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Clout list: Hey Longo...a lot more people than your guys are qualified. Life in clout city. Your reaction?


This quote from our Sun-Times story on the clout hiring trial grabbed me:

`` Political operative Dominic Longo, of the controversial Coalition for Better Government group, made no apologies for going to bat for his people. "All my guys were qualified," Longo said.''

How many ways does he not get it.....


HDO has ruined city government. They put a bunch of unqualified nuts to run things. Most of them beling working at Mcdonald's.

Dominic Longo , Rod Blago , Dick Mell , the Moe ,Larry and Curley of the north side.

As much as this has been a way of hiring in Chciago, i'd like to know when this type of prosecution will be done for the President? Look at what "Brownie" brought us for FEMA? A Show Horse Owner - Trainer is qualified as a Director for Catastrophe Management? Gimme a break.

Mr. Longo certainly appears not to get it. The point is not whether the beneficiaries of clout were qualified or not. The point is that everyday taxpayers who were more qualified in many instances had no chance whatsoever to land these city jobs because the whole process was rigged. People understand that politics happens in both the private and public sector. However, this is something that went way overboard to virtually eliminate the possibility of qualified John or Jayne Doe citizen from getting a coveted city job.

How many ways you do not get it. They gave recommendations (not jobs, but recommendations) for these people. There are almost 6000 people on the list and the city has over 45,000 employees - and the media, and you, choose to focus on about 10 of those names because they have "clout". So, once you have "clout" you can not give a recomendation? I am sure each of you has needed a recommendation at one point in your life. I doubt that you would accuse each of those 6000 people of wrong doing. You choose only to accuse the people that you think has power. And, i am sure you have never even applied for a city job, but you will complain that you did not have one. The federal government should stick to issues in Washington and issues that affect the whole country.

Happens everyday in the private sector which is frustrating but legal. When it happens in the public sector not only is it frustrating it is illegal. It's a Chicago tradition of sorts that needed to be ended. Besides the FBI has to justify that nice new building they moved into. I wonder who got the contract to build that thing. Who looks into the "higher authority" government hiring and contracting anyway? Not saying I agree with Chicago's ways, just saying there is definetely a clout list on one of George W's computer's. Let's lead by example before we go after City government.

The only reason that Dick Daley and his cronies got rich off the city, is because of the morons who vote in the city. A one party system(similiar to what we have in the state but not as concentrated) leads to all encompassing corruption. Daley is like a little Nero playing his fiddle while he has an army of ex-felon's knocking on doors, but the real scary part is residents listen to these morons and keep voting in the same Democratic hacks. It's mind boggling that after years and years of corruption theywant a change, just goes to show you the average city voter has a low intelligence level. What has gotten better in the African American community for the last 40 years, LBJ's great society wasn't so great to the community,but yet they keep voting for the homosexual marriage loving democratic party. Why? it makes you wonder, both parties are corrupt ,epecially in this state. Dickie Daley is going to be the Democrats George Ryan. He is on his way down now. Daley has run a criminal empire, its kind of funny all the corrupt stuff that went on during his fathers regime, and the one who will be going to the crossbar hotel is jr. You see it on him everyday he is cracking. He knows its coming.And the Chicago voter let it happen.

Granted that list is only 6,000, but the type of jobs is key. When you live in the city, private companies discriminate, but working for the city or county (our taxes fund their budgets) is a fallback. Why should I settle for a low wage job at the city when I am qualified to be a manager or at a level comparable to that? That is the frustration. When they hired those kids to become building inspectors it was a slap in the face to adult men with families in the entire city. To be 19 and have your first job making 55K, that is sick and twisted. Then to say to the press "he was qualified" was even worse. Put them under the jail for wasting our tax money.


You and the defense say that the list is just recommendations. However, several witnesses at the trial including several former departmental hiring officials say that the requests were orders from the Mayor's Office. Beyond that is the fact that no person was hired or promoted in any decent paying city job without the blessing Daley's IGA office. Again, I said before that reasonable people understand how jobs are given in the real world. A lot of the time it is based on who you know. This City Hall deal is just too much when a qualified applicant has absolutely no chance because a less qualified person gets a position because they were merely "reccommended" by Daley's regime. I don't understand how you can excuse faking interviews and exam scores. Don't you get it? Or is your name Brid short for Bridgeport.

Unfortunately, not only are we saddled with political hacks doing jobs they aren't necessarily the best qualified to do, but while we are forced to work at menial jobs in our later years because our pensions have been gutted, they'll be living the high life with us paying their pensions too... Fire them all.

My son took all the tests and training to be a life guard. At the graduation ceremony at South Shore Cultural Center (Police Chief Terry Hillard was the guest speaker) they told them that every one of them would be hired (it was a week or 2 of unpaid training). But that wasn't true. I'm not sure if it's because we lived in a ward with a independent alderman or what the hiring criteria was, but none of the 3 neighborhood kids I drove to Lincoln Park for rookie training daily were ever hired (I was later told by someone that we really needed a sponsor to get in). In the end my son got a job at a private pool. It paid less, but at least he got something.

It's very discouraging for folks to go thru the effort and be told they will be hired based on certain criteria (they were told it was based on time from a swim test they took) and then are never called back. Even more so when they say on TV they have a shortage of guards when I guess what they really had was a shortage of "connected" guards, or guards who live in the right wards...

The entire scandel has probably cost the city lots of qualified and modivated individuals.

Chicago, the city that works? Well ONLY if you are sponsored by someone with Clout. Otherwise, forget about getting a job for the city. All you have to do is look at the picture of those two teenage building inspectors and you need to look no further.

The headlines should read:

"Chicago, the city of Patronage and Corruption"

I want a job. Can someone tell me how I get on the list? Should I still call Sorich or Fitzgerald? Can someone post the number I should call?

It tickles me when the comment is made that they were only recommendations. My question is based on what? In the real world, recommendations are made based upon the recommending party being comfortable that the person being recommended is qualified to perform that job. According to the testimony in the trial, Sorich and his crew were only making recommendations after receiving applicant's names from their sponsors.

It is apparent they did not know any of the applicants. Thusly, how do you recommend someone for a job that you have never met? How can you be comfortable that this person is qualified to perform the job that you are recommending them for? You can't.

The substantive issue here is that it didn't matter if one was qualified or not. It only mattered who they knew. Fortunately, they finally got caught and I wonder whether prison time is worth the benefits that certain people have received in that corrupt environment.

The fed's Mr. Collins is on the right track but has only discovered the "tip of the ice berg". Not only did all these clout heavy people get job's and extras, What about the voters who were denied PROPER REPRESENTATION ? These Boss's used these city workers to to get unqualified people elected into office. Officials like st sen Antonio "Tony" Munoz, st sen Iris Martinez, st Rep edward acevedo, Ray Reboyas, Alderman George Cardenas st sen martin sandoval amoung others. People who were qualified never stood a chance! How could they run a viable campaign against all of these 6000 city workers campaigning for the canidate that the power brokers put up to run for office? Anybody who spoke up for the average hard working citizen was immediatley eliminated.
These power brokers and thier 6000 goons had control of city services and were able to execute a city service request at the drop of a hat! They bought our votes with our own tax dollars! when are we as Chicagoans going to wake up? Where are these elected officials that victor reyes and Dominick Longo put into office for the mayor? The Only time you hear from them is when an election is approaching, then they send these job holders to your door asking if you need a garbagekart or a tree trimmned.
I suggest the next time an alleged "precinct captain" comes to your door asking you to vote for somebody and ask you if your in need of a city service, ask him for an ID, get his or her name and give pat Collins asst US Attorney a call at the Dirksen building and give him the information. These job holders don't care about the neighborhood or you. They just care about getting themselves and thier friends a job or promotions.
CHICAGO CAN have a corrupt free electoral system! But only if each and every voter does his or her civic duty and reports these problems.
Mayor Daley say's he was'nt aware, but he sure as hell benifited from it!
either he knew about it and signed off on it, Or He did'nt know about it and therefore INCOMPETENT and should'nt be "Da' Mayor".
And it sure makes the other city workers who are honest and doing a fine job, look bad.
Futhermore I'd Like to Commend U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and asst. U.S. Attorney Pat Collins as well as the many agent's involved and fighting for truth and fairness!
PS...Also be aware that HDO is now going around telling voters that they are not HDO they are now IPO.
Take care and wise up CHICAGO!! and I'll see you at the pol's!

Why are you folks pretending to be outraged. You do live in Chicago, after all. The rest of the country simply presumes corruption when it comes to the city on the lake.

When is the list going to get published? I'm curious to see who is on it.

I have read each and every entry for this blog. I just want to say that it's not fair for you all to judge every city worker as "morons and lowlifes". Believe it or not, there are many hard working city employees who take pride in their jobs and many of them work hard and try to stay on it as best they can in order to provide for their families. In addition, many of these entry-level and laborer positions deal with serving the public such as employees who work at different public service facilities or laborers that trim or plant trees, sanitation, repairing streets, sidewalks, etc. and sometimes the rest of the public either don't appreciate the services or just complain because they want something to complain about.
Whether it be in the public or private sector, there are indefinite flaws in relation to hiring employees and deciding promotions. Personally, I think it's despicable that many of these city workers that are layed off, fired, or retired are replaced with people who don't obivously don't what there doing and think they can get away with anything because they are being protected by HDO or what have you. The thing of it is, everyone wants to assume that every city worker is a loser but in reality there are always incompetent workers in every aspect of the workforce. When it all comes down to it, can't everyone be at least gratified that our city has these services such as our streets being clean, that we have garbage service every week, that we have running water and sewage in our homes. I mean, I have relatives that live in New York and whenever they come to Chicago they are just amazed at how Chicago is taken of.
If you could just walk in the streets of New York you would be disgusted at how sanitation is being handled and how in the middle of one the world's most famous and busiest streets, there are piles of trash bags being put out in front of the public way. If you think about it, many populated cities around the world wish they could have some type of service. A majority of the cities in thrid world countries don't even have proper sanitation or infrastructure or public water and sewage. That is a problem with us Americans; we don't realize how extremely well off we are and we are so focused on the media when it comes to controversey and scandal and that we think we know everything that's going just by basing our facts from one single artice in the paper.
I think the reason why this whole scandal was brought about was because the individuals and families that hog the contracts and jobs just don't play by the rules like everybody else, and in the end they get nailed because they didn't do a good job of covering their tracks. This whole scandal is just horrible and ridiculous. If Daley and his city council allies want to stay where they are, they better find a better way to streamline and modernize the system that would benifit everyone . There has got to be some way where the average person can apply for a job but also can have some type of help or recommendation in seeking a position. As for "Paul Piecarcyk" you must have voted for Art "Neo-Nazi" Jones at some point because the comments you have made sounds like a zealot that makes hasty political generalizations and stereotypes. People who think and speak like you is what makes our country so divided and hurtful. What do you know about the average city voter? Do you have any solid and educational evidence that makes the average city voter have a low intelligence level?
At least we voted and carried for a Presidential candidate who has a much better level intelligence than the person we have as our Commander in Chief.

Dont judge sounds very judgemental, atleast Im not a coward and use my name. As far as you Im not a sheep and didnt vote for Daley because he is corrupt and unlike you I believe in democracy ,not making King Ritchie my Diety. Mussoilini and Hitler picked up the garbage too you simpleton. As far as an education the guy I voted for president has more brains courage ,than a sheep could ever have. The one thing I love is the head sheep is taking the rest of the sheep over the cliff now!!!!You needed a political sponsor for your job, I did it on my own and have my own business. I dont have to ring doorbells for some hack politician to get a raise,ot to hide behind some hack politician when I get caught sleeping in my city truck. I did it on my own, came from a poor neighborhood, and all you are is an apologist for a criminal empire run by very small man. This guy could never had the tenure he has had without riggin the system. Now go read your paper on my dime ,you hack.

It must have been the problem when Maria Tabata-Callerame of Dorothy Brown's office located at 1001 tried to convey. That is after I was told I was hired, attended a two day new employee orientation, filled out all kinds of papers and was told to come back tomorrow for my job assignment. The third day I was told I was not what they were looking for and they will mail my check for the last two days. I guess they found out I did not know anyone in Chicago who had clout.
Not to mention, I was not given an explanation of any kind and was told I could send a letter/e-mail if really needed an explanation. So, I did. Guess what? No one received it and they still do not have reason. Did I mention I had been unemployed for three years, denied unemployment for a lack of $35.00 in my earnings (it was the first time I applied), and I have applied for over 789 jobs with no real success (benefits, permanacy or will not cause me any further health problems). Is this how Chicago works? I am soon to join your huddled masses occupying your streets and shelters. What is the problem. Is it tmuch too much to ask for a $$26,000-36,000 a year job with benefits for a person whohas worked since the age of 16 years?
One consolation is that I unable to contribute to Dorothy Brown's income or any other elected official. Because, I AM NOT WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR... oh, I can still vote. Guess who is not on my list. I asked for a reply, reason and I got nothing but a hard a__ time.
Can I get a real job or is all lost?

Their are 5,000 some precints in Cook County there are 60,000 city jobs. To make a person work to support a candidate to get a job ,or raise is what happened in the Soviet Union. To have a pile of human feces like Dominic Longo in control ( or Angel Torres) of that decision ,just goes to show you what stooges your average Chicago voter is. The apoligists who say Daley is good, good for who? Him , his buddies ? The Mob? who? He is no king ,he is a little man who ran a criminal emterprise ,bullied all the aldermen, who cower in fear now. Once this was discovered ,it is the beginning of the end for Daley. just like George Ryan he got too greedy. He and George were pals , tight. Prosecutor Fitzgerald is the best thing to hapen to Illinois. Anyone who believes Daley is/was good for Chicago....moron, simpleton or just a lazy political hack. When these armies of hack goons have nothing to gain by ringing doorbells (or in Longo's case stuffing ballot boxes) they will dissappear. The city will return to pre machine form. Dont Judge=No Brains

Lets give credit where credit is due, Thanks to Frank Avila, Mark Brown, Tim Novak, and Patrick McDonough, the Hired Truck Scandal opened the doors for the feds. Fran Speilman started pounding and exposing Mayor Daley's lies. Maybe David Orr would be a great Mayor. Daley belongs in jail with Sorich. Enough is Enough.

For most people, greater health benefits can be obtained by engaging in physical contains additional recommendations for specific populations. WBR LeoP

I was a member of the CBG from 1997 to 2006. I was listed as one of the clout members on the 6000 list and also listed as one of the Mayors henchmen in another publication. I started as Precinct Captain and I have since split friendship with callicio and longo. I might be willing to bend your ear on a few things. You how we say in Chicago-reach out to me!

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