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The political blogger over at the Washington Post is making the case for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to run for president. But wait! The case AGAINST Obama running is coming.....


Ms. Sweet,

That link appears to be broken. But this one will get you there:

What would Obama run on his stellar accomplishments he has achieved since being elected in the Senate? What has he done, he hand feeds the sheep know as the chicago dumacratic voter, and chicago media,but, when that love affair ends in Ohio, Florida, or Missouri he couldn't even win the extremely liberal democratic primary. He can say what he wnts but he is to the left of Howard Dean. I call them Chicago Dumacrats because only them could elect Daley the criminal, Toddler Stroger, or IKEY Corruthers,....REPEATEDLY. Didn't Daley do nothing about John Burge when he tortured minorities (also see Dickey Divine), whats Barack Osama's stance on that? What a leader!


"Barack Osama"?

I don't know if you used that phrase because you think it is clever to recycle offensive (racist?) name-calling from two years ago or if it is yet another symptom of your substandard spelling and grammar skills.

Either way, in the future, please take a moment for reflection before clicking the button marked "post."

-- S.C.A.M.

Obviously I am not smart ,because i didnt graduate from Austin HS! Or maybe your the racist here?

What significant accomplishment has Obama done since being elected to the senate? Please shut me up, no one has answered this!

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