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Sweet Column: Obama backers talking up 2008. Cranks up political operation. UPDATE1 $1 million political cash on hand. UPDATE2 Obama meets with British PM Blair


Chatter is increasing among supporters of Sen. Barack Obama about him jumping into the 2008 presidential race as he cranks up his political operation.

UPDATE 1 Democrat Obama’s Washington D.C.-based political action committee, Hopefund, reported raising $474,433 and spending $320,449 in April, leaving cash-on-hand at the end of April of $1,005,902.
California is Obama's HOPEFUND top donor state.

Hopefund, Inc.
Donor State Break-Out (source: PoliticalMoneyLine)
1. $508,938 CA
2. $445,450 IL
3. $258,353 NY
4. $186,451 MA
5. $185,306 TX

Obama, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and three other senators breakfasted Friday morning with British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the British Embassy in Washington. Also attending was British Prime Minister David Manning.

UPDATE 3 (Inserted in item)

for details on HOPEFUND, go to

Obama is now being helped by Washington public affairs strategist Minyon Moore, a Chicago native and veteran of the Clinton White House, who will serve as an unpaid adviser to develop an outreach plan for African Americans.

Obama (D-Ill.) is also adding to his team another Democratic strategist, Anita Dunn, to fill in through the end of the year as chief of his HOPEFUND political action committee. (UPDATE 3. Dunn was the media strategist for Democrat Blair Hull, who ran against Obama in his 2004 Ilinois Senate primary.)

Dunn, an adviser to '08 possible contender Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), is close to Obama's chief of staff.

The 2008 talk is not being stoked by the freshman Obama camp, but is surging from all sorts of backers who see no reason for him to pass up this cycle. One thing Obama's popularity and big political war chest bring -- he would not have to mount a White House bid in order to be considered for vice president on a ticket.


And political donations are a crime for James Laski or George Ryan, but not the same way for Obama, Bush or Clinton. There is some truth that we just persecute certain people and certain organizations. Imagine how long ago James Laski would have been jailed for having cash on hand. Or so many others. Hypocrisy is abundant.

With regard to Enron, I made some comments about the use of community service to respond to some resources. If some companies overstate profits, the SEC says

1. Issue a correction to all shareholders that profits were overstated by $638 million.

2. Find out who was the source of the overvaluation. Ask Andrew Fastow etc. to improve accounting skills.

3. Andersen is not debarred. Enron might go through a temporary bankruptcy but not a permanent closure.

4. SEC states stock values drop regularly. Chicago's share of Enron may rise in future like any stock.

5. Employees and pension who profited from overvaluation will maintain jobs for as long as they can be paid. Value of stock will rise possibly.

6. The adversial system creates some large part of the problem.The making a profit system creates the effort of people to inflate profits.

My joke was "Let's jail everyone who overdrew their accounts and did not publicize it in future job interviews. We all overstated our profits and understated our debt. See all of you in Supermax."

Recall there will be aftershocks in Indonesia. I asked some zoos to look at appropriate birds to study response to earthquakes.

James T. Struck

What is the attraction ? Let his get some experience first.

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