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Obama: Mocks Stephen Colbert! Read outrageous letter here.


A lesson from the famous senator school:
Celebrity Illinois junior senator, Barack who, the man of moi, tells famous comic that Colbert troublemaker, to use hand sanitizer after shaking hands with Knox College students! How rude!!!!!!

I had to read to the end to realize the letter from Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to comic Stephen Colbert was self-mocking schtick.

Obama is riffing on the invitation Colbert accepted to deliver the commencement address at Knox College in Galesburg. Obama who addressed the 2005 Knox graduating class, gives some unsolicited advice to Colbert.

Colbert's routine at the White House Correspondents Dinner last month where he dressed down President Bush on the Iraq War, drew massive attention, triggered by the blogosphere which fueled MSM reaction.

Obama is on the road. Thursday night, he returned to the scene of the crime, Boston, where he got his 18-minutes of fame (did you hear about that convention speech he gave?) in 2004, to headline a fundraiser and a big rally for Democrat Deval Patrick, who is running for governor of Massachusetts. They are friends and both attended Havard Law School.

This morning Obama delivered a commencement address at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Friday afternoon finds Obama in several New Jersey towns to stump for Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.).
On Saturday, Obama is in Ohio, at fundraisers and rallies for Dem governor candidate Ted Strickland and Dem Senate candidate Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-Oh.). The real purpose of the Ohio visit (Ohio, a state that could be important to who ever runs for president in 2008) is to raise money for the Ohio Democratic Party.

this letter from Camp Obama....

Obama to Stephen Colbert: How'd Your Convention Speech Go?

No, Really...I Must Have Missed It...Was it Good?

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) Tuesday released the
following statement in response to the news that Stephen Colbert will
speak at the 2006 Knox College commencement:

"Stephen, Congratulations on being asked to speak at the 2006 Knox
College Commencement. This is an enormous honor and on behalf of the
people of Illinois, I'd like to welcome you to our state. As you know, I
was invited to speak at Knox after my keynote address at the 2004
Democratic National Convention and subsequent election to the United
States Senate. Your convention speech must also have gone really well to
have been invited. It's weird that I didn't read about it somewhere.

"Before you deliver your remarks in front of literally millions fewer
people than you would at say, a nationally televised political
convention, I'd like to offer you a few words of advice. First, I know
you're fond of your Peabody Awards, whatever those are, but I'd
recommend not bringing them. The students at Knox are down to earth and
not impressed by materials possessions like my Grammy Award for Best
Spoken Word Album.

"Second, use hand sanitizer after the Pumphandle. Lots of germs there. I
cannot stress this enough.

"And finally, don't forget to bring the Truth. I'd recommend putting it
in your carry-on bag rather than in your checked luggage. O'Hare Airport
is notoriously unreliable.

"To the Knox College class of 2006, I'm sorry I won't get to speak with
you this year, but congratulations and best of luck. You make us all

Note: This release is completely tongue- in-cheek - except of course for
the part about the graduates making us all proud. They do. Colbert has
had so much fun with members of Congress on his show that we decided it
was our turn.



Obama is a real clown.

This entry confirms my allegation last week despite your protestations to the contrary. You do nothing but puff pieces on Obama whenever you can. There was nothing else to write about yesterday? Nobody else in Washington offered anything newsworthy? Everything you write about him attempts to put him in the best light possible. Contrary to what you probably believe, I voted for the guy. Yet I would expect more from a supposed journalist. YOu clearly have an agenda.

How can anyone take Obama seriously after he voted for the massive "guest worker amnesty" bill that came out of the senate.

This piece of satire was actually quite good.

Obama is no puff piece ,he is the real deal ask any veteran.He does more for this State then J Dennis Hastert ever did.It seems to me Lynn you have some Republican talking points here.By the way people I am a Republican your worst nightmare I know the talking points.I also know Obama he helps every veterans I send his staff.

As green as Obama may be, his appeal is rooted in far more substantial qualities than most D.C. veterans. The president governed Texas for the same amount of time Obama will have been in Congress should he run in '08. The shining contrast in the equivocation of the word "Green" between these two should be noted and stamped on Obama's resume' to insure him of all our votes. And Mary? How can your single example of Barack's decision on the one bill cast him as a black sheep in the Senate? He's keeping the Statue of Liberty's message alive while coinciding it with today's economic demands in view. Despite what you apparently perceive, nothing is black and white: All is grey.

"I had to read to the end to realize the letter from Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to comic Stephen Colbert was self-mocking schtick. "


does it depress you to get so many humorless out to lunch reader replies like Mary's?

And Jerry Quatrano: Don't like non-whites? Want to send 11 million workers back to Mexico etc., leaving chidren, and facing poverty like you,ve never seen? God made this country for the first few million killer-thiefs and screw averyone else, right?

Obama is no clown...He speaks the truth, Edwards/Obama 2008 God is watching!

Obama in 2008 as Vice President. Then in 2012 or 2016 as President.

As a student at Knox College, I was pleased to get to hear both Sen. Obama and Mr. Colbert speak to our graduating seniors. As one of them next year, I hope our commencement speaker lives up to the prior two.

I think this letter from Sen. Obama shows that he is "one of the guys" if you will. He's definitely not afraid to have a little fun while maintaining his important role in our nation's Republic. Thanks to both Sen. Obama and Mr. Colbert, and thanks for this letter Senator, it was fun to read.

What Obama's lame humour displays is a tin ear. He can't be funny because he is so self-preoccupied.
He illustrates the egomania of Washington stars, a finally fatal flaw.

Assuming that Obama actually wrote this letter; his humor is sort of dry. This letter seems to me as an obvious attempt to reach out to Colbert ever-growing audience.

Obama/Murtha in '08, Colbert as press secretary.

Obama was mocking the MSM's view of Colbert. I suppose he doesn't know how many tens of thousands of downloads the correspondent's dinner speech has had. I guess he doesn't know that the Colbert speech was the #1 at iTunes 3 weeks later. And that was at a cost, after everybody already saw it on Google video and youtube, they then PAID for it.

Praise Be that a Statesman has a sense of humor (who also "gets" the Colbert schtick)... but i can already visualize the furrowed brows and mock-concern of the suntanned "anchors" going for the jugular on this "Outrage!"

Your headline is all wrong. Obama was not mocking Colbert, and neither was his letter outrageous. I can't believe you didn't get that it was humor until you read to the end of the letter.

This is satire. The same sort of satire that Colbert used at the White House Correspondent's dinner. Considering imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, your headline would have been more accurate in saying "Obama flatters Colbert by attempting to match wits."

Geez, I'd rather have thought Jonathan Swift would have been on the recommended reading list for any college grad majoring in English or writing. Or is writing no longer a requirement for a reporter these days?

Don't tell me, you really thought Swift recommended the rich devour the babies of the poor.

Lynn Sweet reply....i guess you did not get....satire applies to my comments before the Obama letter to Colbert...thanks for reading.

I think it's wonderful that Lynn Sweet acts as Sen. Obama's unpaid press agent. Sun Times readers need to bask in the glow of Obama's greatness, and on a daily basis. And if not Obama, then the Democrat-of-the-day that Ms. Sweet publicizes.

Lynn Sweet reply....i guess you did not get....satire applies to my comments before the Obama letter to Colbert...thanks for reading.

My apologies then, Lynn. I guess your "not getting it until the end" caveat threw me off. Your piece really reads to me like "this is supposed to be funny?!?!"

Obama's remarks certainly didn't strike me as "self-mocking" either.

Maybe you ought to leave the satire to Colbert and Obama. :)

Lynn Sweet reply....good thing I don't make my living writing comedy. thanks for your comments.

Hey how about that Charlie Donnelly guy! He is something isn't he? A real do-gooder and hate America kind of guy. I hope we get to hear from him when he earns his Mexican language degree. I bet he gets alot of practice supervising his lawn crew. Or, maybe he is just glad they can get him all the weed he needs to overcome his severe depression with the rest of us.

I really had a great deal of respect and admiration for obama till he endorsed Lieberman for his senate run.

I feel nothing but disgust for Lieberman, and would like to see him lose his seat. That disgust has now transferred to obama...

I look forward to the nice wet kiss bush will give obama if lieberman keeps his seat.

Obama lieberman 08 the kiss ass team for a permanent republican majority.
This message approved by bush/cheney/rove/rice/rummy cabal

Thanks for giving us access to Obama's witty riposte - not quite as sharp as Colbert but not bad for a Harvard guy.

GORE-OBAMA in 08. Stop global warming, and give us two smart people to make up for the troglobytes.

Obama is a clown, he is getting a free ride now, but his radical voting past will catch up to him. Anyone who originates from Hyde Park will never be president, bunch of 60's reject pot smoking liberals. Look into some of his anti military stances. The public got it right when he got trounced by Bobby Rush. He got lucky in a match-up of machine hack Hynes. The got a wackjob nut to run against in the general. he is nothing more than a below average senator, what has he accomplish since being elected? What major accomplishment has this man completed? Nothing.

Christ, what morons. Some excepts in case anyone's missed the comments from the peanut gallery.

"Anyone who originates from Hyde Park will never be president, bunch of 60's reject pot smoking liberals."

Thanks for advocating the notion that you have to be rich, white, and prefer to abuse alcohol (and women) instead of an illegal substance to amount to much in this world. The projects Obama has implemented to aid inner-city youth and rural farmers a like is more than most senators do in their entire carrers. Below average? You apparently haven't been watching the other 99 too closely then.

And to the entire squad of horses' asses who didn't realize that Obama was just trying to use the SAME type of humor Colbert uses to align himself with the SAME following Colbert has (college aged youth and liberals (though you might not get that Colbert is ACTUALLY a liberal and does his show to mock the like of FOX news if you didn't get Obama's humor))
read up on what satire is. It was a good point about Swift made by "ClockworkOrange" earlier. I know thinking is hard, but you might want to give it a try.

As if I needed further confirmation that conservatives have NO sense of humor. Except that Ann Coulter, every time she opens her mouth I start laughing. Sure, I'm laughing AT her and not WITH her, but I don't think she's subtle enough to get that or principled enough to care.

Intelligent, ethical, a man of the people; Obama needs to be elected as President. Period.

What I never understand is whether people are actually serious when they use terms like "mexican language degree" or refer to the fact that someone from a certain geographic area should never be elected.

Are you really that stupid?

You have a bright future in politics, just stay honest, work for campaign reform, and don't support amnesty for people who have broken the law. Please promote the removal of FEMA from DHS. Placing natural disaster response in DHS was a terrible mistake. Most importantly, work to bring our troops home.

Thank you!

I really wish Mr Obama would run for President. It's clear to me that the Democratic party needs a new leader, one with youth, direction, and strong ideas. I've been a lifelong Democrat member, and have been disappointed in the choices I have to vote for. Mr. Obama is the shining glory of the Democratic party, I hope he chooses to run. Although I am sure there are too many right wing, hillbilly rednecks out there who still wouldn't vote for someone who isn't the same color as them. Such a shame...

First of all, by "originated from Hyde Park," Chris Urso actually meant, grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia to a working single mother living with grandparents. He was also impressed by the reason Mr. Obama was in Hyde Park in the first place - as a community organizer, giving people living in the projects the tools they needed to fight for their interests. By "60's reject potsmoking liberals," he meant, "I'm a republican jerk who thinks 'liberal' is the same as 'communist.'"

Oh, and on the other end of the spectrum, Obama endoring Lieberman makes me hate obama so much. Honestly, that's as bad as the guy who said that Obama was a bad senator because he voted for the Immigration bill. What, he was involved in a COMPROMISE?! Oh my God! What, THROMULESE, he endorsed a candidate that you don't agree with? Bring out the tar and the feathers!

I think it's great that the guy has a sense of humor, and if any of you actually watched colbert's performance at the dinner, AND watch his show, and actually watch the news sometimes, you'd understand the humor.

Many apologies, everyone, for expecting you to actually know what you're talking about.

ahhhhhhhh...that felt good...

Oh by the way, and the only reason that the republicans are so supportive of lieberman is that they want his seat. I love Ned Lamont, but even the talk show hosts are talking good about Lieberman, and the more they do so, the more Democrats aren't going to vote for him. Republicans aren't actually going to VOTE for him, they'll vote for a republican - the republican leaders are killing Lieberman with kindness, and we're just sitting here taking it. So please, think a little bit with your BRAIN before bashing Lieberman's endorsers - as much as I love progressive values and dislike Lieberman's positions, I sure would like a Democratic Congress, too, and if Lamont wins the primary, Lieberman will run independent, the Democratic vote will be split, and Conn. will have a republican senator. It's not all about values - sometimes it's about politics and strategy, and unless the Democrats stop fighting each other and start using some strategy, we're gonna be real disappointed in November.

Sorry, long post. Warner/Obama '08, in case you were wondering.

I haven't been this excited about a politician since Bobby Kennedy way back in the 60's.....I hope I live to see Obama become President of the US!

First, I've been to Hyde Park, and all you see is pot-smoking hippies. The only people I know that have succumbed to the evils of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll more than the folks in Hyde Park are those misfits over at the Harvard Law Review. Think about it... (See I can use three periods too, take that!)

Come 2008, I'm voting for Rudy. Mostly because he is a Yankees fan and I always root for the team with the biggest payroll. Perhaps, Jeter will be his running mate.

I wish Bill Gates would have the balls to run for president, then Bono could throw a kick butt victory concert for him. Moreover, if we are lucky Clinton will bust out his sax.


Well, I'll say this if he was a woman trying to run for president as a one term senator he'd be laughed into next week. All he has to do is give a stump PREACH and people will fall for anything.

That's okay though that he couldn't wait. I see what's going on here and I see why. Yes, you are right God is watching and Obama is going to be found to be a selfish paper lion but, by then it will be too late and the best woman for the job will still be passed over for the man who is less qualified for the job.

I won't vote for him on my worst day and his best and I have boycotted certain "sponsors" of his and all her sponsors too and I've started a campaign to get others to do the same. Those who make lots of money off of the backs of women and then stab them in said back should not get so arrogant that they forget who put them where they are.

I loathe and despise Obama and he is as crooked as the day is long . Right now the republicans are sitting on a mountain of dirt on him. And what the media has done to Hillary Clinton is crime and a sham.

The truth doesn't matter here though. And that "voice" and "truth" and "hope" you speak doesn't apply to working women at all anymore.

It's really cool, reading comments as far back as two years ago regarding Obama. He's going to be a Great President!

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