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Jed Bartlet: Cleans out Oval Office. ``West Wing'' finale. McClellan on Leno.


I was outside the West Wing on Friday morning, watching the Marine guards do that sort of swirl pivot off each other at the main door on the driveway that they do when they change shifts.....having just missed the first gaggle of new White House press secretary Tony Snow because he switched the times and made it earlier....and I got there a little later because I was at a breakfast briefing with Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-S.C.) who admitted the Republicans have a few challenges to keep control of the Senate in November (`` No question about it, the wind has been in our faces. The wind has been in our faces for over a year.")....when I realized.....Sunday is the finale of ``West Wing.''...

I came to the series late, in 2004.
And you?

Meanwhile, this message from NBC

Burbank, CA -- May 11, 2006 -- "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (Monday - Friday, 11:35 p.m. - 12:37 a.m. ET on NBC) will welcome former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan on Tuesday, May 16 for his first media appearance since retiring from his government post nearly one week ago.

McClellan will be sharing an inside look at his tenure as the chief spokesman for President Bush, the confrontations he had with the press and his plans for retirement.

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" is from Big Dog Productions in association with NBC Universal Television Studios. Debbie Vickers is the executive producer.


I'm a long time fan of the show. Frankly, I'm disappointed that it's ending. This year the show reminded me of its best years and I would've loved to see it continue with actors like Smits and Alda in it.

I remain convinced that NBC is going to pull a fast one on the American public by using the last scheduled episode of the Bartlett administration to announce the beginning of the Santos White House on a renewed West Wing next year. This is just to good of a viewing vehicle to take off the airwaves ... it entertains and it educates. The newwork would be a hero with this move.

I too hope that they are going to pull a fast one on us-sort of like the New Coke/Coke Classic thing- and come back in the Fall. The writing/story line is superior to anything else on TV. Finally, a thinking man's show and they cancel it. I don't watch much TV except for it. I am profoundly sad.

I was beside myself last night. A great show, well written, great characters and now it's gone. My husband and I enjoyed the first episode last night as much as the finale. It's amazing how after 8 years they kept their characters true to themselves. Bring back the Santos White House!

I also thought that they would do a new WW, with the Santos administration, cameos by Barlett. But, I saw that NBC has a new series on, and it stars Bradley Whitford and Tim Busfield (CJ's man Danny). I doubt "Josh" can be in two places at once.. sigh.. it saddens me the WW is done

Speaking about "cleaning out the Oval Office," brings to my mind the case of Karl Rove!!! Lynn, Have you heard anything on the "REAL LIFE" drama unfolding of his indictment and subsequent resignation. If that happens, can Cheney's involvement in this case not come into the immediate attention of the entire world? Can YOU enlighten us on this, O WISE WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT? Gerald Pechenuk

I was and still am a big fan of the show. I hope the Santos administration will be on the tv next season. I feel that we are going to be surprised if it is not. Sombody will and has to pick it up.

The best TV serie of all time. Let the Santos keep the series going.

Tomas Hakansson

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