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Al fresco: Chicago going to the dogs. Should dogs be allowed to hang with owners at outdoor cafes?


This is a little off of Blogger Sweet's usual territory....but it is a public policy question of note... I just caught the report on how Ald. Walter Burnett (27th) wants to allow dogs to accompany owners at outdoor restaurants in Chicago.

Is this really necessary?


In the "is it really necessary" area, is it really necessary that we jailed James Laski or many other politicians for doing acts similar to what Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan etc. do all the time? Bush and Clinton go to fundraisers and accept checks and donations for their campaigns. Laski accepted a check for himself to help with his house repair allegedly. Laski is supposedly having problems with anxiety. Imagine the life of most politicians. What does that life mean? It means doing 100's of hours of unpaid volunteer work and not getting a dime for it. Because 100's of hours of volunteer work are not reimbursed, people like Laski need to find a way to get funds to eat and take care of families. Their brains are clouded into accepting money to somehow cover bills. This "exploitation of politicians" hypothesis is maybe not so clearly true of Laski, but it is true of others. Consider this, judges regularly put people away in jail for non-violent crimes. How many of those people put away die in prison? Is there a difference between standing on a corner and shooting someone by mistake (" I was trying to see how this worked, I was playing soldier, I was playing with this thing")and serving too much alcohol and someone dying as a result or a judge putting someone in jail and the person dying in jail. The difference is that we execute the person who is playing with a gun and we do nothing sometimes about the person serving too much alcohol or putting someone in jail for non-violent crimes. Law is rule by the victor sometimes. Nuremberg crimes tribunals could very easily be brought against judges who put people in jail where they are harmed. Nuremberg crimes tribunals could very easily be brought against schools serving alcohol each day resulting in many, many deaths in an environment of people discussing alcohol's supposed and sometimes misleading health benefits. I want you to always recall that law is often a reign of victors. Many judges who have put people on death row could just as easily put any of us on death row for serving too much alcohol, putting someone in jail and being harmed, being too mean, being too persistent, hitting someone, punching someone, giving someone shots, or being too demanding. Supreme Court Justice Henry Jackson could be there ready to bring charges against any of us. Some of us are lucky not to have the charges brought. Universities regularly bury their students as they serve so much alcohol and put people in debt. Henry Jackson will be there some day; it is just a matter of time before each of us realize how we all could just as easily be charged and convicted with crimes of similar gravity to the Nuremberg trials but of less magnitude.

If I see an animal at a Chicago restaurant, it had better be on my plate and smothered in grilled onions.

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