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VIP GUEST LIST: Saturday's White House Correspondents Association Dinner. Anna Kornikova, Morgan Fairchild, Naomi Judd.


Saturday night is when Washington meets Hollywood at the big White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

Your blogger, cleaned up and groomed proper will be there, in the line of duty.

The list, just a click away, is full of bold-face names............


Aaron Eckhart “Thank You for Smoking��?
Admiral Michael Mullen Chief of Naval Operations
Alberto Gonzales U. S. Attorney General
Alex Trebek Los Angeles, CA
Alphonso Jackson Secretary of Housing & Urban Develop.
Amanda Devuono The White House
Anna Deveare Smith New York, N. Y.
Anna Kornikova Moscow, Russia
Antonio Villaraigosa Mayor of Los Angeles, CA
Arthur Levitt New York, N.Y.
Ben Bernanke Chairman, Federal Reserve Board
Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh, PA
Bill Thomas Representative from CA
Blain Rethmeier The White House
Candida Wolff The White House
Carlos de Icaza Ambassador from Mexico
Carlos Gutierrez Secretary of Commerce
Cathie Martin The White House
Chris Bridges Los Angeles, CA
Christopher Buckley Washington, DC
Christopher Cox Chairman, Securities & Exchange Comm.
Condoleezza Rice Secretary of State
Cynthia Glassman Commissioner, US Securities & Exchange
Dan Bartlett Counselor to the President
Daniel Fried Asst. Secretary, Dept. of State
David Sherzer The White House
Deborah Pryce Representative from Ohio
Doris Roberts “Everybody Loves Raymond��?
Drew Lachey Hollywood, CA
Edmund Giambastiani Vice Chair/Jt. Chiefs of Staff
Edward Lazear Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors
Eleanor Holmes Norton Representative from DC
Evan Bayh Senator from Indiana
Francis Harvey Secretary of the Army
Gen. T. Michael Moseley Air Force Chief of Staff
General Peter Pace, USMC Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Gordon England Deputy Secretary, Dept. of Defense
Harry Lennix Hollywood, CA
Heather Wilson Representative from New Mexico
Henry Kissinger New York, N. Y.
Isaiah Washington Los Angeles, CA
J. D. Crouch The White House
James Billington Librarian of Congress
James Denton Los Angeles, CA
Jeffrey Sachs New York, NY
Jill Hennessy “Crossing Jordan��?
Jim Larranaga Fairfax, VA
Joe Hagin The White House
Joe Pantoliano New York, N. Y.
John Bolton U. S. Representative to the U. N.
John McCain Senator from Arizona
John Negroponte Director of National Intelligence
John Sununu Senator from New Hampshire
Joseph Biden Senator from Delaware
Joseph Wilson Washington, DC
Joshua Bolten The White House
Justice Antonin Scalia Associate Justice, U. S. Supreme Court
Karl Rove The White House
Katherine Harris Representative from FL
Kelly Carlson “Nip/Tuck��?
Ken Burns Walpole, N. H.
Ken Mehlman Washington, DC
Ken Paulison Acting Director, FEMA
Kevin Martin Chairman, FCC
Kim Alexis Ponte Vedra FL
Kip Hawley Director,TSA Dept. of Homeland Security
Kit Bond Senator from Missouri
Kristin Silverberg Dept. of State
Kyle Secor Hollywood, CA
L. Douglas Wilder Mayor of Richmond
Lady Catherine Meyer London, England
Lea Anne McBride The White House
Margaret Spellings Secretary of Education
Mark McClellan Administrator, Ctr for Medicare & Medicaid
Mary Matalin Alexandria, VA
Maura Tierney New York, N. Y.
Melina Kanakaredes “CSI: NY��?
Michael Chertoff Secretary, Dept. of Homeland Security
Michael Gerson The White House
Michael Johanns Secretary of Agriculture
Michael Leavitt Secretary, Health & Human Services
Michael Strahan New York Giants
Mitt Romney Governor of Massachusetts
Morgan Fairchild Los Angeles, CA
Naomi Judd Nashville, TN
Nicole Wallace The White House
Nikola Dimitrov Ambassador from Macedonia
Noel Fahey Ambassador from Ireland
Paul Clement Solicitor General of the US
Peter King Representative from N. Y.
Prince Turki al-Faisal Al-Saud Ambassador from Saudi Arabia
Rahm Emanuel Representative from IL
Ray LaHood Representative from Illinois
Ray Nagin Mayor of New Orleans
Representative Gordon Smith Senator from Oregon
Retired Admiral John “Scott��? Redd Director, National Counterterrorism Ctr.
Reuben Jeffrey Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading
Rev. Jesse Jackson Chicago, IL
Richard Armitage Washington, DC
Rosa DeLaura Representative from CT
Said Tayeb Jawad Ambassador from Afghanistan
Samuel Bodman Secretary of Energy
Sarah Clarke Los Angeles, CA
Scott Jennings The White House
Sela Ward Actress
Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al Jaber Al-Sabah Ambassador from Kuwait
Steny Hoyer Representative from Maryland
Steve Case Dulles, VA
Susan Whitson Press Secretary to the First Lady
Steve Hadley The White House
Tae Sik Lee Ambassador from Korea
Tiki Barber New York Giants
Timothy Geithner President, NY Federal Reserve Bank
Tom Tancredo Representative from Ohio
Tommy Lasorda Los Angeles, CA
Turki al-Faisal Al-Saud Ambassador from Saudi Arabia
Valerie Plame Washington, DC
Vice Admiral Thad Allen Washington, DC
Wen Zhong Zhou Ambassador from China
Yury Ushakov Ambassador from Russia
Zalmay Khalilzad U. S. Ambassador to Ira


Ms. Sweet,

Who is responsible for alphabetizing that list by not just first name, but by first name or title?

Lynn reply....the source is the WHCA


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