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Durbin, Obama: Yes votes on immigration bill. Measure faces rocky road in negotiations with House.


Pop quiz: Name a state where the senators split on the immigration vote.

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I can only hope that the people of Illinois don't forget how our two senators voted on this massive amnesty, guest worker plan that could add a 103 million legal immigrants in 20 years (senator Sessions say's the number could go as high as 189 million over the same time period) at a cost to the taxpayers of a half a trillion dollars over the same time period. Furthermore I find it an outrage that illegal aliens that have stolen American citizens social security numbers to obtain work and other benefits which are supposed to only be for American citizens get amnesty for this felony too.
It's obvious to anybody with a half a brain that the senate has sold it's sole to it's corporate maters and special interest groups, instead of doing the work for "we the people."

It's an awful shame that these senators haven't learned anything from the same mistake made in 1986. We can't afford to keep shelling out the tax dollars for anybody that wants to come here illegally. With the passing of this inane bill the US will become a third world country in about 10 or 15 years. Remember that on election day.

The Senate vote was just a battle on the Immigration war front. The war will be fought and hopefully won, in committee. S.2611 is all about hispandering and American people have been angrily watching as amendments were tossed aside that would have prevented amnesty for 20 million illegals PLUS so called guest workers and all of the Billions of dollars we spend annually to support the poverty, medical and education benefits that whining out-of-touch do gooders want to fork over.

Americans have had enough. We want the House Bill. We want enforcement first and no amnesty rewards for illegal entry. NO COMPROMISE. Congress will be wise to heed their instincts and to listen to the legal registered voters not the hispanic lobby.

The Senate is a joke. The posturing from the podium and the milquetoast bill upon which they finally settled have nothing to do with "of the people, by the people, and for the people". So they dust off their hands and waltz off to their home districts feeling they've accomplished something. BUT that which they have accomplished might surprise them someday. They fail to understand that there's a backlash on the way.

After years of ignoring us, we the people have finally made so much noise about the problems illegals are causing, that now politicians have been forced to do something about it. So what do they do? Slap us in the face with a bill that will make the problems worse. I hope the voters will remember who has insulted our intelligence with this disaster of a bill. They can shine it up all they want, it is a disaster for America. Just what we need, 20 million new uneducated welfare recipients.

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