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Sweet column: This morning, Bush in Chicago to talk about war on terror, new Iraq government and immigration. At National Restaurant Show. Meets with Israeli PM Olmert Tuesday.


President Bush, in a Chicago speech today, will underscore the need for Congress to send him a broad package of immigration reforms, as well as discuss the Iraq war and the new Iraq government.

In addition, I've been reading tea leaves and feel comfortable in writing that Bush will be returning to Chicago at some point to headline a fund-raiser for GOP gubernatorial nominee Judy Baar Topinka, the state treasurer.

Bush's speech will be delivered to the National Restaurant Association's giant annual trade show at McCormick Place and was originally billed as an address only on the "global war on terror."

However, Bush's talk was broadened to include another push for what is called a "comprehensive" immigration plan -- dealing with border security, temporary workers and legalizing the status of illegal immigrants in the United States.

Group opposes House bill

The president is also expected to make formal remarks about the swearing in of a new government in Iraq, which signifies, Bush said Sunday, a "new chapter in our relationship with Iraq."

The restaurant association backs comprehensive legislation and is an opponent of the bill the House passed Dec. 16 on the strength of GOP votes because it adds a variety of penalties to employers who hire illegal immigrants and lacks a temporary worker program. The Senate, with a bipartisan coalition, is taking the "comprehensive" approach supported by Bush.

Bush delivered a prime-time address on immigration a week ago in which he called for deployment of the National Guard. He followed that with a quick visit near the Mexican border at Yuma, Ariz.

Bush is "certainly going to talk about immigration and explain what his policy is and why he believes in it," White House press secretary Tony Snow said.

Topinka to meet and run

The restaurant association was booked well in advance, and the venue was not picked because the association is campaigning for Bush's immigration approach, which has divided Republicans in Congress.

On the political side, when Bush lands in Chicago, he will be greeted by, among others, Topinka.

She will not attend the speech because she will board her own campaign charter plane as soon as she shakes hands with Bush to head to Bloomington, where she has a previously scheduled major fund-raiser.

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The President did talk about Iraq .But not a word about troops with mental problems being sent back there.And he said we use the V.A. as a example for good service.Ok Mr. President now you are in my zone.Waiting list are huge for veterans.Under your last four veterans budget 1.5 million veterans lost there health care.Homeless veterans are now 33% of all the homeless.Returning troops are doing the two week dance.They see a doctor and are being told come back in two weeks.When they go back in two weeks there a whole new doctor and are again told to come back in two weeks this dance for a lot of our heroes is still going on with them recieving no treatment.This is one way our dear VA get our heroes angry so they walk away.Veterans from all over this country are now facing loss of benefits under your new 2007 veterans budget that J.Dennis Hastert pushed in the House.With the preview of the 2008 veterans budget over 3.1 million veterans will lose all health care.Like I said you walk into the Head of Veterans For Progress we know what's going on not like the people you spoke to.So stop using us veterans in your speachs and tell the public the truth about what your budgets are doing to us.

President Bush is at a restaurant trade show? Cool.
Midwest has lost hundreds of thousands of very high paying factory jobs under Bush.
Many are now in fast foods....but according to the GOP.."fully employed!!".
Right..and I just saw Elvis go by in a flying saucer!

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