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Immigration: Senate is trying again.


Will the Senate get back on track on immigration?

from Senate Dems


“Every day we wait to fix our immigration system, the situation gets worse.��?

Washington, DC—Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today delivered the following Floor remarks on the need to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate. Democrats are urging Republicans to put aside their internal party differences and work for comprehensive reform for America’s broken immigration system.

Remarks of Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid

As prepared

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Mr. President, yesterday marked another day of peaceful, dignified rallies across the country in support of comprehensive immigration reform. These rallies underscore the need for Congress to pass a strong and effective immigration bill this year.

Last Friday, I had the privilege of discussing this subject with Roger Cardinal Mahony, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, and Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, the Archbishop of Washington.

It was a very moving meeting for me, and I appreciated the chance to speak with two such kind and thoughtful men. Both of them have been tremendous leaders on the issue of immigration reform. We all agreed that it is of the utmost importance for Congress to move forward with an immigration bill as soon as possible.

Last week, I also met with President Bush at the White House, along with many of my Democratic and Republican colleagues. As I said after that meeting, I am not in the habit of patting the President on the back, but he really deserved credit for calling us together and for hosting a good, bipartisan meeting.

I made clear to the President that Senators on this side of the aisle are committed to comprehensive immigration reform. I pledged to work with him and the Majority Leader in a bipartisan way on this important issue.

Every day we wait to fix our immigration system, the situation gets worse.

As I have said many times, our current immigration system is broken. We must have a cohesive, coordinated effort to strengthen border security, create legal mechanisms for American companies to hire essential temporary employees and encourage the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States to come out of the shadows. We need to know who these people are and make sure they are productive, law-abiding, tax-paying members of the community. We must also have proper employer sanction enforcement, so that employers do not hire undocumented individuals with impunity.

But the question remains: how will we move forward here in the Senate?

Over the Easter recess, I sent a letter to the Majority Leader urging him to bring the immigration bill back before the full Senate at the earliest opportunity. I expressed my view that the Senate should resume the immigration debate immediately after we complete work on the supplemental appropriations bill.

The supplemental bill will be completed this week. Therefore, I continue to believe that such a schedule makes sense. Few other issues are as important, and no other issue is as ripe for Senate debate. Surely we can pass a good comprehensive immigration bill before the Memorial Day recess.

To accomplish that goal, I want to reach an agreement with the Majority Leader on a process for completing debate. There are two basic elements to such an agreement: the number of amendments and an understanding about how the bill will be handled in Conference with the House.

Opponents have filed hundreds of amendments to weaken or kill the compromise bill. We are prepared to debate and vote on some of those amendments, but there must be some finite number. I have made clear to the Majority Leader that I am flexible about the number we will vote on.

Earlier I suggested three amendments per side. Today, I suggest we vote on ten amendments per side, for a total of twenty amendments. With potential second degree amendments, we could have as many as forty votes. I am willing to have that many votes if that is what it takes to move this legislation forward. But this bill will take many days to finish.

As important as the number of amendments is what happens in Conference.

With Republicans in the House having passed a bill making all undocumented immigrants felons, with the House majority leader publicly dismissing the Senate’s bill, and with the House Judiciary Committee Chairman serving as the sponsor of the felon provision in the House legislation, it is imperative we have a firm agreement on who the conference participants will be before moving to the bill.

I have said in the past the most equitable membership would consist of the Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee. However, if the distinguished Majority leader has an alternate proposal that will protect the completion of a fair Conference, I will listen, as will Senator Leahy the ranking member of Judiciary.

We cannot allow the House to hijack this bill and destroy the Senate Judiciary Committee’s bipartisan work. Under these unusual circumstances, conference protections are indispensable.

There are many kinds of possible conference protections. But the most straightforward way is to appoint the members of the Judiciary Committee as conferees. They understand this complex subject, and they are committed to the Senate approach. The Committee ratio is 10-8, so the majority has a two vote margin.

The concept of sending the full committee to conference is hardly unprecedented. The Appropriations Committee and the Armed Services Committee typically send their entire membership to conference. The Judiciary Committee has done this on prior occasions. One way or another, it is crucial that this bill be the product of ­bipartisan consensus.

I hope that we can work together toward adequate assurances that the Senate’s delicate compromise will not be filibustered by amendments or blown up in conference.

Immigration reform is vital to America’s national security. We have an obligation to act, and I look forward to the Senate resuming this important debate in the very near future.



Now that Sen. Reid position is written, I fully agree on his determination and desire to have a comprehensive immigration reform plan. I hope that this time there will be no more finger pointing but instead all of the participants in the House and Senate will work together as a team to come up with a reasonable and productive new immigration law. Let's never look back on what happened in the past but rather look forward for the betterment of the USA. Good luck and god bless...From a concerned resident of LA, CA.

The media continually state the Republican Party is in deep trouble over the illegal immigration issue. I submit to you, it is the Democratic Party that is in great peril. It would surely behoove many Democratic politicians to read these messages we are posting. I have voted as a Democrat all my life, but with the view that most Democrats hold I am seriously rethinking my vote. The Democratic Party is taking for granted the votes of the middle class, the poor and disenfranchised. To that end it could cost them the mid term elections and the elections that follow after. The American people will not forget how they have been treated (poorly) while illegal aliens get better treatment, and more services than they. It is time for the leaders of the Democratic Party to truly wake up and instead of listening to 12 - 20 million illegal aliens, they need to listen to 200 plus million of their constituents.

In my opinion illegal aliens should have the right to receive rights. for example the permanent llegalization. everyone is sons of God so why descriminate them? they just come here to work and live a better life. is working a crime? I hope one day the world will be filled with piece and justice.

This proposed bill makes complete sense. And look, if every illegal immigrant pays the fine of $2000 (and they would) - That will give the country the power (of 20 billion) to increase staffing for USCIS, build the wall on the southern border and life goes on as before, equally for everybody. From this point on, the legal immigration should be enforced.
The fact is, that america creates many opportunities - and american people are the first to take advantage of them. Most immigrants are more skilled and willing to work hard. This is how America was build in the first place.
We are all people and need to treat ourselves that way. It is not an excuse to complain that you lost your job to somobody who does it better (and happens to be an immigrant, besides, how many of us are really America natives?). That is a sign to wake up and go with the flow - learn new and improve skills, become benficial for your contry and not it's dependend.

Interesting to read the comments. I have voted Republlican all my life and I can assure you, I will now vote Democratic since the Republican party seems intent on treating undocumented aliens with impunity. Their only crime is trying to put food in their children's mouth. Simply put a matter of survival and a tiny little piece of the American Dream. What's more all my family formerly Republicans will now be voting Democratic.

Why is it that only Republicans are supporting this bill that aims at 'Family Unity'??

Fact: US Congress and Senate's Judiciary committee will be considering Immigration issues soon, possibly including bills HR1823 (for V Visa).

The issue in HR 1823 is simple: Legal Permanent Residents who have opted to get married to foreigners are unable to be united with their spouses and young families. The foreign spouse of a US Green Card holder must wait for approval of an 'immigrant visa' from the State Department before entering the US. Due to a backlog in processing, such visas can take a upwards of five years to be approved. In the interim, the spouse cannot enter the US on any other visas, or as visitors. LPRs are in a uniquely disadvantaged situation:
* Visitors and non-immigrants coming to the US on temporary visas for work, business or studies (including on H1, L1, B, and F1 visas) can sponsor their dependant spouses to travel along with them.
* American Citizens can sponsor their spouses to come to the US in non-immigrant status and then convert to an immigrant status (K-VISA)

The proposal for reviving the 'V visa' is based on something that has little controversy - family unity. However, only Republican Congressmen/Congresswomen are supporting the bill.

I commend the Democrats for taking steps to move this bill foward. Altho a follower of Republican traditions, I must say the Dems have shown some spine on this issue. Go Dems!

I, too, have been a registered Democrat my entire life. I voted for both Durbin and Obama and, given their postures on this issue, seriously regret each vote. The media and the Democrats are so enthralled with the protesters that they have ignored a large segment of society, including people like me who have not only supported them ideologically and with my votes, but also with my monetary contributions. Never again. I am not only a future voter, but also am a current voter. Both Durbin and Obama have proven to be embarrassments.

This is a crucial issue and needs to be addressed immediately in Congress. The Democrats have made their position clear from the start by supporting the bi-partisan proposal put forth by Kennedy & McCain. I'm confused as to why another poster would say that the average undocumented immigrant has more rights than citizens. That is simply not true. Media hype and protests aside - trying to immigrate to this country LEGALLY is neart to impossible. The process is so confusing and unfair that several folks who tried to do things legitimately are suffering as well. This is not just an undocumented issue or just a Mexican issue. All people who have attempted to navigate the impossible maze of immigration in the US can agree that the system is terribly broken. Please stop believing the media hype and understand that most economists agree that immigration is good for the American economy and by offering a pathway to legal permanent residency, the country will receive billions of dollars in back taxes, immigration fees, and fines and will provide a big boost to our suffering Social Security program.

I do not have a problem with people putting food on the table for their children. The problem is everyone is more concerned with illegal aliens who have entered this country illegally, than Americans citizens who are having trouble paying their bills, clothing their children, or keeping them fed, because they have lost their jobs. How hypocritical. Then to add insult to injury, the illegal aliens have the unmitigated Gaul to demand citizenship when this country is ignoring it’s own i.e. The AMERICAN CITIZENS OF NEW ORLEANS, who are scattered throughout this country, displaced and disenfranchised, while illegal aliens, are being paid to rebuild their town. Why not pay the citizens that were impacted by this devastation; it is their homes or do they now belong to the illegal aliens?

If only the policticians believed in what they say there would be no issue. They talk about family unity but dont support it. The republicians dont want to vote on a democrat sponsored bill and democrats dont want to make things happen if republicans can take credit for it. End game is just give speeches. Enjoy cheap labour, give impression that you care by talking about reforms.

I do not have a problem with people putting food on the table for their children. The problem is everyone is more concerned with illegal aliens who have entered this country illegally, than Americans citizens who are having trouble paying their bills, clothing their children, or keeping them fed, because they have lost their jobs. How hypocritical. Then to add insult to injury, the illegal aliens have the unmitigated Gaul to demand citizenship when this country is ignoring it’s own i.e. The AMERICAN CITIZENS OF NEW ORLEANS, who are scattered throughout this country, displaced and disenfranchised, while illegal aliens, are being paid to rebuild their town. Why not pay the citizens that were impacted by this devastation; it is their homes or do they now belong to the illegal aliens?

Illegal immigration is another form of globalization, where low-cost labor is made available to companies that need it, regardless of any country's borders. Outsourcing to China or Mexico would not be necessary if we could just bring the Chinese or Mexicans here. But in this case, we are not only bringing in low-cost laborers, but we need to support those low-cost laborers with our tax dollars (education, government services, etc.). To the employers of these low-cost laborers, these additional costs are not borne by them, but by others (this is called an externality). Illegal immigration is unfair to Americans who must now compete with the poor of the world, and unfair to those of us who need to support them with our tax dollars. The only group who really wins are the businesses who both exploit the foreigners and who also enjoy the cost savings that occur due to downward pressure on wages.

I think the rhetoric by both parties is hype. The president has already struck a bargain with Mexico and Canada under the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America. The entire illegal immigration debate is a straw man by politicians because businesses are getting what they want---open borders and illegal immigrants are getting what they want and that is US citizenship. Vicente Fox is hooking his people up while Bush is selling us cheaply.

Well, I am not a citizen an I am lost in a sea of paperwork and stuck in the Labor Department for my permanent residence status. Immigration system is broken, everyone agrees, it takes years to move form one step to another. I have a masters degree, and have spent about 6K in attorneys fees and immigration fees. I understand the undocumented immigrant who would love to have come with papers, but IT IS IMPOSIBLE with the red tape, the costs associated (let's also mention corruption in Mexico) and discriminatory treatment. For the poor, with a drive to make a better living, willing to swet for every dollar there is no other option than to cross the unprotected border and skip a schizophrenic immigration system, they solve their problem in a simple way. The federal government has had 20 years to see the problem of illegal immigration which happens because of a failed system and fix it, but they havent, so POLITICIANS, PLEASE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND DON'T BLAME IT ON THE IMMIGRANT (Democrates and Republicans alike). You allowed this it to happen. I wonder, who will enforce immigration laws in bussineses that contribute to their campaigns. Does anyone wonder why the big reid of a few weeks ago only happen to a foreign owned busines?


To: The people of America who are LEGAL Americans, the President of the United States, Congressmen and Senators...!

Re: Illegal immigrants

My name is MrAOL. I am a legal American. I served in the Air Force. I pay my taxes.

Let is be known, I do not have an issue with the Mexican people. They are hard workers, responsible to their families, close knit and keep the peace for the most part.

My issue is with the illegal Mexicans who have entered into the USA without proper papers and who refuse to secure the same. The cure is simple. Procure a current working permit.

The solution for those who disrespect our immigration laws and refuse to obey is also as simple. Listed below is only a partial list of what should be an authoritative pronouncement.

1. Fine employers a tax equaling what a minimum wage earner would pay in a 40 hour week or whatever amount the government thinks is appropriate, for every illegal immigrant who is on their payroll for three months. On the first day of the fourth month, if there are any illegal immigrants still employed, close down the business.
2. Invoice the Mexican government - say $1000 for every illegal immigrant apprehended at the boarder or what ever amount the government thinks is appropriate.
3. Double fine anyone who is apprehended the second time. The third time a
Three Strikes You’re Out rule applies. They are then jailed in America.
4. Demand that no one be allowed to wire money across American boarders without proper papers - passport, driver license, visa and or valid Green Card - Note: There could be an exception to the above. If one is without proper documentation, a surcharge of say 20% is rendered payable to the Treasury Department.
5. Do not entitle illegal immigrants to welfare benefits, food stamps, free lunches, a U.S. driver license, classes in Spanish, protests, boycotts, real estate, political office or voting. They must show proof of auto insurance if they have an international license.
6. Breaking such laws as DUI, drug dealing, a felony, hit and run, would result in immediate deportation. Note: These laws parallel Mexican immigration laws.

It is interesting to note in other countries, Italians are Italians, Germans are Germans, Japanese are Japanese, Chinese are Chinese, etc. In American, there is not the same emphasis on Americans being Americans. (Are we Americans or some mongrel, a cur or a bitch to be seduced by any dog that comes along? I know that is harsh language but I would be prostituting my feelings if I put it any other way.)

The minority appears to be ruling the majority. An atheist mother eradicates prayer from our schools. A minority group protests and “Merry Christmas��? is eliminated from advertising. The “Ten Commandants��? are removed from all government building because it isn’t politically correct, Christmas trees vanish from a church lot because it offended a minority religious group. There is even talk about erasing “In God We Trust��? from our currency.

Are we a Christian nation or are we not? Do we believe in God or do we not?
Travel to another country, say Japan and have a Buddhist monk replace Jesus in lieu of Buddha or in India have a holy man substitute The Holy Ghost for Rama. You can guess what would happen.

Mexicans say they love America. What they love is the money, the good life that is the envy of the world, something the American people have labored hard for, died for. Where do you think the loyalty of the illegals would be if the U.S. went to war with Mexico? Or how many would be willing to go to war in Iraq and represent America?
The protesters want their cake and have us frost it for them.

Not only are the illegal’s boycotting across America but they are forming a group, a union if you will, to protest being illegal. (If an American protested in Mexico, he would be jailed.) Is that an oxymoron or what?

Anti-illegal groups and Americans are fractured. They need to come together, merge, become married so to speak, assemble into one congregation, and synchronize one thought into one brotherhood.

I suggest those anti illegal groups and Americans who believe illegal immigrants should become legal or leave, form an organization, let’s call it “United We Stand��? and take America back. Honor those who died for our freedom. Give respect to us, the American people who have worked hard to make American the great country it is and let it be broadcasted to the world we are proud to be an American, a LEGAL American! And we will not tolerate being told by illegal’s they have rights to our country!

One irritated American!


P.S. Your thoughts would be appreciated along with any contact information on groups and individuals who are anti illegal immigrant.
Phone: (253) 444 8843

It's all just more B.S. from both sides of the aisle. Yada yada, then amnesty. Temp worker programs won't keep people from coming to the U.S. illegally. And once their work visa expires they will likely stay as, guess what, illegal immigrants waiting around for the next amnesty.

There are only three things that need be done: 1) a reliable database of legal workers, 2) close-down any employer who doesn't check citizenship or knowingly hires illegals, 3) beef up the borders to keep terrorists out.


About Jobs taken by the SO called " Illegal Immigrants take from "Americans , this is not true, I had many Americans not wanting to work in my warehouse, for minimum wage, that is all that I could be give, due to competition from aboard, mainly the far east.

It is not the poor Illegal that comes to feed their family across the border for 4 bucks and hour, ( also if you pay 35 bucks and hour to for picking lettuce, think how much it would cost you to eat ?) then you would blame the government. Stop blaming either the government or the immigrant. Each person is to blame for their own success or failure. I am a Immigrant that came here Legally, I owned a corporation before I even landed in JFK, and my corporation employed 70 Americans. My question is simple, Show me an American willing to work for minimum wage?

The Corporations have outsourced the jobs overseas because of one thing, COMPETATION " HERE IS A SMALL BREAK DOWN, The countries in Asia basin are trading within themselves, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand etc.. Europe, has UNIFIED and are trading within themselves, they have even made their monetary system unified the EURO Dollar. The Arab nation started dealing within their own countries, what's left is Africa who is a poor nation economically, They have many natural resources, yet they have to learn to come together and start using their natural resources. Then there is our Good Old USA:) Which I LOVE AND WILL GIVE MY LIFE FOR

. We cant compete because the Corporations are forced to show profits and meet the estimates on their stocks every 12 weeks, which dose not give them a long term investment strategy, the labor costs are high, heating, insurance, social security, the unions, leasing, Research & Devlopment, production costs are high, advertising, state, city and local taxes, Payroll, by the time the corporation finishes paying all these , there is nothing left to show as Profits, SO WHY SHOULD THE CORPORATION KEEP FACTORIES IN USA?? SHOW ME ONE GOOD REASON ? heck, Even FORD is closing factories and moving them overseas, that is what's HURTING AMERICA, "NOT" THE POOR MINIMUM WAGE IMMIGRANT,

There must be a change in our own perception, First We the People must be willing to roll up our sleeves and do what's needed to bring back our Nation on track, which might include, , learning the skills for today's job requirements, Learning skills that employers look for when they bring in one million Professionals every year.

What Can WE DO to KEEP Those 1 Million jobs here? moving to another state, Relearning new Skills,etc.. How can America start its new journey into the New 21 St century and be competitive? This is what we should concentrate on as a Nation. We have lost our world market shares and now need to Regain it FAST, Which will not be easy. Fighting over Immigration is not the answer to Americas woes, Building the proper Economic infrastructure for competing with the upcoming world economies, China, India, Europe. I know this that anyone that wants a minimum wage job will always find it. Those that want job security are looking at pink clouds, Those days are gone. THERE IS A FEARCE WORLD COMPETATION From upcoming nations that have over a billion low wage workers.

We must FACE the realities of TODAYS ECONOMICS and stop blaming others and other nations for hurting our economy, THE WORLD HAS CHANGED IN THE PAST DECADE!! Lets Stop The HATRED,We are a NAtion Of Compassion, Lets not forget that, and start looking for solutions. "

According to forecasts based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the domestic labor-force must expand over the next few years in order for the United States to maintain at least 3 percent annual growth in its GDP. Since not enough people are being born to sustain this expansion, there's then a demographic challenge. The natural candidates to fill the gap are immigrants.

Additionally, guest-workers and immigrants are good for the economy. With a low 4.7 percent unemployment rate, current workers, including illegal migrants, have been clearly absorbed by the labor market. And guest-workers who work for lower wages keep costs down, passing the benefit to consumers. Immigration isn't all blissful: Unlike commodities, newcomers bring cultures and hence potential complications, which is partly why assimilation and accommodation are essential. On the whole, however, immigrants bring many benefits.

Although restrictions are necessary and punishment is needed for those who have broken the law, the case for welcoming new guest-workers and regularizing the status of illegal immigrants is compelling. It has to do with growth and competitiveness.

The debate on immigration reform shouldn't be about ethnic identity, voting blocs or entitlements. We'd be far better off by turning to hard work, opportunity and prosperity. That's what immigration has brought to America and that's what it can still contribute by setting the sight on the future.

I just laugh at all you haters of Mexicans and immigrants. You just can't stand the fact that there are Mexicans in this country and that they are hard workers. Stop crying and complaining and become a better worker so that you can compete with those who can do the job better than you. No matter how much you nag, the fact the matter is that this country is becoming more and more minority (including Mexican) whether you like it or not.

Last week Senate Republicans passed an amendment diverting $1.9 billion from securing Iraq to securing Arizona. The new money for border security, New Hampshire's Judd Gregg explained, will pay for "the unmanned vehicles, the cars, the helicopters which are a critical part of our fight in the war on terrorism."

Senate Democrats generally opposed the diversion. But they wholeheartedly agreed that defeating terrorism requires more enforcement along the Rio Grande. As Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts recently put it, America's immigration problems "directly threaten U.S. national security."

Rarely have the two parties been so united in a belief that is so wrong. Stopping terrorists from coming across America's southern border would be an urgent concern - if any were actually coming. So far, however, there is little evidence they are.

Using newspaper reports and government documents, Robert Leiken and Steven Brooke of the Nixon Center have painstakingly compiled a database of 373 known or suspected terrorists in North America or Western Europe since 1993. In a forthcoming essay in the journal Terrorism and Political Violence, they disclose their findings: Not one terrorist has entered the United States from Mexico.

And they're not the only ones who have reached that conclusion. As a recent paper published by Syracuse University's Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism notes, "It does not appear that authorities have apprehended even a single terrorist trying to cross over the southern border into the United States."

Immigration scaremongers like to note that more than 150,000 OTMs -"other than Mexicans"-were caught crossing the southern border in fiscal 2005. What they generally don't say is that the vast majority of them - as much as 99 percent - come from other Latin American countries. The number hailing from "countries of interest," i.e., Islamic countries that produce a lot of terrorists, is in the hundreds, if not the tens.
Does that mean it's impossible for a terrorist to enter the United States from Mexico? Of course not. But consider the odds. The United State posts more than five agents per mile across our southern border. By contrast, we post less than one agent every five miles across our northern border.

What's more, as the United States has cut off urban crossing points in places such as El Paso and San Diego, it has forced many illegal immigrants to go through the Arizona desert - a brutal journey, particularly for someone with no knowledge of the terrain. Would-be terrorists coming from Canada are not only less likely to be caught, they are less likely to die along the way.

There also happen to be many more potential jihadists in Canada. Unlike Mexico, with its negligible Arab and Muslim population, Canada in recent decades has welcomed large numbers of immigrants from the Middle East. And while the vast majority are law-abiding, Canadian authorities estimate that roughly 50 terrorist groups operate in the country. In their study, Leiken and Brooke identify three suspected terrorists who have tried to enter the United states from Canada, including Ahmed Ressam, an Algerian native arrested in December 1999 on his way to blow up Los Angeles International Airport.

On national security grounds, then, if America wants to build a wall along one of our borders, it should be our border to the north. More practically, the best way to prevent terrorists from entering the United States, according to experts such as Richard Falkenrath, a Brookings Institution scholar and former deputy homeland security adviser, would be to invest in a state-of-the-art terrorist watch list complete with biometric screening. After all, terrorists are most likely to enter the United States the same way the Sept. 11 hijackers did - through airports.

Over the past four years, politicians have tried to fold every issue imaginable into the "war on terror." The temptation is understandable. It would be wonderfully convenient if America's disparate problems all had the same solution - if the government could ease Americans' economic and cultural anxieties about illegal immigration at the same time it safeguarded them against the jihadist threat.

Unfortunately, it can't. And when politicians conflate immigration and terrorism, they not only subtly tar illegal Mexican immigrants as violently anti-American, which they are not, but they also give Americans a false sense of security. Sinking billions into enforcement along the southern border may or may not safeguard American culture and American jobs, but it will do precious little to protect American lives.

Maybe all of the bleeding hearts in this country who welcome the illegals with open arms and those who employ illegals should be required to house and feed them. And pay for their medical bills and education while your at it too.

Immigration issue is really a big problem in America. I, my self am an immigrant and I have been waiting for 10 years now to adjust my status but still it's not finished yet. Illegal immigration is something that I would not say it is a right thing but if America wants to make the people who enter this country illegally a felon then they should go back to the history about how the American forefather entered this country at the first place anyway. Did they enter legally?? or just simply crossed the sea, found a new place with a better opportunity and settled down? Did they ever ask the native a permission to stay and build a country?? Were our forefather a felon by doing that?? Today's illegal immigration is an issue that American people are already dealing with from the beginning. No matter how, America still needs immigrants. I really support the comprehensive immigration Bill that will be passed hopefully at the end of this month. It is not an amnesty but also a humanity way to recognize hard work people and their distribution to this wonderful country. If America can spare a life of a killer who are killing people for pleasure, why not spare the life of those immigrant's people who are giving life to their children. Fine them, make them work for the legalization but give them also opportunity as they prove to America that they are simply a hard working people. If we do not live in their shoes, we would not understand. It is easy to say this is wrong and that one is right. as a nature, we are just a human being who are looking and wanting something better.

oh man , why do i see senator mccain and senator kennedy suporting the rights of those who have none or little? could it be because they do not have a presidential agenda in their future?(mccain has already run for candidate in his party)and therefore they can focus on fixing what needs fixing. ¿ And what about mister frost? ¿Will he change his mind when it comes to presidential candidate election day? Maybe not on that day.Maybe on presidential election day?
I want to de so wrong on this one!!!!!
¿what do you think?

If this is enacted, I think there will be a massive efflux of people from the USA (especially skilled) - what is the point of getting through applications etc when one can do apply and be accepted at any time one desires? Sure one can find a relative / degree / humanitarian reason etc - if everything else fails, wait for the next "comprehensive". What will the millions people coming to the American Dream do - build cars for Ford and Chrysler?

The American Dream was a dream as long as it was not "free" - making it free to everyone exposes its hollowness. I hope this bill gets approved - to see the unintended consequences. You think that the big $ will stop moving to China just because the flow of people into the US will get DVD speed (4x, 12x, whatever)? Get ready to pay for this through the nose - someone has to "integrate" them slowly (1X only plus taxes).

But I guess it might save the housing meltdown - like Irak, some "patriotic" stock ready to kill the young for some millions dollars taken from the Saudis. But this one is even bigger than that - 'cause someone has to pay for it in the end.

I am just waiting for an "amendament" to accept some millions dsplaced Irakis through the spigots. Remember, you have seen it here first! That would resoulve all problems in one shot!

Yours - .\

I don't seem to hear many in congress- talking about true issues of illegal aliens in this country,or addressing the North American Union merger of Mexico,USA and Canada., the NAFTA 4-10 football field wide size highway from Mexico through our country to Canada, or all the federal highway programs for the purpose of this NAU UNION AND GLOBALIZATION ,abuses of eminent domain and putting a port of entry to this NAU union in NY.

Security should be our government's high is disingenuous to say this amnesty bill is going to give us this..if you think so, i suggest you read the bill, as I have..or google around and find out the truth.

This is a total sell out of Americans by some greedy politicians', at the behest of Mexico and their own self-serving elitist supremacy.
Politicians and religious groups, have a vested interest in not enforcing interior immigration laws. Such groups stand to receive benefits from a larger alien population--one for votes, the other for potential converts.
If this government was serious, the borders and ports would have been secured by any means necessary, foreign countries and companies wouldn't be able to buy our infrastructure and 20 million illegals wouldn't be illegally in this country.

Weapons of mass destruction aren't only Artillery, Arms and Missiles.... It's.... the threat of Invasion of a Country, Potential passage for Terrorist, Digging holes and tunnels for unlawful passage into our Country, Over- staying visas, Unknown Illegals within, Vicious and Violent intruders turned loose on our streets, Violent Illegal Gang and Drug wars, Murder of Citizens and Government Workers, Smuggling Humans, Felons, Animals, Weapons and Drugs by the tons, Aiding and abetting criminal activity, Corruption, Mexican Militia crossing our borders questioning and trying to intimidate Citizens. Personal attacks on our Citizens, Property and Government, Illegal and Fraudulent use of State and Federal documents to obtain Money, Social Services and passage into and around our Country and bringing in diseases that threaten large populations. All of these atrocities result in Mayhem and Endangering lives of Citizenry. As a result there has been a magnitude of: Theft of people's identifications, buying, selling and using fraudulent Social Security cards, Licenses, Voter's Registration cards, Passports, Visas, Green cards and other Government Documents, driving with/without legal licenses, no insurance and a danger to all people. A crippling effect on States spending, Federal Government spending because of Illegals fraudulently obtaining State and Federal Social Services, Education, hiding from the government, tax evasion, unlawful employment and businesses not paying their share.

Illegal aliens have human rights and a right to be arrested as law violators; they are not immigrants, so to call them such is disingenuous .Illegal aliens don't have constitutional rights or civil rights under our constitution, bill of rights, our social system or this Republic. We as citizens, voters and taxpayers are the People who have the right under our constitution to demand our country be secured, we have a right to rule of law, and we certainly need not, to defend ourselves to elected bodies that we have elected and pay their salaries.
Our country doesn't owe anything to illegal aliens, but it's obligation is to the national interest of America, the respect and protection of Americans, American rights and a secure America.

More recently, advocates compared the plight of illegal aliens to the civil rights movement (difference is, those were American citizens who fought for their rights) and organized an immigrant worker's freedom ride to rally support.
Also used is the historical view of a nation of immigrants with this expression to be intended for exploitation of a legal platform for an illegal podium.

Characterizations of the illegal alien's supporters range from; the hard working border-crosser that simply wants to feed his family, to people of values, but they never admit these people don't mind disrespecting our laws, defrauding our government and are committing crimes everyday they are illegally here.

While the Characterizations of Americans/legal immigrates who are pro-law enforcement are being scolded as native protectionist, xenophobes and racist ….. This practice of name calling is used to deflect the issue, when there is a lack of intelligence to conjure up a better term or argument.

And this sad administration wants to reward illegal aliens instead of going after a foreign country  who by the way has an horrendous corruption as a way of life, inhumane government who sends his citizens over our boarders, complaints about their treatment and sends foreign cabinet members here  to meddle in our sovereignty. Mexico is the 3rd richest country and if it wasn't Mexico, our government would be calling for sanctions against them.

Our men are dying in Iraq for the freedom and  a decent life for it's citizens.. while our citizens here are being murdered and our boarders invaded on home ground.Our constitution is for our citizens from the boarder in... not boarder out. The money being used for the prisons of illegals with their children is nicer than some homes.. with more... than some citizens have.

I don't see American women in jail getting accommodations for their children, as the illegals caught get, for their children, instead American children are put in the state's hands...So let's send their kids to the Mexican government to care for. Illegal's children are not citizens because they were born here (Child Citizenship Act of 2000 ), this is another farce against Americans.

There isn't enough money to take care of senior citizens, our disabled or vets who deserve care and benefits, for their medical and needs ...they have to jump loops.
The disabled wait at least 2 years to see a judge for a disability judgement.

BOY OH BOY...THIS  ADMINISTRATION ISN'T LISTENING STILL.....As I said ...BUSINESS AS USUAL....Still a sad,corrupt,deceiving,elitist,self-serving-anti-citizen, self-absorbed talk-talk group run by Democrats.

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