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Boycott: House GOP leader Boehner goes after Dem Pelosi on immigration walkout. Today's boycott...for or against?


For the boycott today? Or not? It's a developing wedge issue...

House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) is going after Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) after the California legislature with Democratic votes backed today's walkout by illegal immigrants.

Subj: Boehner: Where Does Nancy Pelosi Stand on the Walkout

Boehner: Where Does Nancy Pelosi Stand on the

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) released
the following statement after the Democrat-controlled California State
Senate adopted a resolution last Thursday endorsing a boycott of schools,
jobs, and businesses by illegal immigrants:

"When immigrants come to America legally and eager to work, this country has
welcomed them and will continue to do so. America was built on a proud
heritage of immigration that we continue to benefit from.

"The brazen support of California Democrats for this walkout amounts to a
reckless endorsement of policies that make our nation and our borders less
secure. Nancy Pelosi and her Capitol Hill Democrats should explain to the
American public whether they support California's Democrat leaders who
defied their oath to uphold the laws of the land. If Nancy Pelosi cannot
bring herself to denounce this stunt, it will serve as yet another signal of
Democrats' support for open borders, weak enforcement, and more illegal

Last Thursday, the Democrat-controlled California State Senate adopted a
resolution endorsing the boycott of schools, jobs, and businesses by illegal
immigrants on today, May 1, which has been designated by countless
organizations as an international day of protest. Every Republican voted
against the measure.



What is the definition for the word illegal? If we don't enforce the word illegal, nothing will be illegal eventually. Think about it!

one-day boycotts don't work.

people will buy the day before or the day after.

why don't the illegals boycott the US by going home.

All the illegal immigrants should be given an opportunity to secure the proper permits to stay and work in this country. Those who employ illegal immigrants should be fined heavily and forced to take the steps to either legalize them or send them back to their country of origin.

The way to fix this situation that has circulated is to allow Immigrants who have been in the country for 5 years or more,can speak English fluently, have learned the constitution to become citizens. Immigrants who have not met the requirements should be returned home. The borders should be closed tightly to insure that this situation is closed for future references. The U.S. already has enough problems which it needs to address with it's own citizens. American's would do the jobs that immigrants do if the pay was sufficient for American's to support their families. Companies are getting over and the system is failing our own citizens. Start working on building up the citizens who have a right.

No one is against legal immigration, but just because a person was able to enter the US illegally does not entitle them to the same rights obtained by those who actually followed the laws to become legal citizens.

Why have laws if they are not enforced? ILLEGAL MEANS ILLEGAL AND IS AGAINST THE LAW. When an illegal is violated in any way they want the protection of the law but they don't want to abide by them. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Something should have been done about illegal immigration long before it started to seriously affect Americans.

How often have we visited this issue? We've seen Cubans, especially Haitians, swiftly returned to their countries if they have attempted illegal entry. Why are Mexicans any different? Why do they get the pass when others are shown the line? LEGAL immigrants have my blessing; illegal aliens are a different matter. Those companies who pocket bigger profits by hiring undocumented workers who won't protest not being paid health & welfare or minimum wage are the only ones benefitting from this stampede across the border. We pay higher property taxes to subsidize public schools who suddenly have to hire belingual faculty. NO SYMPATHY HERE.

I don't think is right to compensate illegal immigrants for breaking the law. There are those who are abusing our Welfare System? How about those people who made an Oath of Allegiance to this country when they became U.S. citizens. Where are they now? Boycotting! Did they not promise to give up prior allegiance to other countries, DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AND LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES? They are not keeping their promise... shame on them.

Look I understand wanting to work in America.But when you start taking away from my health care there is a huge problem.Veterans health care is being cut .Why to pay for schools,health care and other programs illegals.Companies who hire illegals shoulsd be fined and shut down for a mnt.As a veterans who bled for this country illegals have no right to take from my health care.

I am all for the immigrants who take the time to learn our constitution, take the test and become US THEY have rights. Those who are in this country illegally DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS. If they want rights, they should become citizens within a reasonable amount of time. If they want a free ride, they should go back to their own country. Why should us naturally born citizens have to pay taxes that are going to the health care/welfare of illegal immigrants?

I really dont feel that this march is fair to American people. I feel the the government is really not doing a good job on handling the situation. S.A.P. stands for Save American People

I cannot understand how our politicians are even thinking about condoning illegal activity; it is a disgrace to every American. Coming here illegally is just that -- illegal activity. And then they have the audacity to make DEMANDS! If you want to be part of our country, you enter LEGALLY, learn the ENGLISH language and assimilate into the AMERICAN culture. If this is too much to ask, then return back home and start making your demands to your government. It starts with closing the borders and confronting all the employers that are hiring the illegals. Deport the illegals and arrest the employers hiring same, and boycott the stores/companies etc that are hiring the illegals. Enough is enough.

America is not against immigrants. We have a problem with those who come here illegally and expect the same rights and freedoms that US Citizens have. HELLO!!! You are here illegally, you have no rights or freedoms and you don't deserve them simply because you are here. If they can all rally here, why not go back to there own country and rally against their president?? Just remember, you are replacable so don't think that just because you don't go to work for a day, you'll cause the US any great distress. Do us all a favor and go home or become legal. If you want to fight for something, fight for easier ways to become a citizen!!!

I am in favor of people of every race , creed, and religion being given the chance to get immigrant or ciitzen status in the US. I am not in favor of people just walking off their jobs. If I did that I would be written up or fired. So why should it be okay for other people to do it. I understand their needs and hopes. I am very proud of my country and support all its efforts to help everyone. The only thing I do not support is the misgiven notion that we must do this for everyone. If you wish to become a citizen of this country, respect its laws, ideals, flag and government. We are not perfect, but I do know that we could not, as US citizens go to another country as break laws with no repercussions. I have friends that have been kicked all over Europe because they tried to immigrate illegally. Why should it be different in our country. People that I know have applied for legal status here and go through the legal processes, because they do respect our country. Why is that so hard to ask? Why should someone feel picked on if they have broken the law and must answer for it. Do it right and never fear that you will be torn away from your families and new country again.

I feel that all people need a fair and equal chance to support themselves, make a good living, and have good living conditions. The thing I don't support is the right to equally expect fair laws when you are not following them. Protest is good, but not walking off your job. It would not be acceptable for me, so why should it be okay to someone else. We as US ciitizens could not go to Mexico or any other country, Break its laws and have them just let us walk away with a slap on the wrist. There is a fair and right way to do everything in life. I am not a prejudice person and ahve much respect for my Hispanic and foreign friends. The folks I know are hard working, good people. They understand the laws and are having their immigration requests the proper way. They are not making it a personal issue because they are Hispanic. I wish all people that respect and feel for my country to be given a chance for full benefits of my country, but respect it at the same time you are making your requests and demands.

why did the meat plants close down today in support of the illegals?

the avg. wage of a meatpacker has gone down from $19 an hour ten years ago to about $ 9 per hour now...

there needs to be another boycott, this time against these companies who hire the illegals.

The only good thing i seen with the immigration rally was there was less cars on the streets of chicago. Streets and highways that normally had a lot of traffic, ran smooth today. It actually wasn't a hassle to get home today.

i am all 4 it, i mean who do they think founded this country, hispanic people. why is it such a big deal to people. if someone could gige me an explanation that would be great!!!

We're hostages to illegals. Think about it, we're in a no-win situation. We can't deport them - who would take their place? As mentioned before, we shouldn't have gotten to this point, but don't blame the illegals and the politicians, blame the employers.

it is 9:41 pm in kansas. i say DITTO to each and every comment above. because every comment is the same: americans are for legal immigration & are incensed that people who are breaking the law will make DEMANDS is crazy. for every one of me, there are 100s who feel the same. we are just not out marching w/ flags. their leaders
instructed them to use american flags. otherwise, believe me,they would be waving the mexican flag. i am "boycotting" our local mexican restaurant
(and it is good, too) :)

Of course we wouldn't be able to return illegals all in one swoop, we couldn't stop the drug trade in a day either,should we just we just forget that too? It takes time to deport, if they want to be in this country, let them do it LEGALLY, like my wife did BEFORE we were married.

My grandmother came here LEGALLY so her family could have a better future, but SOMEONE had to START with obeying the laws of this country.Waving an American Flag doesn't make you legal. They say that the illegal immigrants do the work that Americans don't want, but they fail to show you the workers that can't even speak English working for $40.00 an hour next to my husband, who's life is in the hands of someone that bought their way into a job, and doesn't understand enough English to know what they are being told about safety. My husband went to school for 3 years to become a Union Worker, you can't tell me that it is right for other workers like my husband, who went to school and learned a trade to be laid off for 3 months a year because illegal workers bought their way into a job. You want the benefits of an American, BECOME A CITIZEN LIKE MY FAMILY DID 3 GENERATIONS AGO. By the way- MY FAMILY ARE MEXICAN-AMERICANS TOO!

Is this a great country or what? Only in US can you break the law and then protest against the fact that the gov't dare to prosecute them! This is racketeering at its best. Flood the market with cheap labor and put the small business owner (operating legally) out of work. There are thousands of examples of this. At what point can we protest the increased tax burden as well as the costs to US citizens for programs like "English as a second language"?

Who is to say they are Illegal. American businesses accept them with open arms. Our governement gives them tax ID numbers, so they can file taxes. Lets tax the fast food industry to pay for the immigration processing that seems to be the problem.

Is there anything more obnoxious than listening to Guitierez and Obama pandering to the hispanic and minority vote? Somewhere in their speeches they need to include the caveat "Now even though it's against the law....". Disgraceful

I have seen the error of my ways. I propose that all public signs laws be in all languages, that the national anthem be sung in all languages and that flags of all nations be flown at all public buildings. And of course undocumented workers (f/k/a illegel immigrants) will insist that their countries of origin will do likewise because after all, we the enlightened wouldn't want to accused of hypocrisy?

Oops, I'm sorry, I forgot, when we protest what specifically is it again that we want? Si se puede!

According to the statistics-90% of all the illegal immigrants pay taxes, they spend their own money here, buy houses, and raise their families. Have u seen any- let's say Latino person begging for money on the exit by the highway or so? I have not!...yes, laws should be enforced but at some point- not to take care of the US & Mexico border was very useful for the government. Imagine Europeans crossing borders?! from not that wealthy countries, to the richer ones?...that would be simply impossible!!!!...I am European, and proud… as I am proud to be here, as I am proud of this country. Yes, all the attention goes to Latino people, but not only them-so many other nationalities are in this country, and nobody understands, that not everyone is crossing the border illegally, that people who speak 3 languages, who have degrees, who have great jobs, lives here and supports the country from inside with their money and knowledge, nobody should be skeptical about it. Those people yesterday were united, stood with their families asking for your support. We should clean the dirty streets from the people living out of welfare, having children with 6 different partners. WE should clean this mess first! Protestors were smiling, they were happy, did not hurt anyone, showed the importance of the families and care and that is so American!. They clean your house, they work at your bank, they drive your cab, they help raising your precious kids, they clean your streets-sorry I should say ours-they are not hurting you. Think twice before judging someone from the outside.

To that dumb ignorant person,who is playing verry intelegant, discussing what illegal emigrants geting like a benefits from the country, where they live and work honestly.Mister ignorant citizen, if you have a little usefull brain you would know,that illegal people have no rights to wellfare,medical.. etc. or any other help from the goverment. For your knowledge, only legal in the country can have all of the above, so keep your uncompeten opinion for your pity ignorant person.

Hmm, let's see, we want to give amnesty (under another name) for illegal immigrants. OK, how about this - I have been robbing convenience stores for over 5 years - can I get amnesty for that too? After all, I have been doing it to earn money and support my family. I can't get a job because all the illegal immigrants have taken them, but I still need to support my family - amnesty is amnesty, illegal is illegal. If they can get amnesty for an illegal act, why can I not also get amnesty for illegal actions, after all, it has been over 5 years.
Make sense?????

It was a GREAT DAY Traffic was smooth Didnt have to worry about the gangs in the street.It was a peaceful day.I feel if there were less over the border people Many of the Americans would have jobs.You need to open your eyes and see Chicago is looking more and more like Mexico.If they want to be here LEARN ENGLISH.If they dont want to learn then go home.Stop making Chicago look like Mexico.If we were in Mexico we would have to learn their language they wouldnt start putting signs in English for us.They can't have everything their way this is America.Problems are not with others just the mexicans.They can keep letting them come in but think was it americans that destroyed the twin towers.Think about whats happening around the world.Right now theres other important things that need to be addressed:::GANGS::::::::GANGS:::::::GANGS:::::::::::GAS prices way to high::::WAR send those men home We have enough problems here to worry about others

The comments from Vince, May 2,2006, before declaring a person ignorant you should polish up your spelling, language and knowledge. Illegals do receive free medical care, education and bus tansportation from Mexico to a U.S. border school. They receive free amulance service in a Mexico border town. I live on the New Mexico border and everyday I see illegals receiving free medical care and education. I know personally a person who came across the border on a weekend to have her baby, she had to be flown to Albuquerque, total costs absorbed by my children and many other Americans who pay taxes was $30,000.00. My disabled child has just had some very important medicine cut from medicare, that $30,000.00 would have covered her and many other children who are citizens and desperately need the help.
Our Constiution is the law of our land, we welcome all people from all nations to come and share in making it a better country, so long as those coming have the respect to abide by our laws as stated in the U.S. Constitution.
Marlene Harris, New Mexico

why do we need more amnisty ?
was the 8 not enough from 1988 on ??
This is not an anti immagrant thing .
It is an anti-illegal thing.
the left wing media of witch this paper is one of the worst talks about how America is a Law abiding society.
Well ,the firstthings these people did was break a Federal Law.Sorry its over .They need to go .Why did Rome fall??Because they could not stop the Barbarians from rolling over the borders .Sound Familiar>

why do we need more amnisty ?
was the 8 not enough from 1988 on ??
This is not an anti immagrant thing .
It is an anti-illegal thing.
the left wing media of witch this paper is one of the worst talks about how America is a Law abiding society.
Well ,the firstthings these people did was break a Federal Law.Sorry its over .They need to go .Why did Rome fall??Because they could not stop the Barbarians from rolling over the borders .Sound Familiar>

Illegal immigrants have broken U.S. laws and should be immediately deported. They should be treated like the criminals that they are -- they do NOT have rights. It is like letting prisoners assemble in the parks to make demands on our government. We need a wall and military along our borders. We need businesses to be criminalized for hiring illegals. Illegal immigrants have caused the erosion of US labor laws and wages and are eroding our economy and American culture. Why is Congress concerned about what illegals want? What about what "Americans" want? If foreigners want to be American, then enter our country LEGALLY, speak English, pay taxes and sing our Anthem in English--the American language. Why is Congress not listening to the many-millions of US citizens who are demanding that illegal immigrants be deported and demanding that a wall be built on our border?

Since when is ok to change a country's NATIONAL ANTHEM??????? I cannot believe that for 1 SECOND that this should be accepted by ANY AMERICAN- no matter what their political stand is!! Before they say "oh they want to show that they love America too" think.... If they REALLY loved AMERICA, THEY WOULD RESPECT THE LAWS, COME HERE LEGALLY, LEARN ENGLISH and realize... would any other country let us change THEIR anthem???? They would LAUGH in our faces, and think we were nuts.

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