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Topinka at D.C. funder: ``I take him out in November.''


Blogger Sweet reports....

You know the tag line on Dem Gov. Blagojevich’s spots hitting GOP rival Judy Baar Topinka, ``what is she thinking?’’ Topinka gave the answer on Tuesday night.

Read on.

Topinka was in DC for a fundraiser at a GOP club near the Capitol Tuesday evening that raised about $100,000. Blagojevich travels to DC for a funder on June 26.

In the Topinka crowd….House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, and GOP Reps. Judy Biggert (she calls herself the other Judy), Ray LaHood, John Shimkus and Mark Steven Kirk. These reps were the ``special guests,’’ and as far as I could tell by reading the name tags, all the paying customers were Washington lobbyists.

Also on board: Mike Stokke, who handles Hasterts’ politics as his deputy chief of staff; Topinka top aide Nancy Kimmee and John McGovern, who runs Hastert’s KOMPAC political action committee and who is pulling some Topinka spokesman duties.

Hastert and Topinka hit Blagojevich for not putting up state matching dollars to trigger the release of millions of federal dollars for a variety of transportation projects. (20 percent state, 80 percent federal.) Hastert had a lot to do with Illinois snaring federal money for these projects.

Topinka, via McGovern, puts out a release on this right before the reception and Hastert, at the funder, picks up on the message.

``He can’t put up the 20 percent because he stole the money to fund his schemes and his overdrafts from the Illinois legislature,’’ Hastert said.

Hastert and Topinka go back—they came to Springfield together.

``Judy and I kind of had a thing going,’’ Hastert said.

``Clarify that, please,’’ Topinka chimed.

To laughter, ``My wife is here.’’

Hastert introduces Topinka.

``We really were so appreciative of this road money,’’ said Topinka who riffs on her take about the state of fiscal affairs in Illinois.

``I don’t know what his angle is, but he does not govern. It is time for an adult to be there and to take charge…..

`` He’s probably tossed about $20 million dollars at me already in negative advertising. But you know what? I am not going to go away. I don’t care how much. Keep spending it. I mean, no one is paying attention right now anyway.

``Keep spending it. It will kind of even things out a little bit. And maybe the money itself will be a question, as it ought to be. Ya got a bunch of dirty money out there, doing these things and putting out these commercials.

``He wants to know what I am thinking. You know, that is always the tag line.
``What is she thinking.’’

``You know what I am thinking?

``I’m thinking I take him out in November.’’


A Rod-Judy Governor's race?!?! Sounds as exciting
as a Cubs-Royals World Series!
Too bad the ballot won't have an option--"none
of the above". That would get 51% of the vote!!

I believe the reason Illinois did not qualify for the federal matching transportation funds is because the Republicans in the Illinois General Assembly would not support Blago's capital projects proposal?

I agree the rubli-crats in springfield, all the insiders and thugs are going to win this race no matter whowins, a cubs -royals world series,LOL. I think none of the above gets more like 67%.

Hastert and Judy wow the old saying is true birds of the feather stay together.
Hastert is a crook Judy is still being look at for her role in money missing from school fund.Hastert remember recieved 70,000 for writing a letter great gig if you can get it but not honest.Judy and Hastert both belong behind bars

I used to be a republican and so now all I do is write crazy- left wing messages about the republicans when the democrats in this state are as bad or worse. But remember I used to be a republican! Right! And I am not a moron!

The Governor's race is truly a matter of trying to pick the lesser of two weasels.

I think "None of the Above" would get something closer to 80%.

If the Defense of Marriage Referendum fails to survive on the ballot, I predict the lowest turnout election in IL history - by far.

At least someone like Oberweis would have offerred a real alternative, and people would be talking about real issues now. Repubs screwed up by letting Topinka slide through.

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