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Rep. Cynthia McKinney: Won't be indicted for hitting Capitol cop. Highly unusual announcement.


The controversial Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.), who hit a Capitol police office last March 29, won't be indicted by a grand jury.

The Justice Department usually never comments on people who are NOT's like pulling teeth to get this sort of information on the record in most situation....but made an exception because of ``public interest'' in the case.

For Information Contact:
Friday, June 16, 2006 Public Affairs
Grand jury declines to return indictment in alleged
assault by Congresswoman of Capitol Police Officer
Washington, D.C. - A District of Columbia Superior Court grand
jury has declined to return an indictment in the case of the
alleged assault by Representative Cynthia McKinney of United
States Capitol Police Officer Paul McKenna, United States
Attorney Kenneth L. Wainstein announced today. Today’s decision
by the grand jury, otherwise known as a no true bill or a finding
of no probable cause, follows an extensive and thorough grand
jury investigation by the United States Attorney’s Office and the
U.S. Capitol Police Department regarding the incident between the
officer and Representative McKinney, which occurred on March 29,
2006, at the Longworth Office Building.
United States Attorney Wainstein stated, “We respect the
decision of the grand jury in this difficult matter, and we thank
its members for their hard work and careful consideration of the
evidence and testimony.��? U.S. Attorney Wainstein added that,
“Members of Congress are fortunate to have the protection and the
service of one of the finest police forces in the country. We
ask the U.S. Capitol Police to protect our Capitol and to do so
in a way that minimizes disruption and makes all feel welcome.
This is a tremendously difficult job, and it is one that Officer
McKenna and his colleagues perform with the utmost
professionalism and dignity.��?
The Department of Justice does not normally comment on the
status of investigations, but has the discretion to do so when
there is overwhelming public interest in a case. Such comment,
however, is limited in this matter by Superior Court Rule of
Criminal Procedure 6(e), which precludes disclosure of
information received and heard by a grand jury, and thus there
will be no further comment regarding this investigation.
Today’s decision by the grand jury concludes the
investigation of this incident.


This is the same DC law enforcement that let Kennedy walk on a DUI, that place is goofy, run by morons, lived in by morons, what do you expect.

What happened here? I thought it was a pretty open and shut case.

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