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Patrick Kennedy: ``I struggle everyday with the disease.'' Checking into rehab for addiction and depression treatment. Cancels Friday Chicago visit. EXCLUSIVE: Chris Kennedy


``I simply do not remember getting out of bed,'' Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) said Friday, speaking tearfully before flying off to Mayo for another round of rehab.
He read a statement and took no questions after a short session in the House radio-tv gallery.
Kennedy was to be in Chicago Friday--instead he will be in Minnesota, wrestling with his personal demons.
First cousin Chris Kennedy, president of the company operating the Merchandise Mart told me, ``there is a genetic element to all this. but his good genes are stronger than his bad genes and he will rebound.''

Click for statement from his father, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.)


“I love Patrick very much and am very proud of him. All of us in the family admire his courage in speaking publicly about very personal issues and fully support his decision to seek treatment. He has taken full responsibility for events that occurred Wednesday evening, and he will continue to cooperate fully in any investigation.

I have the rare and special honor of being able to serve with my son in the Congress, and I have enormous respect for the work Patrick has done. The people of the 1st District of Rhode Island have a tireless champion for the issues they care about, and, today, I hope they join me in feeling pride and respect for a courageous man who has admitted to a problem and taken bold action to correct it.��?


``I never asked for any preferential treatment''--Rep. Patrick Kennedy

The morning shows were roaring with the news of Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I) and his car crash near the Capitol. Did he get any special treatment? Was he under the influence of alcohol, as officers on the scene allege, or was it as Kennedy said--under the influence of Ambien and another prescription drug. Kennedy denied drinking.
He is scheduled to be in Chicago tonight for a fundraiser for himself. It's scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Cadillac Palace Theater on Randolph Street. Cocktails at 7 p.m. Performance of Spamalot at 8

Will he keep the date?
Kennedy is scheduled to give press interviews in Rhode Island this afternoon to see if he can explain his way out of the mess.
I know Kennedy--he's affable and into being a lawmaker. Sorry he's in another mess.

from the Associated Press...

Rep. Patrick Kennedy says he'd taken a prescription anti-nausea drug that can cause drowsiness, but consumed no alcohol, before crashing his car near the Capitol.

In a statement, Kennedy, D-R.I., said the attending physician for Congress had prescribed Phenergan to treat Kennedy's gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

Kennedy said that after working Wednesday evening he went home and took ``prescribed'' amounts of Phenergan and Ambien, another drug that he sometimes takes to fall asleep.

In his statement, Kennedy said he was apparently disoriented from the drugs when he got up a little before 3 a.m. Thursday and drove to the Capitol thinking he needed to be present for a vote


Too late Dems, there are already several witnesses who state they saw Kennedy drinking in the bars before he went out and nearly killed a Capitol Hill Police Officer. Oh yeah, what goes around comes around and this is gonna be good.

Along with Cynthia McKinney's unlawful assault on a Capitol Hill Police Officer, the American people really are starting to wonder just why it is that Democrats have such a problem with Law Enforcement Officers? We already know the Democrats don't support the war on terror and frequently take the side of the enemy, so it's little wonder they also have a problem with Police Officers.

A vicious Democrat Partisan Prosecutor goes on a witch hunt in Florida after Rush Limbaugh who didn't almost kill a police officer driving under the influence like Kennedy. Nor did he kill another human being like the other Kennedy (Daddy Teddy).

Vice president Cheney has a hunting accident caused by a man who unfortunately walked into his field of fire. The Democrats with their propaganda wing, the MSM make hay out of it for weeks.

A Democrat darling, Congressman Patrick Kennedy drives drunk or under the influence of drugs, is an admitted drug and alcohol addict, has been in and out of drug & alcohol rehab and nearly kills a Capitol Hill police officer and the MSM there is nary a whisper and those that do mention it rush to his defense.

The Democrat Culture of Corruption is futher exposed by the Patrick Kennedy case.

Once again, simply more proof that the press and MSM are all highly partisan Democrats with no credibility. The media is a joke and not to be taken seriously.

I wish my name was Cynthia McKennedy. Maybe I could have gotten a break when I slugged that cop.

This is the day in and day out drivel that gets poured into our ears everyday. Patrick Kennedy however would blame the press of course for exaggerating the situation out of his favor. Based on what I have read surrounding the situation, it sounds to me like Patrick was soaring sky high that night. Perhaps he did have an episode caused by a reaction to medication. Yo P.K. the bottle says swallow with water, NOT JACK DANIELS. The really sad part is that these are the people who make decisions for us. This man actually has a voice for the people. So he drunkenly crashes his car the day before a fund raiser to be held in his name. Not to mention the fact that he told people he was going to the Capitol so that he could vote at 3 am. THESE ARE THE BRAINS THAT MAKE CHOICES FOR US. This is what is said now. However once the truth gets out from a witness at the bar he was at. He’ll get up in front of the world make a public apology, and he may make mention to the idea that not everybody is perfect and that mistakes happen.
Well guess what Pat, your right not everybody is perfect, and mistakes happen, but guess what, then Kennedy’s happen.
If more people were honest like me they would say it. Pat Kennedy, I wish I was you. It must be great to be completely oblivious in life without a care in the world.

Like father like son..were any dead women found in his car?

Sounds like PK shouldn't have been on the road. Also sounds like nothing but partisan posturing in the previous comments. The problem of special treatment and corruption in politics is not a partisan issue. Any Representative who got in such an accident would have found themselves treated with lenience by police officers. Pointing out which party he belongs to ignores the actual issue; it is a question of social class.

To the person who wrote, "Democrats... frequently take the side of the enemy." Please die in a fire, your attitude smacks of McCarthyism. Declaring war on a noun will not and can not work (see: Drugs). Declaring war on Osama bin Laden and his supporters can work, and yes, that is different from a "War on Terror".

Final Thought: That was not hyperbole. Die in a fire.

Why do the Kennedys think they are above the law and can tell such blatant (and easily refuted) lies, e.g., Patrick saying he wasn't drinking? I can only hope he shares a jail cell with George Ryan, but I doubt that will happen. George gets convicted on entirely circumstantial evidence. Kennedy appears guilty based on factual, direct evidence, but he'll never see a jail cell or even a criminal courtroom. As his late cousin JohnJohn once remarked: poster boy for bad behavior.

After reading some of these post,I see heartless people.There is no proof Kennedy was drinking.But yet I see talking point from the RNC here as a Republican I am a SHAME OF THESE POST

Teddy says he was 'tireless", but was taking sleeping pills

To you desperate GOPer's. Looking to take advantage of any little thing as your party crumbles. The only reports that even mention a witness seeing Kennedy having a drink at a bar is on Fox News. Certainly not a reliable or partisan source. Also, while the police officer described Kennedy's balance, speech and watery eyes, he left out one important thing. The odor of alcohol!! Surely the officer would have said he smelled that as well. Not to mention, the warning label of the perscription Kennedy was taking mentions reactions exactly with what the cop noticed. Also, check out the story of 3/8/06 in the New York Times about the growing problem of people "sleepwalking and driving" because of taking the same medication. Sounds like all Kennedy's facts check out. But I forget, Republican's don't care about facts. Not to pile it on, but Limbaugh forged perscriptions to get his medications, a felony!!! So stop being the hypocrites you are for one moment and get the facts straight.

Obviously, few of us were there and really know what happened. Thank God nobody got hurt. Thank God Patrick is seeking help and hopefully, this time it'll really take. Meantime, I don't think partisanship plays into this. Rush Limbaugh's story had just as many holes. Had it been a high profile Republican Congressman, I'm sure he would've received similar, "curtisies."It's time to wish the best for a human being who obviously is troubled, before he hurts himself or others. I wish the same for Rush or anyone in this situation. Hopefully, there is a lesson to be learned by Patrick and all of us in this tragic situation.

From beyond...gurgle gurgle gurgle!

Has PK ever been married? Does he have any children?

no and no

What your title suggests, but you leave out, is that: he is bipolar, which one DOES have to struggle with everyday; and he is VERY courageous in admitting it, hoping to take the stigma from it. With his family's money, he does not have to work and certainly not in the unmerciful arena of politics, trying to make life better as with his programs to expand educational and mental health programs.

Also, you fail to mention that he went through a 12 hours surgery when he was in college, or just before he entered, to remove a tumor on his spine. His recuperation took a year! NO ONE mentions that when referring to his admitted addiction to pain killers. There's NO evidence he's illegally shopped for doctors to give him extra, extra, extra drugs as with Rush L, who believes everyone shd understand why he committed a crime.

People can fail to mention that he went through a twelve hours surgery when he was studying in college, to remove a tumor on his spine. The use of drug and alcohol It badly affects our body so people should be aware of these bad effects.

It needs a big heart to tell publicly that he is suffering from addiction and depression. Patrick has that courage. Its good that he went to rehab center to get the treatment. I wish him all the best.
- David

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