Dems. are looking for, but I'll bet that he is not what conservatives are looking for. Please explain to me what "bi-partisan" means in the context of problem solving. I have heard a lot of talk from Obama, but very little action. Real action would mean defying your party leadership when it is in error. If he were a practitioner of true bi-partisanship, he would be constantly debunking the hateful rhetoric from his party's leaders. (think Pelosi, Reid, Commisar Durbin, and Howard "the screamer" Dean. I have yet to see real action. Positioning himself for a run at a higher office seems to be his priorities at this time. For those of you less astute at recognizing a politician honing his craft, I will point you to the many vacillations in Wm. Clinton's campaign in its early days. Obama follows the Clinton Handbook. Put your nose up in the wind and ascertain what is popular with the people and make that part of your agenda. Note: I didn't say actually do something; just talk about it. Some of you Dems. better be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Please, read everything you can get your hands on before voting for a certain candidate, because of his charisma. Soccer moms especially.

Obama is the most inspirational politician since Jack and Bobby Kennedy. We have been waiting sooo long!!!

Obama is a legend in his own eyes. He is grandiose in his books and his speeches. Compares himself the the Great Honest Abe, he does, lol. Oh, he can talk the talk, but I havn't seen him demonstrate the walk.

Maybe between his democratic party fundraising efforts and promotional trips for his books, Senator Obama might be able to squeeze in a little time in the U.S. senate. His constituents in Illinois would appreciate a little representation. His constituents in Illinois are starting to feel like a rung in a ladder. He can step on us on the way to the White House. Maybe if he actually paid attention to his current elected job as a U.S. Senator from Illinois he might have realized that his amendment to the senate immigration bill would now extend the prevailing wage in private construction projects and other professions to foreign workers. This is a benefit U.S. citizens do not have.

I just wrote a retrospective guest column for the Quad City TIMES about Robert Kennedy's last campaign swing in the Quad Cities (May 14, 1968). RFK's backers held a rally at the corner of Second and Main Streets in downtown Davenport; about 8000 folks attended. RFK was treated like a rock star, like one of the Beatles. Eastern Iowans I interviewed said there hasn't been another rally like that since then. I think Senator Obama could create that kind of excitement.

Inspirational? What has he accomplished as a senator? Name one important bill he has written and passed? CAN ANYONE NAME ANYTHING IMPORTANT HE HAS DONE? Only moronic chicago voters who let the Strogers and Daleys , Hynes ,Madigans and other Royalty run ruffshod over their tax dollars who think this guy could be a leader? What has he done? Wasnt Daley States attorney and Divine 1st assistant when Burges tortured all the minorities to get confessions, where does Obama stand on that? Where does he stand on the corruption on Daley and Blago? What a corrageous leader! I am sooooo inspired!

I hope Obama considers an '08 bid. He'll make sure the Dems loose the election by losing the whole South

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