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Obama: Previews new book, ``The Audacity of Hope'' Writes about his ``spooky good fortune.''


Sen. Barack Obama tomorrow previews his new book, ``The Audacity of Hope: Reclaiming the American Dream'' at the annual expo of the American Booksellers Association, this year meeting in Washington. The book will be published in October, but the hype machine is starting right now.

In a sample chapter (find it at) he writes of hs first days in the Senate and his campaign for the job.

``There was just one problem: my campaign had gone so well that it looked like a fluke.''

here are some excerpts from a sample chapter relesed on Friday.....

It was with that mind-set that I had entered the U.S. Senate
race in 2004. For the duration of the campaign I did my best
to say what I thought, keep it clean, and focus on substance.
When I won the Democratic primary and then the general
election, both by sizable margins, it was tempting to believe
that I had proven my point.

There was just one problem: my campaign had gone so well
that it looked like a fluke. Political observers would note that
in a field of seven well-financed Democratic candidates, not
one of us ran a negative ad. The wealthiest candidate of all—a
former trader worth $400 million—spent $30 million on positive
ads, only to flame out in the final weeks due to an unflattering
divorce file that the press got unsealed.

My Republican
opponent, a handsome and wealthy former Goldman Sachs
partner turned inner-city teacher, started attacking my record
almost from the start, but before his campaign could get off
the ground, he was felled by a divorce scandal of his own. For
the better part of a month, I traveled Illinois without drawing
fire, before being selected to deliver the keynote address at
the Democratic National Convention—eighteen minutes of
unfiltered, uninterrupted airtime on national television. And
finally the Illinois Republican Party inexplicably chose as my
opponent former presidential candidate Alan Keyes, a man
who had never even lived in Illinois and who proved so fierce
and unyielding in his positions that even conservative
Republicans were scared of him.''

Later, some reporters would declare me the luckiest
politician in the entire fifty states. Privately, some of my
staff bristled at this assessment, feeling that it discounted
our hard work and the appeal of our message. Still, there
was no point in denying my almost spooky good fortune. I
was an outlier, a freak; to political insiders, my victory
proved nothing.

No wonder then that upon my arrival in Washington
that January, I felt like the rookie who shows up after the
game, his uniform spotless, eager to play, even as his mudsplattered
teammates tend to their wounds.''


I have never witnessed a supposed journalist writing so many puff pieces on one individual. You have not looked at one thing he has done with an exacting eye. It gives rise to the thought that you have a crush on this man. Very sad.
Lynn Sweet reply....Please look at all the reporting I have done over the past two years.....most stories from this year on obama are kept stored in the ``obama file'' on the right side of my blog.

After reading the excerpt, it's obvious to me that the Democrats have found their "Reagan". He's a man of thought and conviction and he has the ability to get his points across just like Reagan.

I will say this as the Head of Veterans For Progress IL. This man has done more for veterans in his short term then most on the Hill.Every promise he made to us has been kept.If it where not for Republicans stopping bills he put out .The veterans now would have insured funding for the VA. This Sen. is the real deal.Thats why Republican on the hill stop his bills.

I love the book. You have to be positive..In all that hes done it looks as if he will run for president in the up coming years.

Yes, I agree with The New York Times reviewer's statement "Obama is that rare politician who can actually write". He can not only write, he can write exceedingly well also. He will be a great politician if only he decides now to follow in the foot-steps of the great Mahatma Gandhi and the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther king, two beacons of non-violence. He will make an impact only if he commits himself to non-violence at all cost. But I have been alarmed at his statement that he is not opposed to bombing Iran at some selected targets on a small scale. Which shows that, unlike Rev. Martin Luther King, he is not totally against wars. Also, his sympathy for the long-suffering Palestinians is questionable: He rarely talks about them!
Yesh Prabhu, author of "The Beech Tree"

You could say that I love this man. I think he is smart, handsome and so far a good role model for men. I'm not sure if he kept his promise to is state, but I'm reading his book and enjoying it. Anyone that know me I do not read those type of books. I think that if he continue he could be the next president, whenever he want to run. I been follow his career now for 2 years and because of him, I know more than I knew before.

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