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Gas Pains: CEOs of Ford, GM and DaimlerChylser huddle with Hastert, Pelosi

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The three CEOs of America's automotive companies, Tom LaSorda, DaimlerChrysler, Bill Ford, Ford and Rick Wagoner, General Motors, are hitting Capitol Hill today.

from the schedule...

. The CEOs will meet with Congressional leadership to discuss the advanced technology domestic automakers are pursuing to promote energy security and diversify transportation energy sources. They will also talk about their commitment and current initiatives to introduce new technology, and to increase demand and production of flexible or alternative fuels in the marketplace.

1 Comment

Hastert won't do a thing about US jobs.All he cares about is outsourcing our jobs.Let see Vietnam he just got back .China where a heck of a lot of our companies have gone.Or just look at who gave him money on vote smart it tell you who and what he supports

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