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Joe Lieberman: Ct. Senator, Gore's Veep, explains why he may run as an Independent if Dem primary is lost.


Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Ct.) is in a tough primary race. He's worried he may not win--so he is making plans to run as an Independent is he loses in the August primary.

Dear Friends,

I’ve had the honor of representing the people of Connecticut for a long time – as a Democratic member of the State Senate for 10 years, as a Democratic Majority Leader of the State Senate for six of those years, as Democratic Attorney General for six years, as your Democratic United States Senator for 18 years. And, I’ve always leveled with you.

That’s why I want to tell you that I have made the decision to allow signatures to be collected that will enable me to appear on the November Ballot as an individual Democratic candidate for re-election to the Senate if I don’t win the Democratic Party’s nomination in the Primary on August 8th.

I want to be clear about why I have made this decision and what it means.

First, I have been a proud, loyal and progressive Democrat since John F. Kennedy inspired my generation of Americans into public service. And I will stay a Democrat, whether I am the Democratic Party’s nominee or a petitioning Democratic candidate on the November ballot.

And, If I am privileged enough to be re-elected in November, I will remain a member of the Democratic Caucus, hopefully a Senate Democratic Majority Caucus.

Now, my reasons for making this decision:

While I believe that I will win the August 8th Primary, I know that there are no guarantees in elections. I am very confident that if every Democrat, or even a majority of them, vote on August 8th I will be nominated by a very comfortable margin.

But, no one knows how many Democrats will come out to vote on August 8th, and few think it will be more than 25 or 30 percent. And what if my opponent, who says he is worth somewhere between $90 and $300 million dollars decides to write bigger and bigger checks in the last weeks of the campaign?

After 18 years of working for, fighting for, and delivering for all the people of Connecticut, I want the opportunity to make my case to all the voters in November --- they are the voters who have been good enough to elect me in the Senate in the November elections of 1988, 1994 and 2000.

My opponent in the Democratic Primary is asking Democrats to vote against me because of position on one issue—Iraq. I am asking Democrats in the Primary in August and the General Election in November to consider my total record of service to our state and country over 18 years. Every election is about the future, about which of the candidates can do more for the voters, their families, and our state and country in the years ahead and that choice involves a lot more than one issue. I am asking voters in the Primary and the General Election to ask themselves which one of us can do more to save their jobs and create new ones, to protect their security, their freedom, and their environment, to bring energy costs and health care costs under control.

The six years ahead will be tough ones for a lot of people in Connecticut and they will need help from their Senator.

Based on my experience, principles and accomplishments, I know that I can do more for the people of Connecticut than my opponents.

But that ultimately won’t be up to me or the other candidates. It will be decided by the voters of Connecticut --- first the Democratic voters in the Primary on August 8th, and then by all the voters in the General Election on November 7th.

Now, having made this decision, my supporters and I are going to focus with single-minded intensity on our goal of winning the Democratic Primary, and we look forward to August 9th. When all we have to do is celebrate our victory in the Primary the day before.

Thank you.


Joe Lieberman


What do you expect ,Lieberman is like Reagan he didnt leave his party it left him. Lieberman is a conservative moderate. I wish he'd run as an Republican.

Lieberman is such a hypocrite. He's more obsessed with retaining power than respecting the wishes of the voters. I don't buy any of his excuses. He's a power-hungry, Bush lap dog. And it's not just about Iraq. Can we mention his position on Social Security as well?

Several of Lieberman's statements here are misleading. First, Ned Lamont is not a single-issue candidate. His positions on Social Security, education, tax policy, and a host of other issues are better than Lieberman's. Second, Lieberman is going to have to officially abandon his Democratic party status and choose another party affiliation (the Joementum Party?) if he chooses to run against Lamont in the general election. His comment that he'll "stay a Democrat" is simply untrue.

The problem isn't that the Democratic Party abandoned Lieberman. The party establishment is still firmly behind me. The problem for Lieberman is that Connecticut voters are sick of his chummy relationship with Bush. They want a real Democrat who will fight for their interests.

Sorry to sound crude, but Lieberman is a wuss. When he was running for VP he refused to give up his seat. It made the Gore ticket appear weak. Gore took all the risk for that ticket. If Lieberman couldn't commit to to fully run he certainly didn't deserve to get the position. If your own party doesn't fully support you why should you represent the people?

Right, they want a person who will cut and run from the war on terror. Raise our taxes, make all illegal aliens amnesty. All all that other fun stuff Dumacrats stand for, this is george soros and the special interest groups all attacking this guy for being a leader, You Mr. Cotton might be happy with John Stroger giving his son the golden spector like Kim Jung Il's daddy did, but I think it is disgusting how people like you vote, all you want is your government assistence and pop I'll votes for a donkey if he keeps the goverment cheese rollin in!

great letter. Split the vote, ultimate betrayal of the Democratic party in CT. Mr. Bush will probably offer a cabinet seat..

Joe's chummy relationship with Bush, as well as his unbelievable stance on Iraq, will (hopefully) cost him his job. If he wants to be pals with the Bush crime syndicate then he should do it under the banner of the republicans. Dems don't want him.

Democrats have been disgusted with Lieberman since Bush took office. Bush is not just a conservaive, he has tried to take the US farther to the right than any other president. Lieberman has also been chummy with Mary Cheney, who wants to throttle free speech at universities. Lieberman is comfortable with Isreal Firster neocons. He is a DINO.

I think the Chicao-Sun Times is a one-sided liberal wuss for only running the negative comments.
Lynn Sweet reply: comments are mainly screened to make sure they do not contain foul language, inappropriate explicit material or links to places that contain the above.

whether a comment is positive or negative to the subject post is not a factor.

Lieberman should join the Republican party, where they celebrate narrow minded world views, and recently, it seems, the gutting of a Constitution we used to hold dearly in America. I'm ashamed of him as well as our the rest of our so- called "freely elected" government.

Thank god for the electoral college saving us from the sheep known as chicago, california and new your city residents.

Carl Mueller is uninformed. It helps to understand issues before spouting meaningless slander. Both men a good people, Joe just doesnt line up with CT voters as well as he used to.

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