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Bush: To raise $23 million for GOP House and Senate campaigns at Monday funder. Country music star Gretchen Wilson to sing at GOP dinner.

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President Bush headlines a big cattle call of a fundraiser....but it will raise, to paraphrase the president, ``a heck of a lot'' of money.

I've been to these events before and will try to cover this evening. To raise this kind of money, the GOP committees booked the D.C. convention center for a massive dinner party. Hardly intimate, but gives the out-of-towners bragging rights about having dinner with the president.

Almost every GOP member of Congress attends this dinner, heavily populated by corporate lobbyists.

JUNE 19, 2006

This morning, President Bush will deliver the commencement address at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Later, he will make remarks at the 2006 President's Dinner in Washington, DC.

10:00 am: EDT THE PRESIDENT delivers Commencement Address at The United States Merchant Marine Academy
The United States Merchant Marine Academy | Kings Point, New York

8:10 pm: EDT THE PRESIDENT makes Remarks at the 2006 President’s Dinner
Washington Convention Center | Washington, DC

from the GOP committees

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Looks like they are trying to buy the 2006 elction

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