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A few days ago I posted a blog item about the Bush-Blair press conference where I identified the British journalist, Toby Harnden, who got the leaders to talk about their mistakes.

Later I talked to Harnden, a friend, to chat about the press conference and...well you can read his take on my probing questions about British proper attire at

here is an excerpt from Harnden:

The only person to identify me by name so far (I was a mere "British reporter" on CNN and MSNBC and in today's Washington Post is my friend "scooper and digger" (ABC's The Note Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, whose blog link is above.

Lynn called to ask me why I was the only reporter there not wearing a jacket (or "coat", in US parlance), which had me offering my own mea culpa about being a scruffy Brit forgetting the dress code for those East room occasions. In my defence, however, I was wearing a tie.

#posted by Toby @ 7:20 PM


Looking at he pattern of mistakes, which Emperors Blair and Bush "have admitted to," I think it is very useful to think of the situation poetically, as a crisis of the modern, "Cities of the Plain." Perhaps, a viewing of the painting by Gustave Dore, "The Destruction of Sodom," would help clarify and crystallize the sense of the times we live in. In any event, the pattern of collapse of these regimes, including Bush, Blair, and Chirac, in their insane attempts to impose a modern version of a world empire, today, known as "globalization," can only end where the famous Biblical account of the fall of the Tower of Babel, instructs us.
It's one thing to "admit mistakes," its another thing to "change your evil ways." One would hope that relevant parts of the US. and British establishemnts would heed the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche and return the U.S. to being a sovereign nation-state Republic based on science and technological advancement in manufacturing and agricultural and dump these insane schemes for global empire based on cheap labor free-trade insanities!!! Now, that would be a REAL CHANGE and not just a token admission of minor errors of judgemnt. Gerald Pechenuk

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