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Sweet column: Hillary talks about running for president.


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) talked about how grueling and stressful it is to run for president the other night at the National Archives.
She outlines what it takes to run for president. She may have been talking about herself.
Click below. Does Hillary have the right stuff?

These are the words chiseled into the facade of the National Archives: "The past is prologue.''

So no better place for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to talk about what it really takes to run for president. Clinton is looking at a 2008 White House run, presuming she is re-elected this November. She knows firsthand about what she called the "overwhelmingly stressful'' proposition of running for president.

Clinton was interviewed Tuesday night by the archivist of the United States, Allen Weinstein, in one of a series of what the National Archives calls an "American Conversation.'' Clinton, wearing a shocking pink "labcoat'' over a blue pants suit, was relaxed. She talked a little about growing up in Park Ridge, her father, a "staunch Republican,'' and her mother, the "silent Democrat.''

She recalled hearing about voting in Chicago while in seventh grade. "In the old days, people wanted to die in Chicago so they could come back and vote.''

Clinton has told people I've talked to that she will run for president only if she thought she had a chance to win.

She knows well what it takes to mount a White House bid. As the spouse of Bill Clinton, she's seen two presidential campaigns close-up, in 1992 and 1996.

There is a crowd on both sides of the aisle considering a presidential candidacy. Here's advice from Clinton, who one day may apply it to herself:

"You have to really enjoy it or don't try it. I think it is grueling, it is overwhelming stressful, you have to like people, you have to care about the issues you are talking about.

"You have to want to listen to people. It is the greatest experience politically you can have, but you have to go into it with your eyes wide open, because it is unlike any, anything else in politics or probably life that you will ever experience.''


Hillary needs to boost her image. Her approval rating is 34%...just a few points above our inept president! Bill Clinton's good ratings don't seem help her. Long way to November 2008, though.
Fresh face Gov Mark Warner..with no baggage..might end up with the best chance to win.

Mark Warner doesn't stand a chance against Hillary in the primaries.

Hillary would be the best thing to happen to the Republicans (and talk radio hosts too!) if she were to run for the presidency. She would energize the Republican base far more than any possible candidate we have on the horizon.

Run, Hillary, run.

Who is she kidding? Of course she will run. She says it's "stressful"? Who has more experience with stress than Hillary.

I'm sure Mayor Daley appreciated her comment about voting in Chicago.

Let's look into the future. 8 years as President in the White House, then on to honcho of the United Nations, then to President of the World Bank, and then Pope.

The little girl from Park Ridge realizes her dreams.

I suggest that JustHillay do run faithfully for the coming U.S. presidential candidate ellection and I do hope she will win.May GOD bless Pres. CLINTON and family AMEN.

it seems to me that we always need a clinton to clean up a bushes mess. she has my vote for sure, cause this country is in one big economical mess......

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