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Hillary: Kicks off Senate '06 re-elect bid today. '08 PREZ BUZZ. SHOULD HILLARY RUN? SHOULD OBAMA RUN?


A lot of ')8 buzz on the blog today....Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) makes her second term bid offiical today......After November.....on to '08... as chatter increases about whether freshman Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) should run before his Senate record gets too long to defend.

(Obama item follows)

Senator Clinton’s public schedule for tomorrow, Wednesday, May 31 –

8:00am, Buffalo Convention Center, Buffalo, NY: Senator Clinton speaks at a breakfast hosted by Friends of Hillary.

11:00am, Hyatt Regency Buffalo: Senator Clinton accepts the Democratic nomination for re-election to the United States Senate

6:30pm, Residence, Purchase, NY: Senator and President Clinton attend a House Party for Hillary.

7:00pm, Conference Call: Senator and President Clinton participate in a conference call that will link House Parties for Hillary around New York
Chatter is increasing among supporters of Sen. Barack Obama and IN THE MEDIA about him jumping into the 2008 presidential race as he cranks up his political operation WITH SEN. DICK DURBIN THROWING FUEL ON THE FIRE.

Obama is now being helped by Washington public affairs strategist Minyon Moore, a Chicago native and veteran of the Clinton White House, who will serve as an unpaid adviser to develop an outreach plan for African Americans.

Obama (D-Ill.) is also adding to his team another Democratic strategist, Anita Dunn, to fill in through the end of the year as chief of his HOPEFUND political action committee.

Dunn, an adviser to '08 possible contender Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), is close to Obama's chief of staff.

The 2008 talk is not being stoked by the freshman Obama camp, but is surging from all sorts of backers who see no reason for him to pass up this cycle. One thing Obama's popularity and big political war chest bring -- he would not have to mount a White House bid in order to be considered for vice president on a ticket.


I would say great , let him run for President. But you know what the people of Illinois elected him as there U.S Senator not the next President of the United States. I personally worked hard for him to get elected a year ago. I'm only 20 years old I have much respect for U.S. Senator Obama. I would appreciate if the national media stop trying to push him out their and he's barely in his 3rd year as U.S. Senator. I take him for his word though that he will not run. Because he doesn't want to put his children and wife through a gromspy campaign.

I don't think either Clinton or Obama will be running for President.

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