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Family-held public office: Hynes, Daley, Madigan, Lipinski and now... Stroger. Isn't Chicago great!


At least Attorney General Lisa Madigan, the step daughter of Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan (D-Chicago), the boss of the state party, had to run in a primary.....

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Mike Madigan spawned Lisa
Former Assessor Thomas C. Hynes begat Dan Hynes, the comptroller.
Mayor Richard J. Daley begat Mayor Richard M. Daley, Cook County Board Member John Daley, former Commerce Sec. Bill Daley. (And Daley's son, Bill, is waiting in the wings...)
Former Rep. William Lipinski (D-Ill.) snuck his son into office in 2004, though Dan did win a March primary...
Now the family of the ailing Cook County Board President John H. Stroger Jr. want the presidency to be handed to son Todd....


Some local black politicians have made a valid point. If the Daleys, Madigan, Hynes, and Lipinski can get party backing due to familial ties, why not Todd Stroger? If he's denied by the Democratic machine cries of racism will have some merit.

Ideally I'd like to see politicians fighting their own battles instead of relying on Daddy.

I think this kind of deal is what will make a lot of democrats vote for a republican candidate instead of their son or daughter.

But I also guess that a lot of democrats are used to the nepotism in Chicago politics

Nepotism is as old as the country itself.
however, the lies about Strogers health is downright insulting to the taxpayers.
If Todd Stroger is qualified, then by all means, run in an election.
I want to know how qualified he really is? his education?etc.
for once, Id like to see someone in that office, who is truley qualified, not some political hack. this office commands billions of dollars and an army of jobs.
we tax payers better wake up

I know but what u can do about it I mean if President of Cook County John H.Stroger decides not too run.I myself am PuertoRican why not Commissioner Roberto Maldonado or Commissioner Joseph Mario Moreno.Why is it always a white or black person I mean what we don't bring out the votes.Where are our dues at we been doing this for a while..

this is a fine example of why i moved from cook county and out of state. in my opinion illinois has some of the most undemocratic government at all levels of any state in the nation plus the high taxes that go along with it. but then again as voters i guess we get what we deserve. maybe some day the voters of illinois will wake up from their malaise and speak with their votes.

I don't think anyone gets it. These are not "Royal titles" to be passed from one generation to the next. It is not OK for Lipinski, Madigan, Hynes, Blago (Married into a political family), Daley, Joyce, Osterman, Degnans, Jacksons... (need I go on)

The only reason that Tod Stroger is being considered is our press refuses to have a candid conversation about a city, county, and State that most definately does not opperate as a "Meritocricy". If the Democractic Party wants a future, it will begin to support candidates and the next generation of leaders that merit support based on their ideas, not individuals whose greatest accomplishment is being born with the right last name.

But as long as we allow ourselves to be distracted by "impeachment" legislation at the State house instead of property tax reform, or debating ordinances on "Foie Gras" and the care and treatment of Zoo animals, (Rather than the care and treatment of disabled Vets), we will never have a candid conversation on living in a Meritocracy or what is being done for the future of our city and State.

Organize - look at who your Ward Committeeman is and ask "What merits support for this person" - and then step forward and challange them.

The machine may have stole the county board Pres. race - they will loose the next one. Just wait till everyone gets their property Tax assessments and starts asking - What the hell have these folks done for the last Three years?

It's all about who you know in politics, no matter your name. Rarely does someone present themself and then get far in politics.

Actually, that describes John Stroger to a T! Todd's been around a long time. Let him present himself to the voters!

It should always be an outrage when a family memeber is considered as an heir to a public office. The Daley's, Hynes', etc. should be viewed neither as precedent nor as a traditional way of doing business. This hurts all county taxpayers, yes african-americans too.

"Todd's been around a long time."

So has the big rock in the park down the street. What has Todd accomplished? Specifics, please.

You can at least sit on the rock.

Monarchies have never had it any better than the two policitical parties in Illinois. Royalty is alive and well in Illinois Politics.

The citizens are simply serfs and slaves toiing to support the royal families of the two poliitical parties. The taxes we pay do not make our lives any better, but rather are used to pay the largess demanded by the royal families (read republican and democratic royal families). These royal families use our money to pay for their personal well being, expand their sovereignty and colonize as much as possible.

There is no difference between the royal families of the middle ages and Todd Stroger, Jesse Jackson Jr. Banks, Daley, Hynes, ..... Each view the their government positions as their sovereign entitlement.

If Todd Stroger is nominated to take his dad's place, it will confirm that none of our democratic leaders care about anyone other than themselves and their main goal is simply to maintain power and not the well being of the community.

But that is nothing new.

To all those that supported Stoger and his cronies (or the people of cook county who didn't even bother to vote) smile when the Tax Bill comes. You deserve it. You had the chance for change and you didn't care. So suck it up and drive on.

Thanks for bringing this up!

But the statement was made last week that he would be ineffective as a leader at the County Board and John Daley would wind up calling the shots. I'd be really surprised if the Ward bosses don't select a candidate from the 11th ward, but if Todd gets elected his strings will be pulled by Daley anyway.

It's good to know the legend of Ald. Tom Keane is alive and well.

You know...

All I hear is whining; blitherings-on about nepotism and meritocracies and the like.

Hmmm...Let's think this out a bit.

If the citizens of the County vote for someone they want to have represent them, that is...DEMOCRACY!!! You know who tends to complain about that in general elections?

The LOSERS from the primary AND, in Tony "TeePee" Peraica's case, people who know they've lost the election before this thing even starts.

To everyone who has submitted an entry here, ask yourself: why isn't Claypool the nominee to become the next Board President?

Think about it...

Take a moment...

Times up! Here's the answer: Because more Democratic voters wanted John Stroger than Forrest. That's it. Plain and simple. You can moan and complain but at the end of the day all this BLAHBLUHBLAHBLAHBLAH about faux reform is crap.
Claypool/Quigley/Peraica all launched four year campaigns for the Board Presidency on the taxpayer dime and have engaged in obstructionist politics for their own very selfish, egomanical purposes. There are no saints here, people.

Thing is, everybody gets one vote and there will only be one winner. One election John Stroger has already won.

One down, one to go.

That said, I can't wait for the next Stroger victory in November, be it John or Todd. In the meantime, please folks, keep whinin'. I love the sound of whimpering Lakefront Losers in the morning.

By the way, that weak little synopsis of political family trees is nothing. Pick up a copy of Mike Royko's "Boss" for a real history lesson on who "begat" who.

Seems like all these high-minded notions of reform only seem to apply to blacks. Lets call it what it is!




But, here's the deal. They didn't elect themselves. THE PEOPLE DID!

I swear to the good Lord above, between the Chicago Tribune's ed board still crying over Forrest's loss and so-called reform advocates constant whimpering and whining, Chicago no longer feels like the City of Broad Shoulders.

More like the City of Pansies, Losers, Yuppies and soon-to-be-Suburbanites.


Sorry Fred, but familial ties and bait-and-switch are completely different. Daley, Madigan and Hynes (not to mention Jesse Jackson Jr. - so much for playing the race card) all beat party challengers, but Dan Lipinski's election was the product of Democratic dirty tricks and this would be too.

Why can we get a Hispanic candidate?? Its always a black and white issue in Chicago. There are people from all over the world in this city. And it always has to be a white and black issue. Tire of it!!!

I forgot about Cardiss Collins. Put her in the familial ties column for African-Americans too.

First of all how can Strogers son have "so called" had so many positions...what really has he accomplished??? We have not really heard anything from him or his accomplishments. Tired of the racism discussions....its old already.

Posted by Prez of the FTPC: "Lisa Madigan HAD NEVER HELD ELECTIVE OFFICE!!!"

When are you referring to? Before she ran for AG? I believe she was in the State Senate before she ran for AG.

I do agree with most of what you say though. People deserve their government. I probably won't be leaving Chicago for the suburbs though...this whole state is a shame. I am thinking about moving cross country though...
Lynn Sweet reply
i was referring to the AG primary, where she fought a major battle with John Schmidt.

Oops! It should be "Executive", not elective.

Typing in a furor will do that to you.

But, here's the deal. They didn't elect themselves. THE PEOPLE DID!

And the people (Democratic voters anyway) will have had the chance to choose Todd Stroger to be on the ballot in November how exactly?

For the record, this white voter DOES NOT think it is ok for white politicians to parachute their kids into office either. But two wrongs don't make a right either.

Let's really focus in on what to do next. The party makes the decision as to who will run and ultimately be the next President. That is the way this town works. Period. Don't hate on these "first family's" ... Daley, Burke, Jackson, Hynes, Madigan, Banks, Brookins, etc. The wards in the City (I can only speak intelligently as to the South Side wards) are run as "Fiefdoms." Fedual Lords: Tillman (3) and Troutman (20) do as they wish, but the people keep bringing them back for more. If you try to set an appt. with either one, regarding issues in the Ward ... you won't be heard or given an appt ... period. Preckwinkle (4) is owned by the U of C and real estate developers. Thomas (15) follows Preckwinkle blindly. Hairston (5) deserves to be be where she is and generally links forces with Preckwinkle. Lyle (6) is just an angry woman who was "given" the seat by her good friend who became a Judge (i.e the ultimate gift for a lawyer/politician). Few folks like Lyle (even her staff). Coleman (16) & L. Thomas (17) who knows what they do. Haithcock (2) follows Cong. Rush. N.B. ---With the passing of Lou Jones, Cong. Rush, Tillman, etc. get to hand pick a new State Rep. How do you like that? It goes on and on. Quite simply put, stop complaining and VOTE!!!!! if Troutman, Tillman, Lyle and the rest get re-elected in 2007 we can not complain about familial ties or anything else. Votes are what count!

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