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Durbin: If Obama runs in 2008 ``I'm going to be at his side.''


My Friday column led with how chatter is increasing about Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) running for president in 2008. On Fox News Sunday, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) talks about the possibility.

....Would you like to see Senator Obama run?

DURBIN: I will tell you this. You have to witness Senator Barack Obama in my state of Illinois, from southern Illinois through the Chicago suburbs, into the city, and across the United States to understand that this man brings something special to American politics.

He connects with people better than anyone I've ever seen. He is the number-one person sought after to speak at Democratic events across the United States of America. I think he has dramatic potential to unite this country, both red and blue. And yes, I'm encouraging him. But ultimately, it's his personal decision with his wife and...

WALLACE: You're encouraging him. As the number-two Democrat in the Senate, you're saying you would like to see him run for president.

DURBIN: I can tell you that I've sat down with him and said you ought to look at this long and hard. I know many people are saying wait, and he may decide to wait. But he ought to take a hard look at it.

WALLACE: Would you endorse him if he did run?

DURBIN: Well, let me tell you, Barack Obama is my closest colleague in the United States Senate. We've worked together on everything for the state of Illinois. And if he makes a plan to move forward, I'm going to be at his side.

WALLACE: Senator Durbin, we want to thank you for talking 2006, 2008. Thanks for coming in. Please come back.

DURBIN: Thanks, Chris. Thank you.


Sen.Obama has an Army behind him if he runs the Veterans For Progress IL. He has kept unlike Bush and the Republican every promise he made to us veterans.

Sen. Obama may have the backing of many veterans, but he completely sold out every Illinois constituent by voting for the Illegal Alien Amnesty compromise Senate bill S.2611. He neither deserves the presidency in 2008, nor his own Senate seat now .

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