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Bush: Touts Medicare Part D as May 15 Sign-Up Deadline Looms. Dems push to extend deadline. Do you understand your D options?


If you are eligible for the Medicare Part D program covering prescription drugs....and you have not decided on a plan.....remember that after May 15, there is a financial penalty for late sign-ups....
President Bush is trying to push enrollment numbers up in Florida, land of seniors.

Today, President Bush will participate in a conversation on the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit and meet with victims of identity theft.

9:30 am:
EDT THE PRESIDENT participates in A Conversation on the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
Asociacion Borinquena de Florida Central, Inc. | Orlando, Florida

1:40 pm:
EDT THE PRESIDENT meets with Victims of Identity Theft
The White House | Washington, DC


from the Pelosi office...
Pelosi: Seniors Deserve More Time for Confusing Prescription Drug Program

Washington, D.C. - House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and Caucus Chairman James E. Clyburn at a press stakeout this morning after the Democratic Caucus meeting to discuss extending the May 15th deadline for seniors to sign up for the prescription drug benefit. Below are Pelosi's remarks:

"Later today, House and Senate Democrats will come together to talk about what will happen next Monday. Starting that day, seniors in America and people with disabilities who have not signed up for the prescription drug bill will be penalized. And that penalty, the Bush prescription drug tax, will be a penalty for life.

"Democrats for a long time have been calling for lifting that penalty and extending the time seniors and people with disabilities have to sign up. It takes time for them to figure out the plan that is best for them. And as Mr. Clyburn said, even those who have called the Administration's call line for advice on which plan is most affordable and appropriate for them, 60 percent of them have gotten the wrong information. And that is according to the GAO report. Don't take our word for it; that's the GAO report. Many of our seniors are paying more for prescription drugs now than they need to.

"Democrats are calling for three things: first, extend the time that seniors have to sign up; second, stop the Bush prescription drug tax as a penalty to seniors that they will be paying for the rest of their lives; and third, let's improve this bill. Give us time to improve this bill so it's better for seniors.

"This bill is confusing because it was borne in corruption. It is part of the Republican culture of corruption that is pervasive in this Congress. It put pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies first. It put seniors last. It's confusing and it's complex. Seniors deserve more time. Seniors do not deserve to be taxed for the rest of their lives because of this corruption and the complexity and confusion in this bill."

# # #


"Do you understand your D options?"

I believe I can say with absolute certainty that the answer for anyone, anywhere, the answer to this question is "no."

The number and complexity of the options available under Part D are so vast that it is virtually impossible to know which choice is best for a particular senior.

Instead, seniors must either rely on someone else to help make the decision -- often relying on a pharmacist or other person with a financial interest in the senior's choice -- or try to go it alone and pray they guess correctly.

But I guess such a system fits right in with the policies of the current faith-based administration.

Republican,Democrats seniors have been asking evan begging to have the time extended .Speaker J. Dennis Hastert won't evan allow that to come to the floor.I sat with my mother and look at the 40 programs offered.They are confusing to me.You can not find one just one that covers everything you need.They won't tell you if your meds will be covered next year.They won't tell you if their prices will keep going up.Some plans you have to give up your own doctors and go with theirs.I will say this it seems the plan is geared to drug and insurance companies and not our seniors.May 15th is not enough time for our greatest generation to pick.Speaker Hastert,Sen. Frist give our people time if you don't you prove that you have no hearts.

I recently found out how confusing it can be. But, when you start to differentiate by those that cover your current meds, you quickly eliminate some possibilities.
Yes, no doubt some plans will fall by the wayside next year and, yes again, premiums will most likely go up.
But, at least some seniors are reaping the benefits of the plan.
Welcome to the magical world of healthcare.

My parents aren't signing up for one because their insurance company will drop their coverage if they do.

The pharmaceutical companies every year increase sales volumes who it supervises? WBR LeoP

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